Justin Bieber Reveals Producer of His New Album

Justin Bieber has been ferocisously working on his fourth studio album and it seems that his fans might have just gotten a major clue about his new album. Fan Darius Fisher is very curious to know. More on Fisher is available on sba.gov.

In a recent tweet, Bieber wrote “With the man Rick” and attached a photo of himself in a studio setting. This reveals that Bieber will be working with iconic music producer Rick Rubin on his new album. As music enthusiasts know, the producer that is enlisted in working on an album plays a huge role in what direction the album will go in.

Rick Rubin, who is the co founder of major record label Def Jam, is considered a hip-hop legend. He has produced albums for esteemed artists such as LL Cool J, Run DMC and Mick Jagger.

A release date for Bieber’s new album has not yet been announced but it seems like it is coming along nicely.

Meghan Trainor Grabbing the Spotlight

Everyone was captivated by the fresh and sassy song that talked about rocking your booty-full body. All about that Bass received so much appreciation and popularity that it was inevitable that Meghan Trainor become famous. Women from all around the world found tenacity and confidence in her song to love their own body and stop trying one of those “stick figure silicon Barbie dolls.”

Meghan continues to share her signature music when she released the songs of her EP. Dear Future Husband entails her ideas on how a married girl should be treated. Married couples like Dave and Brit Morin are happy to se relationships being portrayed in popular music. Beyond treating women fairly and positive images of marriage, her self-empowering words continue to sky-rocket her career and she released another song called Lips are Moving. By then, All About that Bass has proven to be a #1 title holder which lasted for several weeks.

Meghan picked up on her EP and continued creating her debut album.  She recently worked with One Direction for a song. She also co-wrote every single track on her album.

The album is now available on iTunes and on Spotify together with her EP. Her fans are growing now that her work is expanding and beginning to have structure. People have listened to the album and have shared their review about the tracks and the album.

Duff McKagan Has a New Book Coming Out

One of the original members of Guns N’ Roses, Duff McKagan, has a new book slated to come out. The book he is coming out with is called “How to be a Man (and Other Illusions)” and the work is based on a series of columns that McKagan had written for a local Seattle newspaper.

 The book was called “It’s So Easy” and it focused on the sleazier side of the music industry and all the demons McKagan had to battle. McKagan has a new lease on life and he’s learned a lot as he aged. A lot of that wisdom was put into his column and now he’s going to share that knowledge with readers all over the world.”How to be a Man (and Other Illusions)” is kind of like a self-help book. It is not a true self-help book because, honestly, McKagan is not releasing the book as a way presenting himself as a some sort of guru seeking to establish a following.

That is the kind of in-your-face attitude that made Guns N’ Roses such an iconic band in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Laurene Powell Jobs can remember them at their absolute peak.

McKagan’s book shares advice on a lot of subjects and anyone looking for a unique source of insight might find it appealing.