Building The Lovaganza Brand Using Social Media


The Lovaganza brand is bringing an explosion of culture to the world in 2020, and they have created a worldwide festival that will feature as many cultures as possible. This article takes a look at the social media presence of the Lovaganza festival, and there is a look at how their artwork supports their mission. An explosion of culture happens when the best and brightest from each culture are brought together on one stage.


#1: The Lovaganza Artwork


The artwork coming from Lovaganza is among the best that anyone will see. It was created with the cultures of the world in mind, and it showcases a side of the world that is often hidden. There are thousands of cultures that do not receive their due in the media, and it is quite difficult to find these culture even on the Internet. Showcasing them all in one place is quite exciting, and the artwork created brings together colors and flavors that mesmerize the senses.


#2: Their Social Media Craze


Social media is a useful tool for the Lovaganza festival as they are advertising to the masses what they plan to do in 2020. Each new posting on social media says something unique about the festival, and they are laying out an incredible program that will come together in 2020. The festival will grow every year, and there are many who are planning even now to attend the festival to see what is planned.


Requests are often sent in through social media as the festival creates new programming for their event. They wish to stage the event across several locations, and they will offer to the world a look at every culture in their art, dance and music. The spoken word is intriguing, and the written word will be sold in every new location for the event. Like Lovaganza on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter.


#3: The Festival Is An Educational Experience


Lovaganza aims to be an education for everyone who wishes to see a new side of the world. Cultures from every corner of the globe will descend on the festival, and they will perform before a global audience that wishes to know what they are seeing. The audience learns as they are taught through art, and Lovaganza will make the festival last as long as possible. Everyone who wishes to change their view of the world must find the Lovaganza social media pages as they search for a future schedule.


#4: Moving Back To 2020


Moving back to 2020 is a wise decision for Lovaganza as they wish to employ every ounce of technology at their disposal. They will broadcast around the world using video cameras and filming techniques that were created for just such an event.


Lovaganza is a beautiful festival that will bring the world together as they watch what they have missed. The world will showcase itself in several locations, they will continue to build their schedule as they work on their online presence. It is quite an experience for any who wish to indulge their senses. This Is The Place To Go

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Helane Morrison- American Businesswoman in the SEC

Helane Morrison is a truly impressive woman. Starting her professional life off at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, then finishing off her Bachelor’s degree at the Northwestern University, Morrison set herself up for success.


To understand her time at the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, otherwise known as the SEC, we must first look at her experiences leading up to her time there. After being admitted to practice with the State Bar of California, Morrison started her career at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. There she was a partner in their firm and practiced law on business litigation and defense of private securities actions from 1986 to 1996.


It was only after her time at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin that Morrison became the head of enforcement for the San Fransisco SEC office. Here she was in charge of securities enforcement, litigation, and regulatory matters for Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and northern Nevada. Morrison ensured all business dealings were made with maximum transparency, while working for cooperation from other government agencies and media outlets.


Some accomplishments Morrison made during her time in the SEC include financial fraud investigations against Fortune-500 executives, uncovering the sales of fraudulent securities to military personnel, exposing illegal destruction of audit papers, and providing defense for defrauded senior citizens.


After Helane Morrison noticed a discrimination towards female leadership in the financial sector, as well as women in general not striving to better themselves in their career path, she left the SEC to work with Hall Capital Partners LLC.




InnovaCare Health Introduces Penelope Kokkinides In New Management Restructuring

Just recently, InnovaCare Health conducted a management restructuring procedure in which they presented elite faces to the group’s leadership team currently headed by Rick Shinto as its President and Chief Executive Officer. The Puerto Rican healthcare provider announced the welcoming of Jonathan Meyers as its new Chief Actuary Officer, Mike Sortino as its Chief Accounting Officer, and Penelope Kokkinides as its new Chief Administrative Officer. According to Shinto, the three will be instrumental in the betterment of the existing company practices as well as the development of even more innovative operational policies in anticipation of a changing healthcare industry.

The current leadership’s previous engagements
Each of the current leaders has a huge wealth of experience in different fields within the healthcare industry. For instance, the company CEO Rick Shinto has more than two decades of experience in clinical and operations health care as well as managed care. Having started out as a pulmonologist intern, Rick Shinto gradually rose up the leadership ranks in different healthcare companies with his most recent being the president and CEO of Aveta Inc. Rick Shinto also served as the Chief Operating Officer as well as the Chief Medical Officer for Medical Pathways Management Company.

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On the other hand, Penelope rejoins the company as its Chief Administrative Officer after serving as its Chief Operating Officer for Aveta Inc. she also served as the corporate Vice President for Care and Disease Management at UnitedHealth Group’s AmeriChoice. In her 15 years of experience within the Medicare and Medicaid industry, Penelope has gained valuable administrative and operational experience that she hopes to pour out on InnovaCare. She has especially been instrumental in formulation and implementation of healthcare operational models aimed at ensuring productivity with the organization she serves while enhancing client satisfaction.

About InnovaCare health
InnovaCare is a leading managed services healthcare provider in North America with regional headquarters in Puerto Rico. The health provider specializes in Medicare advantage as well as Medicaid programs while availing sustainable and cost-effective health services within reach of many. To achieve this, the company adopts the most advanced technology and industry expertise.

The healthcare provider aims at providing redefining healthcare management system that meets the current industry complexities. It has therefore put together a strong team of professionals designed to providing functional patient-clinician relationships intended to ensure quality treatment procedures. The company also offers creatively and coordinated medical services that are heavily subsidized and within the affordability range of an average American.

For more about Penelope Kokkinides, check out her BizJournals profile

David Osio Leads Davos REG in Launching the Davos CAP Calculator

In an official announcement to its clients, the Davos Real Estate Group unveiled the Davos CAP Calculator. Davos REG introduced this application with the aim of estimating the return real estate investments. The Davos Real Estate Group operates as one of the independent companies forming the Davos Financial Group. The official launch hosted David Osio and the Davos REG executive directors including Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez.


For about six months, Gerard Gonzalez has been closely working with Tecknolution on the developments as well as the design of the groundbreaking application. The Davos CAP Calculator was developed with the objective of helping one make an estimation of the gain accrued by a particular investment property upon considering the expenses of that property. Consequently, the Davos CAP Calculator will allow investors to gain foresight before buying property.


To reach out to all customers, Davos REG developed the app on the latest technology platforms. As such, it is available for Android and iOS gadgets. The executive directors revealed that the application marked the start of a series of complementary applications that would comprise the ability to spot properties via mobile devices. The applications would also help one top forward historical reports to a Davos agent through interactive means.


An In-depth Focus on David Osio


David Osio is an accomplished Venezuelan businessman who is acknowledged for the inception of the Davos Financial Group of Companies. He commenced his illustrious career in 1981 as the chief executive officer and president of OPED Enterprise. After sometime, Osio moved to LETCO Commercial Companies where he was responsible for structuring marketing programs for diverse industrial products in the US. In 1984, he joined MGO, a Caracas-based law firm. During his tenure, Osio dealt with various corporate clients like Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation as well.


Osio’s experience and knowledge in law and banking made him a suitable candidate for an executive position at Banco Latino International’s private banking division. At BLI, Osio rose to the Vice president position before deciding to venture into his own activities. This led to the birth of the Davos Financial Group of Companies in 1993. Currently, the Davos Group has become a force to reckon with in various areas such as social responsibility and finance. The success of the financial conglomerate is attributed to Osio’s ability to build each company as a financial boutique that offers customized services. These services are exclusive to the needs and expectations of each client.

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