As Noble As Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks

Entrepreneur Sanjay Shah started the Autism Rocks which funds research on causes of the Autism and creates Autism awareness in the community by throwing concerts. Sanjay says that like many business people with goo money. Speaking to Eric Dye for Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio, Sanjay says that he has sponsored children in India for over a decade but didn’t have an idea of what more he could do for charity. When his son was diagnosed with the neurodevelopment disorder in the year 2011 at age 4, Sanjay became more focused on how and where to spend his charitable contributions.
The idea of starting Autism Rocks and raise money through staging gigs was born as he had a cup of tea with snoop dog. He ended p holding the first of invite only Autism Rocks Concerts in 2014 with Prince. Since then, these concerts have featured Lenny Kravitz, Drake, Snoop Dog, Michael Buble and many well known DJs. This year’s concert was held in April and included performances from well-known artists like Tyga and Flo Rida.
Sanjay says that since starting Autism Rocks, he has combined his love for family, entrepreneurial skills and a passion for music has enabled to achieve his goal of research and awareness creation of the neurological disorder. To be able to spread even more awareness through Autism Rocks, Sanjay spent US$100, 000 in June 2015 in the creation of a domain name "Autism Rocks" and in setting up of a website for the organization. Sanjay is a trustee of Autism Research Trust that provides donations to the Autism Research Centre of Cambridge University. Together with his wife, Sanjay has as well made donations to the trust.
Sanjay Shah is a philanthropist and a businessman, especially in the financial and investment industry. He is well known and a successful businessman despite not starting out in the industry. Sanjay is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Markets. Sanjay studied medicine but later decided that he did not want to become a doctor. He became an accountant like most medicine deserters do and worked for investment banks like Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse.
During the 2009 financial crisis, Sanjay was rendered redundant and without any hopes of securing another job decided to start a brokerage firm. This is how he founded Solo Capital Markets. The international financial services firm is headquartered in London, England, and is regulated in the United Kingdom. Sanjay’s advice to business starters is not to underestimate the amount of money required to start and to seek help.


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To Incorporate Olympic Valley and The Career of Andy Wirth

The last few years have not been easy for the north shore communities of Lake Tahoe. A major drought had taken it’s toll for the small businesses and winter resorts that are dependent on it.

The community has also faced political challanges as well, which came from an incorporation battle that involved the picturesque Olympic Valley, which is the home of the Squaw Valley Resort, as well as some of the most well known winter sport’s terrain throughout North America.

Andy Wirth, who is the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, has brought some good news to the communities in the aftermath of these problems, saying that both fronts could see relief.

Mother Nature helped in taking care of the drought, with there being early season storms, that have have helped Squaw Valley, as well as other resorts in the Tahoe area to open much earlier then they have in a decade.

And backers in the incorporation effort, of which Wirth has considered to be a threat to the area, is helping to provide relief to the political issue, when they withdrew their effort of incorporating Olympic Valley.

Squaw Valley has spent hundreds of thousands in opposing incorporation efforts, since it could have caused higher taxes to businesses and residents in the area. However, the spending was not able to overcome California’s Local Agency Formation Commission.

With the incorporation efforts being effective stymied, Wirth want the community to work on other issues such as transportation, in efforts for the community to go beyond the Olympic Valley.

As the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO, Andy Wirth has worked hard in order to make the ski area a top tourist destination in the world. Wirth has been a major contributor for community and environmental service organizations within the Lake Tahoe area, where his focus is on making improvements to the area for visitors of all ages.

After he was involved in a ski diving accident that was nearly fatal in, 2013, which occurred when in a downwind landing, he ended up in a vineyard, with wires, sharp upright post and vines. Since then he has founded the ironman team that call themselves Wounded Warrior support.

The team helps in honoring the men that have served in the Navy SEALS, and have raised funds to give the Navy SEAL Foundation.

After,his accident, he said that through his own recovery, he has often thought about what it must be like navigating through the challenges that these men and their families have to go through upon their return home.

The Navy SEAL Foundation was set in place to help members of the special operations team and their families as they return home. In his early career, Wirth earned degrees form Edinburgh University and Colorado State University.

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Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Much More than Activewear

If you are a fitness enthusiast who really appreciates comfortable workout wear, then you most likely have already heard about Kate Hudson’s new line of active wear in a heated rivalry with Lululemon.

With Fabletic’s bright hues, abstract patterns, and mix-n-match pieces, its the uniqueness that tends to be its strongest selling point. Fabletics is the panache’ of gym wear that women have been wanting for so long.

As Fabletics continues to revolutionize the market, more and more women are discovering that this particular line of clothing can serve a number of purposes that go beyond the basic garments you only put on when jogging, going to the gym, or exercising.

This is one of the main reasons why “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” actress, Kate Hudson has created a new athleisure line of Fabletics. This newest collection released in April is a “sister” line to Fabletics. It includes dresses, bathing suits, and more that offer active women more versatility in life. They can enjoy and appreciate this special clothing line, regardless of whether they are running errands, strolling the beach, or lounging around the house.

Recently Marie Claire featured an article about Fabletics at, where Kate Hudson revealed that she would totally wear Athleisure to sleep in.

Additionally in this interview, Kate also provided some insightful answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about her athleisure line of Fabletics.

Kate Hudson explains that she wanted to tailor this collection of dresses to the active woman and to extend her designs so that women could wear them after having a very active day, could utilize some of them without even needing to wear a bra, and so women would have the support, comfort, and style that makes them feel more confident.

Fabletics is bringing an entirely new light to workout fashion and boasts different styles, designs, colors, and prints that you will not find anywhere else. It has rapidly grown to be one of the most popular brands in athletic apparel and contends with some of the best brands out there currently.

From bathing suits that cater to the avid swimmer, to black dresses that flatter and are sexy enough to be worn on date night- Kate Hudson has not spared a solitary thing to produce brand of clothing that promises to be of superior quality, comfort, and style.If you have fallen in love with former Fabletics collections, Kate Hudson’s new Athleisure line is sure to inspire you even further to just be you.

Boraie Development Sponsors Free Summer Movie Series

On the New Jersey Stage website there was a recent article that featured the announcement by the State Theatre on the up and coming Free Summer Movie Series which was primarily sponsored by The Provident Bank Foundation as well as by Boraie Development. There are a number of great titles that will be featuring. These include Aladdin, Monster’s University, Babe, Despicable Me 2, E.T. and Frozen. These movies will be running from the July 2nd till August 16th.  Learn more about Boraie Development:

The movies are completely free to the public and will allow the opportunity for the community to come together, young and old can sit together and enjoy this special assortment of movies. All this will be done in the State Theatre venue. A venue that has been around since 1921 and has since turned into New Jersey’s most sort after live performance venues.

One of the sponsors, Boraie Development and it’s current Vice President, Hiam Boraie said in an interview that he was proud to be sponsoring the event allowing the community to take part in a movie watching experience at the State Theatre. The Executive Director of The Provident Bank Foundation, Jane Kurek, who are also the sponsors of the Community Access Initiative, said that she and her foundation are thrilled to be sponsoring the event.

Boraie Development LLC who are the sponsors of the event have been in real estate development, property management and sales & marketing for many years now. They offer a great variety of services to their customers.

Due to the efficiency of their senior team and their knowledge within the industry they have been able to deliver both unique service as well as constructing great properties. Boraie Development LLC works with some of the top people in the industry.  Read more: State Theater Announces Free Movies Throughout Summer 2016

These are architects with a vision, strong financial institutions and contractors that understand both time management as well as timely completion.

The company has had a 30 year track record and have therefore become one of the most popular development companies in New Jersey. Boraie Development LLC combines the resources of the large commercial banks as well as their own capital to fund projects throughout the country.

The aim of the company has been to be involved in developments that will attract residents and interest in order to remain profitable and attractive to all their big financial partners.