Eric Lefkofsky – Taking Charge of Cancer with Modern Technology

Almost 40 percent adults in the United States face a diagnosis of cancer at some stage in their lives. According to NCI (National Cancer Institute), roughly 14.5 million citizens of United States had cancer in the year 2014. The number is expected to be over 19 million by 2024. Thanks to advances that are made by companies such as Temper, the forecast seems better. Tempus leads the charge in precision medicine that are data enabled. The health industry is up to speed with the modern health care technology.

Eric Lefkofsky, the founder of Tempus never had a personal experience with treatment of cancer, until his spouse was diagnosed with breast cancer. He got shocked when he learned about the gaping hole existing in the field regarding digital technology and data collection. Despite the amount of data collected and generated by patients and their treatments, there’s no streamlined, effective way to collect that information and use it effectively.

That’s why Tempus came into play. The company had an impressive and lofty goal of transforming how cancer care delivered. Tempus developed a platform that analyzes molecular and clinical data of patients. It had means of developing analytics software but had some issues.

Eric Lefkofsky was born on Sept. 2, 1969. He’s an entrepreneur from the U.S. He’s the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. He co-founded ECHO (Echo Global Logistics), INWK(InnerWorkings), Uptake, and Mediaocean. Lefkofsky is the co founder of venture capital (VC) firm, Lightbank. He studied at University of Michigan (UM), where he graduated cum laude in the year 1991. He continued studying at Michigan Law, where he received his Juris Doctor in the year 1993.

Lefkofsky with his wife Liz established Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006, which is a private charitable foundation, meant to advance initiatives that are of high impact that improves lives in communities that are served. Lefkofsky works as Trustee for World Business Chicago, MSI (Museum of Science and Industry), and The Art Institute of Chicago. He’s an adjunct lecturer at U of C and Accelerated Disruption author.

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The Value Of Success Academy From A Parent’s Perspective

There is nothing more important to a parent than the success and well-being of their child. That is why Susana Taveras was so happy to hear that Success Academy had been granted the right to build another one of their schools in New York City. In this particular case, Success Academy was going to build a pre-K facility, and that was extremely good news for Mrs. Taveras.


She has two sons who are not native English speakers and also have special needs. As a result, she wants the extra help that Success Academy is able to provide to families like her own. She says that her older sons is now beyond the pre-K age and it has taken him extra time to catch up to his peers who had the ability to go to a good pre-K program. As such, she wants to get her younger son into such a program to start helping him.


Success Academy teachers are well trained in the subjects that their students need to learn about. They know math, science, writing, and have creative ways to bring those subjects to life for their students. There are plenty of students who find school boring, but that is often just a product of not being challenged enough. The teachers at Success Academy have found any number of ways to help students who feel this way.


Taveras and many other New York parents are testifying to the results that this school has brought about. They say that if it were not for this school that their children would be left behind. Many other parents have made the very same claims and each has thei own unique story. More public pressure to build more of these schools is growing, and the mayor is now starting to permit more and more of them to go up.

Leader in Financial Solutions- Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is one of the largest alternative lending institutions which has also been providing substitute shareholding financial resolutions. Recently the financial group launched its business in Australia with offices located in Melbourne. The business in Australia has been growing and Equitie’s First Holdings have decided to relocate the office to more strategic area in order to serve their ever growing clients efficiently. Mitchell Hopwood Is the Managing Director of Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. Mitchell mentioned that the firm will maintain its three office locations which include; Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. Equities First Holdings have a long history of providing alternative financial solutions including stock based. The organization will be maintaining its other offices which are located in Hong Gong, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Switzerland and their head office which is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America.

Equities First Holdings is one of the financial institutions that is internationally recognized for its efforts to provide differ t lending solutions to the world. Some of the people who benefit from their services and products include corporates as well as high-net worth individuals. For the individuals who want non-purpose loans, Equities First Holdings is the right institution to offer that type of lending.

One of their products is stock loans where they use stock as collateral. The stock loans benefit the borrower especially during harsh economic times and enable them to continue doing business. Stock loans have an added advantage in that the interest rate is low. Equities First Holdings have enabled its clients to secure quick capital by taking stock loans. Another product is margin loan which is different from stock loans in that it must be used for the specified purpose only. For margin loans, the interest rates vary from 50 to 75 percent.

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Adam Goldenberg could have Dressed one of the Unicorns you know.

Hitting the headline today in business news is Adam Goldenberg co- CEO and Co-founder of Techstyle fashion group and JustFab. It is worth noting that companies need a focused leader, the beauty and fashion industry is doing everything in its capacity to maximize sales and profits. However, the likes of Adam take chances when they have them.


Being an entrepreneur, Adam started his career journey at the age of 17. Further, in April 1999 Goldenberg having built his first company Gamer’s Alliance in its second year after its birth, he sold it to Intermix Media where he was named to serve in the position of Chief Operating Officer. Adam who is a close business associate with Don Ressler decided to form an e-commerce brand incubator the Intelligent Beauty in 2006.


After four years of working together with Ressler it the incubator platform led to the formation of Techstyle. Adam founded JustFab in 2010. Currently, it is a leading fashion subscription online site. From sources following metrics drive at the firm, JustFab has experienced growth raising $55 million funding and acquiring shoe discover services from Shoe Dazzle.


As a leader Adam works by watching the number he works with, therefore from that, he can notice shortcomings and fix as soon as possible, Thought that other founders should embrace. Taking customers feedback helps Adam improve merchandising decisions and products. As a measure to get feedback, there is a team dedicated to understanding the firm,s members.


With the fast changing trends in fashion and beauty industry. E-commerce is a tool that enhances profits. With the need of integrating new systems into businesses, entrepreneurs have to stay on a float. Formation of Techstyle meant that, for Adam and Ressler to be able to reach out to their client across borders Techstyle would provide them with what they need.


Today Techstyle is building high-value fashion brands internationally, patterning with other brands like the Fabletics, Fabkids, and ShoeDazzle. Serving over 4 million active members selling of labels has been uniquely combined technology, mixed media, and membership to their firm. Based in greater Los Angeles are, members from other countries receive celebrity treatment on receiving customized selections. It is evident that Adam and Ressler are focused on changing the way women pick out fashion in the world

We say that we never know what tomorrow brings little did Adam know that at his age of 17 he had started a journey around the world. I think Adam just dresses my neighbor.

Adam Goldenberg – The Co-Founder and CEO at TechStyle (Previously Referred As JustFab)

Adam Jack Goldenberg business attitude and spirit for internet marketing were evident from early childhood. At just 16 years, Goldenberg formed Gamer’s Alliance Inc., a marketing network for gaming sites. The company which was established in 1997 was later bought in 1999 by Intermix Media, the parent organization of MySpace.


Goldenberg joined hands with Intermix Media as the Vice President of Strategic Planning before he was promoted at age 20 and became the Chief Operating Officer, and was the youngest COO of an organization traded publicly. In 2005, Intermix Media was bought by News Corp for over $650 million.


While planning for a better way of launching new companies in the current marketplace, Goldenberg joined hands with Don Ressler and formed Intelligent Beauty Inc, a belief reflection of Goldenberg in bringing the best minds together in the sector to accomplish extraordinary outcomes.


TechStyle previously known as JustFab is a fashion retailer for an online subscription that trades in a wide variety of handbags, shoes, denim, and jewelry. The organization provides a personalized shopping experienced according to the fashion preferences of members. It is the parent portfolio group of five internet subscription service bands such as Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, FabKids, and JustFabs.


The monthly VIP membership program offers fashion clients with the reach of hottest handbags, shoes and celebrity stylists. The celebrity stylists of the company review the individual style of every JustFab before searching via different styles of recommendations according to fashion preferences and personal style. Every item is $39.95 and shipping is provided for free.


As the name implies, TechStyle is a combination of fashion and technology. It is the parent organization of fast-growing and successful brands. The company utilizes proprietary technology, vertical integration, and personalization to establish a winning mixture of subscription e-Commerce with brick-and-mortar retail.


The focus on technology comes naturally to Adam Goldenberg, the co-Founder, and co-CEO of the organization who has been a perennial entrepreneur from the age of 15. While explaining how the company applies technology, Goldenberg added that; they don’t view technology as a service or product to empower the organization, but they take it as part of their products dissimilar with other agencies.


On technology products, Goldenberg insisted that they had tested over 30,000 different digital ads and different website configurations to optimize the metrics. In TechStyle, there is no clash between technology and culture. The organization has a program called Rise that sorts clients seeking for traditional commodities.

Lacey & Larkin and Other Civil, Human and Immigrants’ Rights Groups

Under the US constitution, everyone living in the US have a right to equal protection under the law. However, this is not always the case. Minority groups, especially immigrants, tend to be discriminated and put under deplorable conditions should they bring any complaints forth.

For Example, in Arizona, immigrants and their families are stored in a warehouse, where conditions are so inhumane, as they wait for hearing of their cases.

They are treated this way because they are not a majority, hence have no voice. Also, most of them have no money to hire lawyers to represent them, even when they have viable cases.

Luckily, there are some organizations that have dedicated time and funds to voicing the needs and rights of immigrants. These civil, human and immigrants’ rights groups educate, advocate and conduct research on human and civil rights for the immigrants.

They are the reason why more immigrants can today boast of living in a just community. Here is a list of some of the most influential civil, human and immigrants’ rights groups.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund was established by two human rights activists, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. The two are founding partners of the Village Voice and Phoenix New Times Newspaper. They started the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund with the $3.75 million that they had received as settlement money for a case that they had won. The duo had been arrested in the middle of the night, at their homes.

The arrest was led by Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County Sheriff, following the publishing of his home address on the Phoenix New Times Newspaper.

However, the jury on their case found them innocent as their first amendment rights of right to free speech, had been violated. They were released on a judgment of false arrest and were compensated with $3.75 million.

Lacey and Larkin used this money to start the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The aim of this non-profit organization is to fund organizations that advocate for human, civil, and immigrant’s rights. The foundation recently donated $2 million to the Arizona State University.

This money is to be used to fund a project where students write in Spanish and English about the various issues that immigrants face. The money will also be used to support the Lacey & Larkin Chair.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

ACLU is a reputable organizations that advocates for civil rights. The organization concentrates on helping those who have been affected from the violation of their constitutional rights. The foundation has an Immigrants’ Rights Project, which helps to ensure fair trials of immigrants, helping immigrants to access job permits and enabling them to attend schools.

The National Network of Immigrants and Refugee Rights (NNIRR)

NNIRR was founded in the year 1986 and has since been working to ensure that immigrants and refugee rights are not violated. They work by building immigrant communities and empowering them to fight for their social and civil rights.

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Sushi Itto Franchisee, Omar Yunes crowned the Best Franchisee of the World

Omar Yunes was crowned the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) in 2015. Omar, who is a franchisee of Sushi Itto, a leading Japanese food chain was crowned the winner in an event held in Florence, Italy on December 5. The Mexican-born franchisee started the franchise business at the age of 21. Today, he owns 13 franchised units located in Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. These 13 franchised units represent ten percent of the total franchised units owned by Sushi Itto.

In a statement during the event, Omar congratulated his team of 400 employees for their great achievement. He was very clear that without their commitment and hard work, he couldn’t be crowned the winner. Before being crowned as the winner, Mr. Yunes beat representatives from over 34 countries including Portugal, Argentina, France, Italy, Brazil, and Hungary. The 2015 edition was evaluated on franchisee’s contribution to knowledge, employee motivation, innovations proposed and influence on the network.

Sushi CEO Benjamin Cancelmo stated that the awards represent the joint commitment of the franchisee and the franchisor to offer excellent customer experience, outstanding hospitality, and great taste. Elizarrarras, the BFW organizer in Mexico, stated that the award proofs that international franchisees can thrive in the country as opposed to the belief that only regional ones could succeed.

The Mexican Chapter

In the Mexican Chapter, Omar Yunes emerged the winner. According to Elizarrarras Omar’s franchise won because of their efforts in enhancing the franchisee-franchisee relationship, developing implemental monitoring tools, and better management of information. During the Mexican Chapter, Prandemex franchisee, Ivan Tamer won the second place. The franchisee achieved the second position due to its efforts in developing new marketing system that manages the whole chain of pawnshops. Patricia Campos, the brand’s franchisor manager, congratulated Tamer stating that he has established unique marketing parameters that have been instrumental in the firm’s growth.

Omar Yunes in Brief

Omar Yunes is a Mexican-born natural entrepreneur. Omar, a franchisee of Sushi Itto, a Japanese food chain was awarded the Best Franchisee of the World in 2015. The talented entrepreneur started the franchisee at the age of 21. Today, he has 13 franchised units with over 400 employees. Employee motivation, designing practical implementation control tools, and developing viable business networks are the unique traits that have made Omar the sought after franchisee manager.

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Sweetgreen’s Success Story: Upstaging Competition with Unique Salad Recipes

With the first restaurant opening its doors to clients in 2007, Sweetgreen has grown in leaps and bounds to become a leader in the organic and healthy salad niche market leader. Founded by three classmates with a strong background in information technology, Sweetgreen has adopted a unique operation and management approach that has seen it expand into a high-end 40-locations salad chain. Throughout their numerous casual-themed salad bars, which are spread in various strategic cities including Los Angeles and New York among others, Sweetgreen has adopted the use of technology and unique management approach. Up to 30 percent of all transactions of the salad chain are conducted using technology. Their clients have the option of downloading and using their mobile application or visiting the company’s website.


Founded by Nathaniel Dru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman in Georgetown, Sweetgreen has developed into a strong brand with strong financial backing from several investors including Danny Meyer and Steve Case. The salad chain specializes in healthy salads prepared from organically grown and locally sourced ingredients. The former Georgetown University classmates have also adopted unique management approach. They are co-chief executive officers of the salad chain. In a bid to expand the company’s brand nationally while also staying close to their clients, the former classmates has adopted a bicoastal management approach. With no headquarters, the trio moves from the different locations while also shutting down their corporate office five times a year to work directly with the clients across the various restaurant locations. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru’s Profile


Nathaniel Ru is a first generation immigrant. His parents were business owners, which was critical in inspiring his successful venture into business in the hospitality industry. Between 2003 and 2007, Mr. Ru studied for his Bachelor of Science degree at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business where he specialized in Finance. He is also a serial investor with several investments in various industries. In 2016, he invested up to $3 million in LOLA as seed money. This is in addition to the $10 million he invested in Bond Street as Series A investment and $1.2 million in EatPops as an angel investment in 2015. In 213, he also made a personal investment of $1.2 million in MeUndies. Learn more:


At Sweetgreen, which he cofounded with his two classmates in 2007, Mr. Ru heads the creative department as the creative director. He also played a key role in the expansion of the Sweetgreen’s brand to include Sweetlife Festival, which is an annual event that includes food and music launched in 2010. He is also a principal at SWTLF Ventures.

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The growth of Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette launches US e-commerce and plans rapid UK retail roll-out-article recap
Honey Birdette which is an Australian firm that deals in Lingerie has had a milestone by launching a US e-commerce site. The company is also planning to increase their stores in the UK from three to 40 stores. They intend to reach this milestone by the time 2018 ends.

The company was founded in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan in Brisbane. What motivated them to open the online platform was the increase of online sales by more than 374%. They platform is meant to create better customer experience. The deliveries will be more efficient and faster. They platform will also ensure that there is an increase in the range of products that the customers can access from the site. The returns will be easier while using the platform.

Since opening its first store outside of Australia last year, Honey Birdette has plans to increase it number of stores in London. This is in addition to the 55 stores that the company has in Australia and other locations in Europe.

About Honey Birdette
The company began in 2006 by two friends who were motivated by not being able to find Lingerie and other accessories. Their main goal was to add a sense of sensuality into the bedroom. This they strived to achieve by providing both lingerie and other bedroom toys.

Inside their stores, they strive to provide the best customer experience. The environment inside the boutiques is very serene with very appealing décor. The customers are also served with champagne inside the stores. They want their customers to create an experience inside the bedroom with the accessories that they sell. They stock very elegant perfumes, massage candles, leather crops, cuffs and many other toys that are meant to enhance the bedroom experience.

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Bruce Bent II – Always on the Move, Always Productive

Bruce Bent II is a renaissance man and entrepreneur who has experiences that range from a wide array of cash-related solutions created for banks and retail markets to the development and implementation of over sixty privately held patents that have helped blossom the FDIC-Insured cash management arena into a more than the $1 trillion industry that we see before us today.

Bruce Bent II is the every man’s entrepreneur. He believes that the strength of a team is derived not from the man at the top, but rather from the diverse culture that is created across the board, from all of the members of a project. He is constantly inspired by communication and processes with people and loves being able to diversify the way in which teams creatively share ideas and broaden inventions or processes through the use of technology. Although Bruce understands that it only takes one person to come up with an idea, he more importantly understands that it takes a whole group of people to correctly shape and develop an idea for a complete range of uses for the happy customer.

Bruce Bent II understands that in the world of an entrepreneur, failure leads to growth. He feels that experience is the best teacher and sights his stubbornness as one of his strongest attributes. To Bruce, it is not the failure that determines your outcome, but rather the resiliency with which you approach every business venture or personal mission in your life. Bruce is a strong proponent of arming yourself with the personal fervor to continue on through thick and thin and to eventually rouse in yourself a successful outcome.

Currently serving as the Vice Chairman of the Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II is continually working on new projects and ways to bring exciting innovations to the consumer to change their daily lives for the better.

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