Securus Technologies Adopts Wireless Containment

Securus Technology Solution For Crime Prevention


Securus Technologies, a popular correctional call provider, exceeds the recent reports of technology to reduce crime. Business News online has did a recent report on their new wireless containment program while speaking to their CEO, Rick A. Smith. He would like to use his technology to take the prevention of crime beyond incarceration. They will continue to work diligently to ensure the safety of the general public and the families they serve to stay connected with Securus Technologies. Their successful B+ rating helps them remain a trusted network over leading competitors like Global Tel-Link.


What Is Wireless Containment


Wireless containment is meant to stop the threat of illegal cellphone use in a facility. The technology will allow them to stop the use of cellphones in a correctional institute. The effort has already eliminated several crimes. Smith has played a key tole in the initiative to keep his customers communicating over a safe network with a secure provider they can trust. This will allow many institutes to use remote technology to solve crime when a lot of other competitors were unable to do so. You’re invited to choose to become a part of the Securus Technologies family today.


Securus Technologies


Remote Visitation


Decide today to visit your love one over the internet for less money than others. You get a clear video and a high quality sound which gives you complete control. You’ll be able to use their state issued id to talk to your love ones and have complete control.



Prepaid Services


Prepaid services is a great way for you to find authorized service features and save money at the same time. You never have to leave home for any of the services you need to stay connected to an inmate by visiting their exclusive website for more details.

The Frontera Fund’s History Starts With The Illegal Acts Of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a name many people who were aware of racial politics in the early 21st-century will remember for the victimization of various minority groups including Mexican migrants and people of color. One of the few bright moments to come from the stewardship of the law in Arizona’s Maricopa County comes from the fact.

The Frontera Fund charitable group was created from the embers of the downfall of the man who described himself as “America’s toughest sheriff”.

The Frontera Fund was formed by journalists and media executives, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to fight for the rights of minority groups who are often robbed of their basic human rights in communities along the U.S.-Mexican border. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The incident leading directly to the creation of The Frontera Fund took place on October 18th, 2007 when Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were removed from their homes in Phoenix, Arizona in unmarked suvs at the behest of Sheriff Arpaio and members of Maricopa County’s justice department.

In the days and weeks prior to the arrest of the Village Voice Media executives, the battle between them and Sheriff Arpaio had grown in anger following an investigation by the Phoenix New Times of Village Voice Media into the financial irregularities seen at Maricopa County’s Sheriff’s Department. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

In response to the investigation, officials at Maricopa County used an illegally-obtained Grand Jury subpoena to ask for the personal information of Phoenix New Times staff and readers including IP addresses of Online readers.

This clear violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution became the next cover story for the Phoenix New Times as Larkin and Lacey refused to hand over the requested information.

As legal battles continued over the subpoenas, Sheriff Arpaio dispatched his allies to the Phoenix area homes of Larkin and Lacey to arrest the two men and illegally imprison them.

The fact Sheriff Arpaio had failed to take into account the media and public backlash against his acts revealed how far out of touch he had become with the law and resulted in a Supreme Court fight resulting in a $3.7 million compensation payout to the two journalists.

Choosing to use the compensation fund for good, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey decided to create The Frontera Fund which fights on behalf of migrants and people of color in their continuing battle against the stigma created about them by Sheriff Arpaio and his allies over the first decade of the 21st-century.

Ed Tech Company, Class Dojo, Creates a Communication Culture

Ed techs are abundant in today’s market. The price for ed techs is on the rise. From the low in 2016, ed techs are expected to fall a little short of the 1.5 billion dollar mark. Edtechs like Nearpod and ClassDojo are making gains due to their funding and innovation edge. What makes educational tech stand out?

Teachers are the ideal audience to reach. They are the ones using it and the ones who make the decisions regarding whether or not to buy or implement the product. The tech must have certain aspects to it to make it successful. The biggest factor in any ed tech’s success is does it help solve a problem the teachers face. Parent teacher communication outside the sporadic conference is an issue, which is why Class Dojo has met with such success. It helps build a culture of communication and community within the classroom. The app allows for class wide announcements, student and parent specific messages, and sharing of classroom moments are just some of the features available.

ClassDojo is used in 2 out of 3 schools, and it creates a community from fostering parent and teacher relationships beyond the conference. Since it is so widely used, it is tested by the actual users and has been found effective through real classroom use. Tested and proven are two factors teachers look for, because they want to use their very little time wisely. A free app, ClassDojo, has found great success through word of mouth, which has helped venture funding.

The last major feature for any ed tech app is how the teachers will use it and how they will receive support for it. Class Dojo has the supports in plan to help teachers implement it effectively. It helps teachers to learn the features in order to effectively use the product to create a culture of communication.

Logan Stout Has Taken On Many Jobs

Logan Stout is the Founder of IDLife and he works as the CEO of that company. That is a project all on its own, but that is not the only job that this man has taken on.

Logan Stout is someone who is busy with many projects, including work as a husband and father. He is dedicated to his family, and he is there for them in the midst of all of the work that he does. This man makes appearances on television and on the radio on a regular basis. He makes live appearances, as well. He is someone who works for various organizations, and he always has something special that he is working to get done.

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Logan Stout takes time for himself at the start of each day, powering himself up for all that is to come by consuming some of the products that IDLife puts out as the CEO of IDLife. He spends time getting his boys ready for school in the morning and he takes time to pick those boys up from school at the end of the day. He completes a variety of projects as the day goes by, and he always has something to be working on and a goal to meet.

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Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes Brings Budget Friendly Homes to the Market

Using your business and technology skills to create change and improve the world around you is one of the best ways to use your talents. Barbara Stokes and the Green Structure Homes of Alabama are two examples of putting your knowledge and know how to good use. Green Structure Homes is a company that makes pre-fabricated homes that can be erected and moved into in a matter of days. These homes are great for disaster relief purposes, but also able to withstand the elements and heavy weather similar to the type of weather that might have led to the displacement of individuals now in need of housing. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes came to the company from other similar positions dealing with disaster relief, housing, and permit organization. After seeing what was required and needed most with her work in FEMA, Stokes was able to move to the private sector and help companies that seek to fulfill the needs of the government in times of need. Using her expertise along with her education, Stokes is able to lead a team that is dedicated to building and designing structurally sound homes that are environmentally friendly.


Through creating quality structures for the company, Stokes is best able to ensure that immediate solutions are available. Countless projects are already available to order, with new projects being introduced all the time and improvements constantly made to existing structures. Not only does Green Structure Homes create and build the buildings that it provides, but it helps manage and administrate every aspect of the ordering and delivery process. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Dr. David Samadi Works To Make Discoveries Like This Every Day

Dr. David B Samadi is a urologist at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is also the Chairman of Urology and the Chief of Robotic Surgery. Samadi is one of the highest paid doctors in all of New York.

The beginning of his life was spent in Iran where he was born. However at the young age of 15 years old, he was forced to move due to a revolution taking place. He then moved to Belgium and London before finally reaching the United States. He finished high school in New York and then went on to get his degree in biochemistry at Stony Brook University. Samadi is now a very successful doctor. He is considered a celebrity doctor, making appearances on television. He has done surgeries in more than 45 countries in his time. His experience comes from years of practice at some of the most prestigious institutions in the country. One of his main focuses at the time is making prostate surgery easier. He has developed what is called SMART surgery.

The process involves working around the nerves surrounding the prostate with very precise precision. Doing so, Samadi is able to prevent a long list of nasty side effects that usually occur from traditional procedures. Samadi works to make discoveries like this every day. He stated that he typically is up by 4:30 in the morning and reaches work by 6 o’clock. He does surgery procedures up to three times a week. One of the reasons that he is so good at what he does is because he has a vivid photographic memory. Due to this, he is able to look at drawings and be able to locate particular aspects during surgery. He keeps his life in check by surrounding himself with self-driven people like himself. He strides to see the results he wants and doesn’t stop until he does. He stated that his is able to manage the stress of his job through deep breathing techniques.

However, he considers himself very lucky because he states that he never has had to do a job that he didn’t love. He strives to help others and enjoys doing so. He also has began robot surgery in recent months. He is trying to find ways to intergrade robot technology into his surgery techniques. He has become one of the most caring and successful doctors in the country today, making great contributions.

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Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny And His Passion For Aging and Cancer Cure

There might be a lot of things we need to consider about how we understand the problem of aging. With new technologies and studies from Nassim Taleb, Bisaya Short Films and The New York Times, we now have wonderful creative solutions to our modern problems involving aging. One of the modern medical problems we have today involves the work of oncologist Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny. The innovative solutions from Dr.Mikhail are so creative that they might as well come from cinema or the work of David Lynch. What is his study? Read on to learn more.

The Philly Purge Article About Dr. Mikhail’s Rapamycin

It is easy to trust articles from people we trust. If you trust Dr. Mikhail, then you might consider how valid his study about Rapamycin today. This drug has a healing quality and properties that commiserate to the dream of the many to never age again, or at least not show the symptoms of aging.

In the article from Philly Purge, it is shown that the focus of Dr. Mikhail to Rapamycin would be able to help lower the impact of aging on the skin. There’s also a lot of talk about Rapamycin in its ability to contribute in making the symptoms of cancer lessen or completely get rid of it. Read more about Oncotarget on Researchgate.

The role of Dr. Mikhail in all of this is that he is right now the professor of Oncology that handles this research. It is also with Dr. Mikhail’s work with Rosewell Park Center that there is now a tremendous research and therapy on how to deal with cancer. It is also the mission of Dr. Mikhail to have none left in the dark regarding the studies needed to improve the process of handling cancer.

Another thing that you probably don’t know yet about Dr. Mikhail involves the fact that he has also been an active Editor In Chief of Oncotarget, which is a peer-reviewed journal that offers extensive research on the issues, problems, and models needed to handle problems involving aging. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar.

Healing Magic Recap

Another interesting thing that should also interest you about Dr. Mikhail is the fact that he was also featured at Healing Magic. The feature about Dr. Mikhail suggested that his plan for oncology as a researcher and philanthropist would always be centered on finding ways to remedy the problems of people with cancer. It is also the mission of Dr. Mikhail to find the various ways that can inspire people to follow his path and also put time for cancer research.

It is astonishing to know that Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has still managed to infallibly go on with his mission knowing the cost and risks he’s facing. Right now, one of the issues that doctors like Dr. Mikhail face is the issue of iatrogenic, where the damage of innovation would only come out later, when it will already be too late. Fortunately, Dr. Mikhail knows the urgency of this problem, and nothing is more important to him than making sure issues like iatrogenis are always addressed.

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Michel Terpin Biography

When it comes to Race Car Drivers there is a constant influx of ever changing drivers, what was once upon a time a small hobby between cart riders is now a multi-billion dollar sport worldwide. One of these well known drivers throughout the world is Michel Terpin of the Terpin Brothers. The largest rally race car driver in the country of Brazil. Rally car racing is one of the most dangerous sports in the racing world which compromises not only the vehicles but the lives of the drivers. The concept of danger widely adds to the excitement of this category of sport.

Michel Terpin was born in Sao Paulo in the year 1979, his older brother Rodrigo Terpin who is a race driver himself helped shape Michel into the man with the love for speed we know today. Michel began with roots from a family already deep in the race car driving culture, Michel’s father Jack Terpin who was a famous basketball player planted the funding for any passion the Terpin brothers wanted to pursue helping the brothers to explore the profession they are so famous for today.

Michel Terpin unlike his brother started his passion in Motorcycles in 2002 registered in the Prestigious Sertoes Rally as a competitor, later moving onto cars by 2004 performing as a navigator for his brother Rodrigo and then branching out on his own within the following years. Michel did not team up with his brother Rodrigo professionally as a fellow driver until 2015 calling themselves The Bull Setoes, where they met a few hurdles before Michel held the championship in Brazil for category Prototype T1. Michel currently drives the T-Rex Machine a high tech modern model car designed by MEM Motorsport. This car has been modified by the Tree Planting Program to be an ecologically friendly car fully equipped with a V8 and carbon free seals. Showing not only a love for his sport, but also a love for the welfare of the planet also. All in all it is understood why Michel Terpin and Rodrigo are both highly respected brothers in the Motorsports World.

Rodrigo Terpins – The Leading Rally Driver in Brazil

Rodrigo Terpins is a leading rally driver from Brazil, who participates in the off-road championships. He is a member of the Bull Sertoes which is a rally team that he co-founded together with his brother Michel Terpins. The brother is equally talented in the motorsport industry where they even compete in the same races. Rodrigo’s father was active sports and participated in basketball during his youth, a factor that may have intrigued his sons to follow suit in the sporting career.

About Rodrigo’s Motorsport Career

Rodrigo participates in the Prototype T1 category aboard the #326 T-Rex car. The car was developed by the MEM Sports Organization with more power to manoeuvre the rough and mountainous terrain. One of the main off-road rally competitions is known as the Sertoes Rally which attracts qualified rally drivers all over the world. Rodrigo Terpins participates in the race as part of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team and has achieved high rankings in the championships scores. He mostly participates together with his partner Fabricio who is well vast with navigation. Check out terra for more.

The 22nd edition of Sertoes competition was one of the highlights of Rodrigo’s rally sports career where he performed outstandingly well in the race. The distance was shorter compared to the other past years and covered two states that included Gerais and Goias. Moreover, though the race was very competitive, the duo managed to scoop the third position in the T1 Prototypes category. Again, the overall ranking saw Rodrigo and his navigator Fabricio seize the eighth place. Rodrigo stated that their outcome was good and had exceeded their expectation and added it was as a result of their professional commitments. Visit his website rodrigoterpins

Furthermore, Rodrigo and his brother Michel merged to work as a team which made them land victory in most races aboard the T- Rex car. They have worked together in last four seasons, and their goal is to improve the racing techniques in rally driving. In addition, Rodrigo is part of the green initiative movement that seeks to plant a thousand trees in the Atlantic Forest due to the carbon dioxide emitted during the races.


Dr. Mark Holterman Has A Better Vision For Our Children

Dr. Mark Holterman is one of the most celebrated doctors today for a reason. He’s taken decades of research on diabetes and managed to create a new way to fight diabetes and obesity. The current crisis we’re facing is leaving our children a wreck and ruining the future of the health of America. It’s going to take the quick thinking of someone who understands what’s at stake to put things back on the right track. Holterman’s training camp is exactly what we need to fix things. It teaches kids what they need to know and it keeps them on that right track. Read more about his interview at

The Diabetes Crisis

Diabetes was once thought of as a disease of the elderly, but recent statistics suggest that our children are going to be the ones to suffer from this horrible ailment in the future. Obesity and metabolic syndrome are at all time highs among our youth and with this there are valid fears they will become horrifically diseased by it. The need for a change of direction is apparent, but it’s difficult to think of the proper way to make sure that happens.


What He Teaches Kids

The training camp created by Dr. Mark Holterman gives kids a chance to understand the importance of proper diet and a way to learn the best exercising methods necessary in order to give themselves the workouts they need to succeed. His plans appear to be very effective as kids are learning and remembering what they learned. The result is a generation better equipped to fight off diabetes and the associated causes.

Will They Forget The Lessons?

Dr. Mark Holterman has certainly paved the way for our youth, but it’s not clear that this will stick. The future is going to be determined by how many people decide to copy his methods and who decides they want to continue to fight diabetes. If enough people decide fighting diabetes is worth it, this will succeed. It wasn’t an easy thing to do but Dr. Mark Holterman is going to see the fight against diabetes go the way he wants it to. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holreman at


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