How to Be a Successful Businessman like Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir began his career by gaining a Ph.D. and master’s degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. During his career, Kheradpir has put together many mission-driven groups.

Mr. Kheradpir was recently declared the Chairman and a CEO of the Board of Coriant. He joined Coriant after working as an Operating Partner with the management senior group at Marlin Equity Partners (“Marlin”). Being active in participating in the diplomatic company planning, Shaygan engaged in fulfilling his new position as a leader in driving Coriant’s strategy of expansion.
Before working in Coriant, Shaygan was a CEO of Juniper Networks, which is a company in the networking industry located in Silicon Valley.
In 2011, Kheradpir joined Barclays bank, which is located in London, as the Prime Operating Officer for the worldwide retail bank, and after that became the Prime Technology and Operations Officer responsible for retail, business, wealth, investment, and corporate banking.
Throughout his career, he also worked at GTE Labs, located in Boston. His job was to improve network control, routing, and management. He ultimately became the Prime Lab Chief of Software Systems where he was a founder of a big organization that led the improvement of a national network platform for GTE which was named TONICS (Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System). These innovations in systems enabled GTE to centralize its business network into highly centralized and acceptable network operations for this company.
Kheradpir then moved to GTE headquarters located in Dallas where he led systems for all of GTE’s units of wireless and wireline internetworking. During that time, they rebuilt GTE’s base systems build on modern computer science.

In 2000, Bell Atlantic and GTE joined together to create Verizon. Kheradpir moved to New York where he was elected the Chief of e-Business Unit, and after that became the Chief Information Officer for Verizon. During this time, he managed to achieve great results for this company by taking part in building a first-class team of talented people to collaborate with in order to drive the company to its success.

While working at Verizon, they started transforming the profile of the business with ingenious and new multi-media and IP products for the market, which were leaning towards a row of award-winning products, such as TV streaming high-speed data. They were able to form a market-leading initiative such as FiOS (fiber optics to the home), which is with no doubt one of the biggest programs in infrastructure in the history of the U.S.
After some years, FiOS developed $12B business with more than 35% invasion in markets.

Lime Crime’s Lipsticks

It is well-known that the quest for impeccable appearance has driven many cosmetics companies into presenting some of the products that will add more glamor and style to women’s appearance. However, they lacked something, and that is the ability to present something completely different, something that would be at the same time fancy and original. This is where Lime Crime came in, and with its collection of lipsticks, this company managed to achieve something that other companies could not-to mark a completely different beauty area.

A Collection Of Unique Lipsticks
These lipsticks can appeal to any lipstick fanatic, due to its unusual packaging with a unicorn’s picture on it. The picture is not surprising at all, since its founder, Doe Deere, has always been impressed with mermaids and other mythical creatures. Lipsticks are pretty cool, and girls can try some unique colors that cannot be found elsewhere.
Thanks to fine pigmentation, lipsticks do not dry, and girls do not have to apply several layers. The collection consists of different lipstick colors that cannot be found anywhere, and bellow is the list of some of them.
Babette-This light brown color is perfect for a daily look, and it goes perfectly with smokey eyes. The combination of coral shades and light pastel pink will look perfectly romantic on lips.
Airborne Unicorn-A combination of lipstain and lipstick will make any lipstick last longer. Furthermore, its packaging is so unusual, and its purple pink shade will make every girl fall in love with it.
Coquette-Its light orange color is perfect for medium and nude skin tones. The formula is so creamy, and its moisturizing effect is perfect for dry lips.
Geradium- this luminous color goes with neutral eyes, and its perfect for hot summer days. It is so intense that looks almost radioactive, and last for several hours.
Cosmopop- This pastel orange color is perfect for summer, and especially for girls with light skin.
D’Lilac- It looks almost blue on the lips, but the tone of the lipstick is light grey purple. The lipstick will never dry, and it runs so smooth on lips, which means that girls do not have to worry about bleed lines.
Lime Crime: New Lipstick Colors
Lime Crime on Amazon has also launched three new colors to its Velvetine line: Trouble, Pumpkin, and Cement.
The first lipstick is of olive green color, and it goes perfectly with dark-skinned girls, such as Rihanna. Then, Pumpkin is for those girls who like red lips, but with a different twist resembling Autumn colors. Cement is medium grey, and is perfect for the misfits, according to Doe Deere.
The new lipsticks have been launched exactly before the Halloween, which is the perfect period for these lips to be presented. The lipsticks are now available on, and also on Naimes Beauty Center,, and
In addition to this, Lime Crime has also launched new Liquid-Matte lipstick. Before applying this lipstick, it is important for lips to be exfoliated in order to reduce dryness, and this will also help this lipstick stay in place during all day. Its smell is so amazing, like a chocolate, and it is perfect for girls with dark skin.
So, these lipsticks can be a perfect option for the girls who want to be wild and conservative at the same time, and for those who want to express themselves.

Doe Deere Is Making Women’s Daydreams Come True

Doe Deere is a woman who’s heavily focused on the idea of dreaming. But she’s also a woman who has brought a unique twist to almost everything in life. Her view of dreams is no different. When most people talk about dreams it’s within the context of sleep. There’s an underlying implication there that dreams are something to have while doing nothing. And at the same time this implies doing nothing about those dreams. Doe Deere thinks dreams are important. But what she focuses on is making people’s day dreams come true. The difference is that a day dream is a flight of fancy that takes place while one is awake. It’s a moment of inspiration which can push one into an amazing new direction. This is both the message of Doe Deere’s Lime Crime brand of makeup, and an explanation for how it came into being.

Not all that long ago Doe Deere was spending her nights on stage. She was part of a band and was placing a heavy emphasis of visual design for the group. Anyone who’s been on stage for very long can attest to how direct an experience it can be. When something connects with the audience it’s usually quite obvious. At the same time, when something isn’t connecting than it’s equally obvious. Doe Deere was loving the chance to really play with this connection. And she was happy with most of the results. But the audience simply wasn’t seeing the work that was going into the makeup work. She wanted a really wild and unique look. But the available brands of makeup simply weren’t living up to her needs. She was day dreaming of a brand that combined a wide selection and the highest quality ingredients. Compromising on either simply wasn’t going to work on stage.

Once again, Doe Deere found herself drifting into a day dream and wondering about the possibilities. Her day dream led her to the only possible way to push forward. So without any doubt she simply decided she’d need to start making her own makeup. Makeup is a multi million dollar industry. Obviously one might well be somewhat daunted in trying to not only match, but surpass what they were capable of. But Doe Deere brought something in which the industry had mostly forgotten about at that point. She had imagination, and on top of that she was creating makeup to fit a need. Many heads of cosmetics companies were men who didn’t even use makeup. Given those differences it’s clear why Doe Deere suddenly found crowds of women wanting to know where she purchased her makeup. After a while Doe Deere also realized that she wasn’t the only one looking for higher quality makeup than what one could typically find in a store.

Doe Deere once again had a day dream about the future which she proceeded to make into a reality. She took her makeup and created a business and brand around it, Lime Crime. Today she’s able to offer her amazing cosmetic creations to women all around the world. And she’s also able to offer inspiration to those women to reach for their own day dreams.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Puts Her Boys Before Her Career

When Dr. Jennifer Walden wanted to move her boys closer to family she did that without worrying what it would do to her career. She knew that it was a risk taking her thriving New York City practice and moving it all the way across the country to Austin, Texas, but it was something that she felt that she needed to do for her young boys. So, she did it. She took her practice and made it into something completely different in Texas. And, despite how different the practice is now, people are still coming to her for all of their needs, and she is still doing well in it.
Dr. Jennifer Walden has been able to see many accomplishments in her life because of just how hard she has always been working. She has been named one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the country because of her hard work, and she can feel great about herself because of all that she has done. Dr. Jennifer Walden decided to put her boys first when she moved across the country to Austin, Texas, and despite the fact that it was for her boys that she did it, it has helped her to grow in her career, as well. She has been able to take on some new challenges since moving there, and she likes that. She enjoys being able to learn new things and keep growing in her career.
Dr. Jennifer Walden has a great passion for the work that she does in cosmetic surgeries, but that passion does not outweigh the love that she has for her twin boys. And that is the way that it should be for every parent. Her career may mean a lot to her, and she may enjoy the work that she is doing in it, but she should always put her boys first. That is what she has done, and she has been successful in every way because of that.

James Dondero: The Man Known for Taking Highland Capital Management to Higher Heights

Jim Dondero is the man heading an investment firm known as Highland Capital Management. This company focuses on credit management. In the field of asset management, it requires proper planning and strategic decision-making. The management of assets needs qualified and smart financial managers who can give the right advice to clients.

James Dondero is a big name in asset management. Highland Capital applies a long-only form of credit strategynon The company has an experience spanning over more than two decades. Highland Capital has applied its strategies in asset investment across various sectors such as healthcare, high yield investments, distressed investment, structured products, and special situation loans.

It also operates in emerging markets, real estate, gas and oil, and other forms of investment. Highland Capital was established in 1993, and it has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the most respected investment companies in the world. It is now a multi-million dollar investment with global reach and which has helped many Americans to invest and obtain good returns.

It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and presently, it has an asset base of around $21 billion, which the company manages under its arms. James Dondero and Mark Okada joined and established a joint venture in 1990, which focused on fixed income markets, for example, the senior loans, which tend to be secured.

The joint venture then spread its arms and entered into business with another company known as Protective Life Insurance Corporation and soon, they formed a merger that was referred to as Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO). At this time, about 60 percent of the merger company was under the ownership of Protective Life Insurance and rest 40 percent was under the ownership of two founding individuals.

The Protective Asset Management Company by 1997 had also indicated that it was capable of experiencing massive future success. It is from this potential growth of the company that led to a decision of the two partners purchasing the stake that was in the hands of Protective Life Insurance. In the following year, the Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO) changed its names to assume Highlands Capital Management.

When the company transitioned to Highland Capital, it’s when the projected growth started being witnessed. The company went through a period of accelerated growth and in the next 3 years, it had spread its wings enormously.

In 2004, Highland Capital entered into agreement with Columbia Asset Management something that helped Highland Capital to own two floating funds. The company by this time had offices in Dallas but its operations were primarily targeting American clients. Since the company was growing, the owners began to think about how they could expand beyond borders.

In 2008, the company set up its first across border offices somewhere in Asia, Singapore. And in 2011, it was the year of globalization because the idea of setting up offices in different regions grows further, and they had offices in Seoul, South Korea. Today, the company is advancing and has been able to penetrate different regions often giving itself a competitive edge in the global scale on the area of asset management and hedge funding.

I’m Proud to Be a Lime Crime Unicorn and Here’s Why

Lime Crime is all about fantastical colors and expressing the inner you right on your face. If you’re a fan of Lime Crime already (otherwise known as a Unicorn) you know all about the true colors and fabulous staying power.

Lime Crime was founded in the early 2000s by Doe Deere, the stunning face behind Lime Crime and its CEO. It’s all about being the most expressive, beautiful you that is possible.

On their website you’ll find a huge line of products. They have sparkly eye glitter that comes in little pots in loose form for your convenience (meaning you can use it on more than just your eyes) in different shades named for your zodiac sign.

People love to rave about their liquid-to-matte lipstick line, Velvetines, which has the staying power of a Trojan warrior and is great with touch ups. It’s especially great when you consider one of the reviews from a review where the reviewer stated that she ‘felt like she could pierce a man’s soul while wearing this matte lipstick’. I don’t know about you but my lips being knock down gorgeous enough to affect the state of a man’s soul is intriguing.

The Velvetines dry quickly so when applying you’ll want to make sure you work fast and clean up any mistakes as soon as you make them. I like this about the lipsticks though as while I love to have a pretty face, I don’t necessarily want to take an hour to put it all on. Plus, in my experience the faster it dries upon applying, the longer it stays looking like you just applied it.

My personal favorite, however, would be the line of Unicorn lipsticks. With 20 colors in various vibrant hues you can rest assured that you will find one that fits your unique style. At only $18 they’re super affordable as well as looking fabulous. I tend to go for more moisturizing lipsticks in general as I like that ‘kiss me’ look that you get with them. Not only are the Unicorn lipsticks moisturizing but they practically glisten like fresh rain on your lips. When I wear them out I sometimes wish Lime Crime gave a commission or referral bonus or something as I end up having to tell people what I’m wearing all day.

To me, that’s the mark of a fantastic makeup brand. I could go on and on about Lime Crime from the fact that their products are vegan (not a necessity in my world but definitely a bonus) to the super personable CEO, Deere, but seriously, you’ve got to check it out yourself. Believe me, you won’t regret it!

FreedomPop arrives in the UK offering free 4G service

FreedomPop is a US mobile operator that offers free mobile service to users. After a small one time setup fee, users can have 200 voice minutes, 200 texts and 200 MB of data on their smart phone. Budget minded mobile phone users in the UK can now take advantage of FreedomPop since the mobile operator’s arrival across the pond and into the UK.

As originally reported on The Telegraph (See link below), FreedomPop is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). This means that they do not own any cell towers or infrastructure. They purchase bandwidth from another network and provide that to customers. FreedomPop will cut costs by sending as much traffic as it can over wifi networks. If customers require more than the basic free package provides, they can purchase additional packages ranging from £4.99 to £16.99 per month. These extra packages is where FreedomPop will be making money.

FreedomPop will be competing with other budget mobile providers such as TalkTalk and Tesco Mobile. They estimate that 50,000 UK subscribers will bring them “Out of the red” and into profit. Compare this to the 250,000 Britons that have expressed interest prior to launch in the UK and things look promising for the expanding company. FreedomPop may even have to initially cap subscriptions to ensure that it can keep up with growth.

Although the option to sign up with FreedomPop via street retailers is in the works, customers can currently only sign up online at Users can purchase phones and check coverage on the web site as well.

North Korean Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park

North Korea has attracted a great deal of negative attention in recent years. This part of the world has been noted as a place where the leaders do not allow many people to leave or to visit. Many South Koreans have been completely denied the right to visit this part of the world even if they have relatives who live here. They have also been denied the right to travel through North Korea in order to visit China. The same is true for many others who have sought to visit this part of the world and see what is going on here.

While many North Koreans have been denied the right to travel, a few people have been able to sneak out and tell the world what is going on here. One such person is Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi Park grew up in this part of the world with her family. Here, she was born into a relatively affluent family that had ties to the ruling elite of this nation. However, after her father’s falling out with the small cadre of families ruling the nation, she and her family were essentially internally exiled and forced to face all kinds of problems as a result. Her family’s sudden fall from grace led to her living the life of many ordinary North Koreans and sharing their enormous hardships as a result. Her childhood here was spent facing the many problems that many North Koreans are forced to confront each day. Such problems include lack of access to basic food items as well as well the need to attend forced labor camps where labor is obligatory under often unpleasant and even possibly dangerous conditions.

As a child, she was also forced to attend classes that are designed to indoctrinate ordinary North Koreans in a cult that is based around admiration and love of the nation’s leader. Many North Koreans are taught little about the outside world and not allowed access to sources that might give them ideas other than the ones demanded by the nation’s Communist leaders. They are often forced to spend hours learning about the leaders of the nation to the detriment of other forms of education. The material that is taught here is designed to produce a population that dedicated to the idea of creating a Communist state that views much of the rest of the world as potentially serious enemies.

Yeonmi Park shared her story on youtube, her mother made a brave escape from North Korea. Since that time, she has chosen to tell others what it was like growing up here in this part of the world. Her storytelling skills have been much admired by many others who have been memorized by the way she is able to tell people what is happening here in great detail and help them fully understand what needs to change if this region is to become a better place for of those living here. As she continues to tell her story she hopes to help her fellow North Koreans.