Securus Video Visitation Has Changed How I Stay In Touch

It can be difficult staying in touch with loved ones who are incarcerated. Thankfully, there are more solutions than ever before to make this process easier. For myself, Securus is the perfect app to for this situation.

Securus recently made huge headlines. They rolled out their Android app less than six months ago, and it already has over 60,000 downloads to date. They also launched an app for Apple devices just last week. The Apple mobile app already has over 5,000 downloads.

I find this technology to be a lifesaver. It allows me to quickly and easily connect with those I care about most, whenever and however I choose. Thanks to the mobility these applications deliver, I have found it easier than ever before to stay in contact with those I care about most. Literally, all you need is a cellular data connection or wifi to chat whenever and however you please.

Securus Technologies is a leading inmate communications service. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Some of the solutions that Securus Technology offers are inmate email accounts, telephone service and video conferencing.

Securus Technologies serves a wide range of institutions all across the country, over 2,200 to be exact. They offer a wide range of payment methods, as well as convenient features like automatic payments.

For myself, I find Securus to be the perfect solution for staying in contact with my loved ones. Their video visitation application has truly changed my life. I’m now able to talk to my family from the comfort of my own home. The flexibility that Securus has given me has been a lifesaver. I strongly encourage you to try their service here.

Helane Morrison Stands on a League of Her Own

Helane Morrison has become the woman that a lot of females this look up to. She has become someone that has become a dominant player in an industry that is often dominated by men. She has become a compliance officer that is in charge of investigating corruption at the corporate level.

She is also one that investigates complaints from customers. This has become something that she is passionate about, and anyone that pulls resume can definitely see that. She has the ability to change the bad name that many corporations have She is someone that is starting to make sure that companies follow the rules. That is why many female executive look at her and the role she played in cleaning up corporate America.

I think that a lot of the success that much of her success comes from her ability to stay focused toward her goals. It appears that she knew had a very early stage in her career that she would like to develop her with litigation and fight against company corruption when she made partner in a law firm. She would transition from the law firm into another organization, but Helane still seems to be focused on litigation and the fight for corporations to follow the rules.

Helane Morrison’s resume continues to grow over the years as her experience moved from one level to another. She would join various committees and develop a level of trust as one of the best investigators when it came to internal audits.

I think that this is something that would give her the ability to outshine lots of her colleagues. She got to this point she was able to become a lot more focused on doing her job and list concerned about actually looking for work. At this time the organizations were actually looking for her. She didn’t have to spend a lot of time looking for someone that needed her services. She was becoming an executive that was able to show and prove that she knew how to do the job. It would get to a point where her gender did not matter. She would qualify for the job and she was able to do it with a high level of professionalism. The success that she has had over the years as a compliance officer has made her a mentor for a lot of other females that are pursuing this career.

How Sanjay Shah Started Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo capital, a popular company that is based in the United Kingdom. The company is headquartered in Dubai and London. Solo Capital was incorporated in September 2011, and it is regulated by England regulations. Since it as incorporation, the company has done well in its services, gaining popularity in many parts of the world. The company has succeeded in getting good revenue since it was incorporated, and it has become one of the biggest in the United Kingdom.
Sanjay Shah is also a philanthropist. For more than a decade, he sponsored children staying in India. He did the sponsoring through a firm known as Plan International. The wealthy millionaire would send the children a lot of money every month, and according to him, this was the only way he could do some charity. The millionaire is currently forty-three years and retired.

Sanjay Shah grew up in a wealthy neighborhood in central London. His parents were quite wealthy, and they have emigrated from Kenya, settling in London for good. Because his parents were wealthy, he had the opportunity to attend some of the best schools in London. He went to the Kings College where he studied medicine. However, this career was short lived after he decided that he did not want to become a doctor. Most medical deserters go for accounting, and the millionaire was not an exemption. He chose to become an accountant, forgetting the years he had spent in the medical school. His life as an accountant did not last for too long, thanks to the high cost of living experienced in London.

Shah’s first job was an accountant was at the famous investment bank known as Merrill Lynch. He served in several other banks, and during the worldwide financial crisis, he was made jobless, and this marked his turning point in life and also changes in his career. He would go to the office early in the morning and sit for more than ten hours, something he did not like doing. He started hating the office job, so he decides to go on his own, starting his own brokerage company.

He rented a tiny office to start as working area. He also hired few people to assist him to manage the work. With hard work, he managed to raise a strong company that is well known today, Solo Capital. He is retired now, concentration in philanthropic activities. He has offices in London and Dubai where he conducts most of his activities. The trader started Autism Rocks, a charitable firm to help children all over the world who are suffering from autism. Most of his charitable funds are donated there. His son is also suffering from the condition.

You can follow them on Linkedin.

Slyce Caps Off an Amazing 2015

Slyce is one of the top visual search startups in the tech world. The Toronto company has raised a lot of money, and pioneered the launch of a fantastic visual search app. The company continues to raise funds as it expands a growing product line. A recent article in Yahoo! Finance shows the company had a very successful fourth-quarter of 2015.

The company has shuffled a bit of its finances, and is going forward with private placement funding of upwards of $7 million. The money is going to be used for a variety of purposes. The company has chosen to create apps outside the original scope of image recognition software, and this is a good thing. Apps associated with coupons are doing well for the company. The more successful apps the company produces (or purchases), the more successful Slyce will become.

Mobile visual search functions are going to be increased thanks to the development of a universal scanner. Retailers could end up connecting much better with customers thanks to a Slyce Link, a program designed to offer recommendations. 3D objects recognition programs takes image searches to the next level.

Slyce truly has a lot to offer customers and retailers. Various retail companies with heavy investments in online sales and marketing are turning to Slyce. Major companies with large market shares are integrating Slyce programs. Likely, these programs are going to do quite well for the retailers who take advantage of them.

2015 was a great year for Slyce. 2016 should end up to be just as eventful.

Slyce Offers Personal Shoppers For Online Shopping

Start Ups In Visual Search Industry

There are a large number of start ups that are making a name for themselves in the visual search industry. These start ups have a lot of room to grow and change their industry because it is a relatively new field to explore. The visual search industry is making the online shopping experience a better experience for most of the consumers that prefer it in comparison to real life shopping experiences. The online shopping experience before visual search came along, however, has seemed like a frustrating experience to most users.

In an interesting article from the website Live Mint, a consumer shares her frustration with typical online shopping searches. Apparently, this consumer has been through a lot of detective work in order to produce the results that she finds. She is a young college graduate who is interested in finding clothing and shoes online. However, when she shops for her clothes and shoes in the traditional way, she comes up with very few results that are what she was looking for in her pursuit. She claims that the clothing is the wrong size. She also claims that the shoes are the wrong size for her. This is something that plenty of other consumers have the same problem with, so it needs to be addressed.

Addressing Online Shopping Issues

The issues with not having the right results in online shopping searches brings about the need for visual search programs. Slyce is one of the main players in this industry. They have created a very innovative take on online shopping. Slyce allows people to search for items based on a picture, a picture of either a 2D or 3D object. This often generates quite accurate results by using their AI programs that are in place.

Slyce has other measures in place that are designed to act as a barrier to when the artificial intelligence does not generate proper results. They have hired an actual customer care team. Slyce’s customer care team are available on the chat menu that is part of their application. They act as personal shoppers, and they make sure that the AI is running correctly. Slyce’s team is available for consumers to ask questions to when they are having trouble using the app or want help in their shopping experience.