Dr. Johanan Rand – Helping Medical Patients Live Life to the Fullest

Dr. Johanan Rand and his company dedicate themselves to providing services that address health and wellness. His therapies target patients that deal with a variety of problems related to aging. His therapies also include a robust system of preventative medicine. Dr. Johanan Rand commits himself to improving patient medical outcomes through a comprehensive process reviewed by peers that support his company’s research protocols. He is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers.

Dr. Rand leads the field in providing medical therapies that are nothing short of cutting-edge. He received his training at New York’s Albert Einstein Medical Center. As such, his training and background have prepared him to give patients the best care possible. Patients can expect to receive individualized treatment plans designed to help restore their vitality and health.

His organization commits to patients at every level of its operations. Patients who suffer from serious illnesses benefit from the comprehensive support offered at Healthy Aging Medical Centers. These are people who struggle to live life to their fullest. These people, like millions of healthy people, still have obligations to themselves and loved ones. They simply make life choices with greater difficulty. Dr. Johanan Rand’s Centers help patients make decisions based on informed consent. His programs place emphasis on nutrition, fitness, supplements, and bio-identical hormones.

Dr. Johanan Rand is also known for his understanding, sensitivity, and kindness toward the health needs of others. He is still young by comparison to many medical professionals in his field with comparative achievements, and professionals within his circle of influence find motivation as a result of his energy and commitment.

The Healthy Aging Medical Centers also include weight-loss programs and treatments for women experiencing menopause. The Centers include treatment for fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and general fatigue. Healthy Aging Medical Centers all share the goal of improving the life of patients suffering from a medical illness.


Hussain Sajwani’s Prowess as an Entrepreneur Leads to The Success of DAMAC Properties

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. On the other hand, a successful business starts with the identification of a potential idea by an entrepreneur who is filled with determination.

The entrepreneur under discussion in this context is Hussain Sajwani. Hussain Sajwani is a household name in the Middle East. As a successful entrepreneur, Sajwani is proud to be the owner of DAMAC properties.

Background Check

Before delving into real estate, Hussain Sajwani started out in the catering services industry. While in the catering services industry, his company always offered quality services. Due to the dedication put forth by Hussain Sajwani, his catering services company flourished remarkably. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Twitter and Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

However, he had greater ambitions. In one of the interviews he has ever taken part in, he said that the catering service industry is only capable of giving you millions.

The Birth of DAMAC Properties

While in pursuit of a more profitable venture, Hussain Sajwani seized the opportunity availed by the Dubai government that allowed foreigners to own land in Dubai. This was back in 2002.

There and then, Hussain Sajwani gave rise to DAMAC properties. The DAMAC owner showcased that he has a keen eye for business. Such a move was well calculated, and the DAMAC group has flourished under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani.

Currently, Hussain Sajwani serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of DAMAC properties. When it comes to property, the DAMAC group specializes in properties such as luxury apartments.

Hussain Sajwani’s relationship with Donald Trump

While in the catering services industry, Hussain Sajwani always took it upon himself to interact with the various clientele who were served by his company.

In the process, Hussain Sajwani was able to befriend multiple people internationally, President Donald Trump being among them.

Both Hussain Sajwani and President Donald Trump are revered entrepreneurs who have been able to amass a fortune through the real estate industry. Learn more about DAMAC owner: http://www.celebfamily.com/entrepreneur/hussain-sajwani-family.html and http://relationshipscience.com/hussain-ali-habib-sajwani-p3928145

The two have even partnered in various deals. Among the recent deals that President Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani have indulged in are such as the construction of golf courses. One of the gold courses were launched recently on February 20th. The design is quite remarkable.

Moreover, with Donald Trump as the current serving President of the United States, business has never been better, says Hussain Sajwani.


Hussain Sajwani can only be described as a go-getter. While in the catering services industry, he announced his ambition to become a billionaire. By being the founder of DAMAC properties, the DAMAC owner has been able to accomplish his dreams.

All in all, Hussain Sajwani also participates in philanthropy. Recently, Sajwani donated AED two million to the Ramadan initiative that was geared towards dressing more than one million children.

The Breakdown of Human Moral Behavior Seen Through the Studies of Jorge Moll

In an interview with neurologist Jorge Moll, it was discussed that human moral behavior can be explained through a series of studies from a FMRI scan; which stands for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Jorge Moll received his first one in 1996. Prior to his studies in med school which led to developed studies of his; he expressed that he had always had an interest in the human mind and a curiosity for the origin of everything (LinkedIn). In 1996 when he received his first FMRI scan he began developing studies of the human brain through motor experiments like touching of the skin, finger tapping movement, which help developed images of the working brain. These findings led Dr. Moll to explore the workings of the higher conscience of the human brain. In 1998 he teamed up with a fellow neurologist colleague of his to develop studies of the higher functions of the brain; like why people make moral judgments internally or should I say how people make moral judgements. They achieved results by presenting statements of moral content to participants of the research, but Moll felt that these studies were crude. Due to their lack of monitoring the emotions of the participants; Jorge Moll felt that was a component that needed to be controlled to narrow in on the why or how people make moral judgements. To hone in on the emotions of the participants they began to present them with pictures negative in nature; such as injustices or accidents. In their findings they were met with emotions of indignation or compassion, and through the FMRI scan they could detect that participants with legions in certain regions of the frontal lobe of the brain; some lacked empathy. While others with no legions showed compassion. Through these findings Moll was able to connect that emotions triggered by relatability showed ones moral behavior. Although this was revealed, it was also discovered that emotional attachments or connect ability were not emotions in themselves, but more of a gateway that allows emotional reactions. Some participants showed more heighten emotions in the frontal lobe region of the brain; depending on how close in connection the image being presented to them was relatable.


Enhanced Athlete is providing state of the art bodybuilding products and services.

Nutrition Distribution filed a suit against Enhanced Athlete on the alleged false advertising claims which apparently had caused loss of sales for Nutrition Distribution. However, Enhanced Athlete was able to defend their case and won a hearing that took place in the District Court of California. Enhanced Athlete was able to prove that Nutrition Distribution was in the business of seeking out of court settlements with suits filed against other organizations in the industry. Furthermore, Enhanced Athlete pointed out that it had received letters that stated a demand for compensation for loss of sales by Nutrition Distribution. The Chief Executive Officer for Enhanced Athlete Scott Cavell firmly reported that their organization would not fall victim to the Nutrition Distribution’s schemes. Needless to say, Nutrition Distribution had never proved that the advertisements made by Enhanced Athlete led to a decline in their sales. The evidence brought forward by Enhanced Athlete was sufficient for the judge to deny the plea for an injunction made by Nutrition Distribution. The legal team from Enhanced Athlete strongly agreed with the ruling stating that Nutrition Distribution did not have enough evidence to prove the allegations against Enhanced Athlete. Clearly, there was no connection between the loss of sales for Nutrition Distribution and the allegations for false advertisements by Enhanced Athlete. Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching are part of the Enhanced Athlete organization. Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Athlete both have their own websites and clients can contact officials from the Enhanced brand. Enhanced Coaching provides well-designed packages built around the needs of the customer. Training packages are that are offered by Enhanced Coaching are provided by professionals with robust expertise in the area of bodybuilding. Enhanced Coaching provides clients with maximum results at an affordable price. Packages provided include the Summer Shred, the Starters Pack, and Enhanced Pro. Enhanced Gear is tailored to spearhead the athlete to achieve their optimum goals. Packages such as customized training and also sports equipment are catered for. The two daughter companies for Enhanced Athlete-Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear- both bear the logo for Enhanced.

Prominent Philanthropist and Author Adam Milstein

Born in Haifa, Israel Adam Milstein is a prominent philanthropist and Israeli-activist. Upon completions of his military service in the Israeli Army, he enrolled at the Israeli Institute of Technology. Adam Milstein obtained his bachelor’s degree in both economics and business. Upon completion of his education, he joined his father working in the real estate business. In 1981 Adam and his wife moved to the United States. Continuing his education in the United States, he earned a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Southern California. After completion of his master’s degree, he started his career as a commercial real estate agent.

With his success in real estate, Adam created the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This philanthropic organization provides services to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Israel. It is also well-known for providing services to strengthen and help the Jewish people. The many philanthropic services provided by the foundation include programs to support Jewish education and advocacy for Israel.

The Milstein family provides a significant amount of financial support to the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. They also devote a substantial amount of their personal time, working on the philanthropic ventures of the organization. The foundation creates programs designed to help recipients throughout all the phases of life. Adam Milstein provides guidance and assistance, along with the funding of many philanthropic organizations. He creates partnerships with other charitable organizations designed to enhance the many benefits offered to recipients of the Milstein Family Foundation.

Adam Milstein is not only a philanthropist, he is also a well-known author. Several of his articles appear in the Jerusalem Post. The most recent article addresses the rise in anti-Semitism throughout the world. He has hope that the strength of future Jewish leaders will overcome the widespread anti-Semitism. Adam believes that history taught us a valuable lesson. It takes great leaders in the Jewish community to overcome the vast anti-Semitism occurring through the world.


Waiakea Water Could Change the Earth

Tons of water bottle companies exist today and they are all vying for a way to stand out amongst the others. Many factors go into what makes water good quality and it is becoming increasingly important to consumers to know exactly where their water is from. Waiakea water based out of Hawaii is one of those companies that is using creativity and responsible sourcing to promote their water to consumers.

Waiakea was formed in 2012 when owner Ryan Emmons claimed, I discovered my family had access to one of the most naturally healthy, pure, and sustainable water sources in the world,” The water comes from the Mauna Loa volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, and is naturally filtered through thousands of feet of porous volcanic rock. The water is rich in electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium to name a few of the volcanic water benefits your body will receive.

To make this company sound even more dreamy, they have an incredible commitment to sustainability. The water is sourced from an aquifer with a 1.4 billion gallon recharge rate and their facility is 33% powered by renewable energy. The type of plastic used to make their bottles is BPA free and is one of the first in the world to be certified as carbon neutral. This plastic also uses 85% less energy to manufacture and reduces carbon emissions by more than 90%, compared to that of regular water bottles. In addition to their already fully recyclable bottles, the company will introduce the world’s first biodegradable water bottle this year.

Waiakea not only cares for the earth, but for the people inhabiting it. The Hawaii volcanic water company donates some of its proceeds to local community projects and non-profit organizations. They also have partnered with Pump Aid, an organization dedicated to providing clean water to people in rural Africa. To date, they have successfully provided 1.35 million with access to clean and safe drinking water.

If you drink bottled water, switching over to Waiakea Water may be a switch that could save the world.


“Coco” is Made With the Help of an Academy of Art University Graduate

Once again, it is time for the Oscars, and the biggest stars and the most popular movies in the industry got to shine. This year, Daniel Arriaga, a graduate of the Academy of Art University, got to enjoy the spotlight for his creative work in the movie, Coco.”


Coco is a very visually appealing movie that takes place in the Land of the Dead. It is based on Mexican folklore and focuses largely on El Dia de Los Muertos, or, the Day of the Dead. This holiday is normally celebrated all over the world, and the movie was carefully crafted in order to be accurate and breathtaking. Even the skeletons featured in the movie wore the appropriate and traditional Mexican dress. The main character is Miguel Rivera who is on a journey to find out about a family secret. On his quest he finds himself traveling through the Land of the Dead. He is also on a mission to pursue his passion of becoming a musician.


Daniel Arriaga, after graduating from the Academy of Art University, became a senior director at Pixar. Coco is a very special story to him, but it was also challenging, and a lot of hard work went into the creation of the movie. Coco won Best Animated Feature, as well as an Oscar for Best Original Song.


The Academy of Art University is helping future generations prepare for a world that is vastly technologically advanced and teaches them to cultivate their talents while learning new ones.


The Academy trains its students in a vast array of specialties including visual development, photography, web design and new media, industrial and architecture design, as well as many other academics.


It is a place of learning but also networking, and its students thrive in the rich environment that is offered. The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 and has an inclusive admissions policy to all who wish to come and learn. Its approach is disciplined but nurturing and provides the right type of environment to help its students to grow and to challenge themselves while they learn.


Newswatch TV Review – Bringing News That Matters to Millions of Households

SteelSeries is a Danish manufacturer of gaming peripherals and other accessories. Like every company looking to make an impact in their industry, SteelSeries was looking for ways to grow and increase brand recognition. So, they turned to a professional company that could deliver the right message to their audience. Whether an individual, organization or company, the right exposure can mean everything in today’s fast-paced and information-saturated world


Videos are a major solution in today’s marketing mix for businesses because people tend to remember what they see and hear. For SteelSeries, their video gained coverage across numerous online marketing channels including social media. As a result, SteelSeries increased its market share as a result.


The company that helped boost the sales and branding of SteelSeries is NewsWatch. NewsWatch TV airs a weekly broadcast on the ION network, and twice a month on the AMC Network. The successful series showcases informative stories that cover a wide range of topics that include things like finance, travel, breakthroughs in medicine, politics and policy issues, celebrity updates, issues that pertain to legal matters, and much more.


NewsWatch provides a positive forum and platform for people and companies to share information about the topics and issues that matter to them. More than 600 movie stars and entertainers have appeared on NewsWatch. NewsWatch reaches more than 96 million households across the nation, and more than 700 million viewers have watched its shows over a 25-year history. It holds the distinction of being one of the most successful independent news magazines on television.


Richard Dwayne Blair Approach to Investing

Richard Dwayne Blair is a successful investing professional. He currently works for Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions is one of the largest financial planning companies in the world. Richard Dwayne Blair has had a great career in the financial planning industry. He genuinely wants to help his customers reach their financial goals. When he started working in the industry, it was difficult to build a large client base. He had to advertise his services continuously.


While Richard Dwayne Blair was in college, he learned about business. He never thought that he would eventually own a company.



Three Pillar Approach


Richard Dwayne Blair has a multi-faceted approach to investing. He believes that anyone can reach their financial goals if they stick to the proper plan. One of the biggest mistakes that people make with investing is not investing enough capital.


When people start investing young, they have to invest much less each year to reach their financial goals. Richard Dwayne Blair works with college students across the country. He wants to teach college students basic financial planning principles. He knows that young people can make a massive impact on their future by making proper financial decisions.


Debt is a significant issue in society. Few people live without any debt. Before anyone starts investing, Richard Dwayne Blair believes that they should pay down all of their consumer debt.



Increasing Income


Richard Dwayne Blair is a unique financial advisor who believes that people should work hard to increase their income. Many financial planners only concentrate on reducing expenses. By increasing income, people can drastically improve their financial position. Richard Dwayne Blair writes a lot of online content about his thoughts on investing. He is proud of his accomplishments and plans to continue working in the industry. Anyone who needs financial help should work with Richard Dwayne Blair.

Malcolm CasSelle, Worldwide Asset Exchange, and The Future Of Virtual Transactions

Malcolm CasSelle has worked for a number of technology companies within the digital industry. During his career, he has served in key leadership roles for these companies. The most prominent companies for which he has worked our Tronc, Inc, Seachange International, MediaPass, Xfire, Tencent, and OPSkins. He is a serial launch veneer and the president of his own company Worldwide Asset Exchange.
Malcolm CasSelle originally began his life by completing his formal education. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his bachelor’s degree in computer science. He later attended Stanford University where he completed the requirements in order to receive his master’s degree in computer science. During this time in University, he was able to educate himself and become trilingual. He now speaks Japanese, Mandarin, and English. The skill has served him greatly during his time in the technology industry.

As the chief investment officer of OPSkins Malcolm CasSelle has had first-hand experience in the implantation of centralized marketplace technology for the facilitation of virtual asset exchange. For many years centralized marketplaces were not only the pinnacle of virtual asset exchange but the only option.
Malcolm CasSelle realized that there were apparent problems with the use of centralized marketplaces to facilitate virtual asset exchanges. The most prominent of these issues were those of fragmentation and fraud.
Virtual asset exchanges allow users from around the world to exchange assets. This is both incredible and difficult to accomplish without friction. Due to the fact that users many times do not share a common currency, they must go to Forex exchange markets in order to facilitate transactions on centralized marketplaces. The end effectiveness is the pushing up of prices.

Malcolm CasSelle realized that by implanting a new cryptocurrency, he would be able to eliminate the need for Forex exchanges. He created the Worldwide Asset Exchange and launched their printed cryptocurrency wax tokens. Additionally, he thought to alleviate the problems caused by fraudulent activity and centralized marketplaces. By putting Worldwide Asset Exchange on the block change, he has decentralized the marketplace. This has resulted in the lack of central target for hackers to attack and reduced if not entirely eliminated the possibility for fraudulent activity on the network.