Transporting Kindness With Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is an entrepreneur who was born in India on March 18, 1971. He currently is the Chief Executive Officer for MergerTech, an advisory firm that operates internationally. The company began operating in 2009 and has made strides of progression over the last decade.

During 2015, Nitin Khanna entered the recreational and medical marijuana industry. What started out as a cannabis solution for locals has grown into the largest cannabis concentrate provider in Oregon. Khanna is also a board member for numerous companies. These companies include Vendscreen, Freewire Broadband and Classic Wine Auction to name a few. Throughout his career, the CEO has assisted in many acquisition deals with companies such as Amazon and Cancom.

Growing up in India shaped his life tremendously. While his father was in the army, the remainder of his family were entrepreneurs and that rubbed off on him. This would lay the foundation for him to travel to the United States at age 17 and begin working towards his undergraduate and masters certification. Shortly after his arrival in America, Nitins’s brother joined him in 1999 and they established Saber, a software company. The early work that he and his brother accomplished had an impact on voting systems, at the nationwide level. Currently more than half the country utilizes this software to manage various elections. This was the basis for them to introduce other industries to the software such as childcare and the Department of motor vehicles. The company would grow to a point where he felt comfortable selling.

After successfully building and selling his software company, the businessman would begin to angel invest throughout the Portland region. The goal of Nitin Khanna is to build a business that has longevity. He hopes decades from now that his companies are still active are still servicing people like a brand such as Coca-Cola, respectively. By starting his every morning doing an inventory of his business and growth lines, he has a foundation for dealing with the day’s tasks.

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Contributions of Nicolas Krafft to L’Oreal

In the 2018 annual fashion event staged by L’Oreal Paris, diversity in women’s beauty was the main agenda. Over the years, L’Oreal Paris has been at the forefront of empowering women through fashion. In 2018, L’Oreal was ranked top of the most gender-balanced companies in the world. With the help of Nicolas Krafft as the Vice President of Global Business Development, L’Oreal has achieved a wider global market which is constantly growing.

The event, held on September 30th brought in fashion enthusiast from all over the world as well as other famous guests outside the fashion industry. Staged at the heart of the French capital, the event involved a floating catwalk or river Seine. Also, the event brought together partner fashion brands of the L’Oreal Paris company who displayed different hairstyles, makeup looks, dressing as well as jewelry.

The success of such events is a show that L’Oreal is doing well in global business courtesy of Nicolas Krafft. With the vast experience in business, he gives the necessary leadership to navigate the Global cosmetics market.

Previously, Krafft had worked in different posts before he was appointed the Vice president of Global Business Development in 2014. In 2011, Krafft had been appointed to serve as the Deputy General Manager in Eastern Europe. Before that, he served as the General Manager, MARKETING director in Asia and the marketing Director for Kerastase.

Through his Twitter handle, Nicolas Krafft reveals that the L’Oreal business model is what keeps the company balanced. It is revealed that the company invests in both e-commerce and growth in travel-retail spaces to meet the needs of customers. According to the tweet on Krafft’s account, it is the responsibility of L’Oreal to ensure the consumers get the goods wherever they want to shop.

Also, Nicolas Krafft revealed that L’Oreal helps its brands with the identification of environmental and social causes then encourage them to take part in community development activities and raise awareness among their customers.

Ted Bauman: In-Depth with Banyan Hill Publishing Editor

Ted Bauman has for a majority of his life served the people of South Africa. Throughout his 25 year career, Ted Bauman would be appointed in executive roles as the leader for many projects dealing with low-income housing projects. In fact, one of his most successful projects was seen during his time with Slum Dwellers International. The leadership of Ted Bauman would go on to see the project serve over 14 million people in 35 different countries.

Today, Ted Bauman resides in Atlanta Georgia with his family and where he also contributes his talents to the Banyan Hill Publishing company as an editor for the Bauman Letter, The Plan B Club as well as the Alpha Stock Alert. We recently sat down with Mr.Bauman to discuss his view on the world’s economy as well as share some advice with us.

How do you bring your ideas to life?

Mr.Bauman explains that one of his responsibilities as a writer for the Banyan Hill Publishing company is to continue bringing back the reader. The task is a difficult one because most of the topics covered within his work are very mundane. Mr.Bauman states that the only way to keep a reader engaged is to make the work relatable to them. This includes adding examples that help them understand how these issues can affect their daily life.

What is one trend that really excites you at the moment?

One of the trending questions being asked by not only readers within the U.S but from readers all over the world is the state of our economy. Particularly the amount of bending backward that governments are doing to accommodate corporations. They are asking if these are going to have long-time benefits truly or is there something else going on.

What is one of the worst occupations you’ve ever had?

Ted Bauman recalls having the typical teenage minimum wage jobs such as McDonald’s, Burger King and some other restaurants. However, he never saw them as the worse jobs to have. What he did learn from those jobs was that he never wanted to end up doing that for the rest of his life. However, he does attribute much of those experiences to his understanding of the need to protect people at the bottom.

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Expansion of OSI Group operations

OSI Group is the largest food production company in the world and it is trying to make food production operations better by addressing the main concerns that the people have about food production. Food safety is clearly one of the main concerns that people have about food production. OSI Group has gone ahead to assure the people who are ready to consume their products that they will be consuming what is the highest quality products in the market. OSI is ready to transform to offer consumers, the best products that they could wish to consume,


OSI Group has in the past few years been trying to make the food industry, all over the world better than it has ever been. Through various expansion initiatives, it wants to ensure that every consumer around the world is getting their products. The expansion plans that the company is currently carrying out will ensure that the company performs much better than it has ever done in the past. In the past three decades, there are some steps that have been taken to spread the availability of OSI’s products in Europe. They include the acquisition of leading companies in the region and expansion of a production facility

Baho Food

OSI Group acquired Baho Food, a Dutch company with the aim of expanding its business operations in Europe. This partnership will help OSI to have an easier time establishing its product line in the region. It will use the channels that have already been developed by their partner to access the consumers. Baho Food will also benefit from the huge resources now available to them from OSI.

Flagship Europe

OSI also acquired this UK based food company to expand its presence in the region. Flagship Europe was later renamed Creative Foods Europe to depict the new changes introduced by OSI. Flagship Europe is a great addition to the operations of OSI Group since it will also provide OSI with a readily available market.

Expansion in Spain

OSI has also expanded a food production facility in Toledo, Spain, to increase the production of chicken products in the area. The plant-based in Toledo now has an extra 22,600 space for production operations.

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Understand Influencer Marketing & Choose Right Influencers Who Share Same Values

What is influencer advertising and marketing? How can it profit your brand?

The marketing campaign is all the rage these days due to its ability to drive involvement and also brand understanding. One research has found that 67 percent of online marketers think that outreach has aided them reached their target audience. It results in a meaningful result.

What are influencers?

Some studies have discovered that today, people count on online suggestions than they trust brands. Gone are the days when buyers rely on commercials and also paid ads to get details regarding the items they want to purchase.

This time, when people intend to buy something online, they listen to the referrals of their friends and family. The word-of-mouth has come to be so effective that people no longer think the promotions they see the televisions, radio, magazines or signboards.

Since the development of social media sites, influencers have helped brands, and also marketing professionals accomplish their goals. They are the ones, who have a tiny or large complying with and also have an impact over their fans. They can encourage their followers to make an action, much like making their purchasing decisions.

Brands & Influencers

Today, influencer marketing is an extensive marketing outreach for marketers. Although some little business and also start-ups believe that it’s just for huge companies, every brand can gain from this campaign.

There are micro-influencers, who do not have that large number of fans but have an energetic and also exciting following. This type of influencers is ideal for start-ups and even small firms.

Brands must discover just how to pick the appropriate influencers. Often, they are currently in your community and can also be your greatest brand name supporters.

It’s essential that both brands and also influencers share the same value. The ideal influencers can help boost your social media exposure, drive website traffic to your internet site, or boost your sales.

This kind of marketing is becoming a pattern because it works in drawing in customers. Typical outbound marketing strategies, such as signboards and also TELEVISION and also radio commercials, are gradually fading. Now, people enjoy to do study and even listen to what people are claiming about what they are trying to find.

If you buy this project, even before your rivals try it, you’ll experience the attractive incentives it assures. Why? Followers pay attention to what influencers claim online. When they suggest your item, the customers listen since they trust them.

Know Your Target market

It’s essential to know who your target market remains in influencer advertising. When you know that you are targeting, it’s simple to situate the influencers they comply with. Inspect which Newswire blog sites, topics or discusses they take part in.

How to Specify Your Influencer?

Before the project, you have to understand what kind of influencers you want to deal with.

Check out the components that you require to take into consideration:

Niche– Choose a couple of. For instance, particular niches can be firms that compose influencer advertising as well as blog writer outreach campaigns.

Personality kind– Choose if you need an influencer who is an authority, informer, educator, a protestor, or anyone you wish to advertise your project.

Category– Select 1 or 2. As an example, you might choose in between fashion, traveling, farming, advertising, and marketing, etc

Sort of reach– What kind of range you want the influencers to give your brand. Do you want to improve social media sites fans, checkouts to your site or boost your conversion prices?

Subjects– Determine the topics that your influencer can go over. You can get an idea to the sort of problem they generally talk about on their social network’s network. You can bring this throughout your discussion to see if you’re a suit.

Influencer advertising and marketing projects will be viewed as a marketing staple in 2018. Traditional marketing and advertising are going slower and less efficient, specifically with ad-blockers.

A necessary adjustment in the project is the brand’s relationships with influencers. The success of every campaign relies on the holistic partnerships of both brands and also influencers.

Brand names can get concepts or brand-new techniques from the influencer’s fans. On the various other hand, influencers as well as their target market ought to offer brand names feedback regarding the trends and their items.

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Bennett Graebner and The Bachleor’s International Journey

Bennett Graebner, the executive producer for the hit Reality show, The Bachelor has a television show that understands better than anyone else what people want, a love story. Bennett Graebner has played a massively important role in helping to shape the show into the cultural phenomenon that it is today. The show is no longer just critically acclaimed in the United States, it has since expanded its reach into 37 other countries across the world since the show first aired in the United States in 2002.

Despite the shows already strong international appeal, Bennett Graebner and the crew at The Bachelor decided to take things one step further, they started a spinoff show called Winter Games that features contestants from around the world. When they were developing this show, they had the goal in mind of making it not just something that people can relate to in western culture, but all around the world.

It definitely was difficult for Bennett Graebner and his team to come across a fully fleshed out and concise plan for the show, and Bennett Graebner was adamant on making sure that all of the details were thought of, which makes a lot of sense considering he would be financing this ventureBennett Graebner and his crew knew that with an entirely new format, there were definitely going to be some shortcomings. None of them had used this kind of formula for the previous sessions of The Bachelor, so they definitely had to do some experimentation to find out what worked and what didn’t. The show isn’t taking the time format of the original Bachelor, instead, it is on a special 2-week run, it also doesn’t focus as heavily on couples as seasons past have.

The show brought about quite a few problems during the filming of the show. One of the biggest ones, and pretty surprising, was the huge amount of cultural dissonance between the contestants. With contestants from 11 different countries across the world, to say that this created some tension and conflict would be an understatement. Despite this the show is very promising, headed by the efforts of Bennett Graebner.

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Perry Mandera Leads The Custom Companies Inc in Providing Excellent Customer Experience

In business, it’s essential to get it right the first time. Those are the wise words of Perry Mandera, the founder as well as CEO of The Custom Companies. The entrepreneur has garnered extensive experience in the sector of logistics. Having joined the industry in 1976, Perry Mandera has served for more than 40 years. He has worked in various departments including shipping products around Illinois. With the extensive history of service at the sector, Perry  has also amassed vast experience in customer care.

A Background Look at Perry’s Career

Mandera’s career started when he was serving in the Marines. He often speaks of this experience during interviews. During his service, he oversaw the transportation of troops as well as supplies. He also played a supportive role in assisting them to see the value of shipping services in the sector. As such, Perry garnered more experience in leadership and business management. His experience enabled him to venture into a career in service. He had a deep emotional connection with the troops. Although he was dismissed honorably, Mandera wished to have continued serving in the same capacity (Positivethefacts).

Charity Work

When he left the department, he ran for office. Perry Mandera was appointed to serve as Chicago’s committeeman at the Republican Ward. He served for four years. Given his experiences, Perry Mandera has been able to support charity work. When possible, he donates resources as well as time to various programs created to help the less fortunate. The successful business professional emphasizes the need to support children from less privileged families. He donates money and material support to enhance their living standards. Perry Mandera  donates to new charities formed by groups of people. These individuals may benefit from the philanthropic move. One such initiative involves the involvement of his workers in these programs.

Receiving Accolades from the Transportation Industry

Mandera’s contribution goes beyond charity. He has been recognized for his contribution to the business. In 2000, he was singled out by the Transportation Association as a leading transportation executive in the US. The accolade was based on his drive to improve the transport sector.

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The Compatibility of Allied Wallet

Global online payment processing giant, Allied Wallet is constantly adding to payments to its many different platforms around the world. This is part of its mission to more fully connect customers to sellers. Its CEO Andy Khawaja also says that he wants to lead the company to encourage entrepreneurship and good economic health worldwide. Just last month it added several new payment options to its platforms in Norway. The Allied Wallet platform in that country is now compatible with BankAxess, Mobilepay, Paylevo, and Trustly.

Many Norway online shoppers prefer to do bank transfer payments, which is why BankAxess and Trustly are seen as being such great additions. Norwegian shoppers are also known for buying around 57% of the things it buys from outside of the country, mainly from the U.S., the U.K., and China. The country’s most popular online product purchases include clothing, home electronics, and books. For his outstanding leadership in this area, Allied Wallet´s founder, Khajawa,  has been awarded the “Financial Technology CEO of the Year” by Corporate Vision magazine.

Corporate Vision both featured him on the front of a recent magazine cover and interviewed him about the current state and future direction of Allied Wallet. He was very clear that Allied Wallet self-improvement process will never cease and that it will even be increasingly ambitious in the future (Youtube). 

Khawaja has been the recipient of an honorary doctorate degree. In 2016 in his native Bierut, Lebanon he was honored with a degree in Humane Letters. He lived there until he left to seek his fortune when he was only 15. He would eventually help to found Allied has become a multi-billion dollar company. And as it continues to expand, Khawaja makes absolutely sure it remains girded with the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

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Words From a Success Story: Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a career professional at the apropos labeled “Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates” law office as an important partner. Goldstein and Associates is a fruitful and selective firm that manages prominent customers and frequently manages touchy issues in corporate administration and various pay disputes for huge organizations. Goldstein himself drives the Mergers and Acquisition council of the American Bar Association Business Section. Notwithstanding working with a few huge business bargains that happened in the course of the most recent decade; Goldstein likewise serves as a renowned remuneration lawyer in the US. He holds a J.D from NYU, a B.A. from Cornell University, and a M.A. the University of Chicago.


JLG Associates at first began upon the perception of many counseling firms severing from bigger associations as isolated companies. This made Goldstein understand that a law office could basically do something very similar. Goldstein shows we can take motivation from the achievement of others, but there are no obvious easy routes in his profession. An adequate “bedside manner” is required, and the genuine service of the work is tedious all by itself. His best route for guaranteeing efficiency and stretching his time and other assets as far as possible is to measure how many projects he accepts; this is partly why he works in such a specialty position as a lawyer.


Goldstein has procured a lot of knowledge throughout the most recent 20 years of his vocation, and he is anxious to impart it to the individuals who may inquire for such wisdom. He discusses that it is so imperative to interact with your customers to give better counsel, so he endeavors to stay in contact with and create associations with his customers when he isn’t chipping away at something for them. He additionally desires to tell those early in their life that the things throughout their life that appear to be misfortunes are really openings for new beginnings.



“Every time I thought something was one of the worst things that could happen to me, it turned out to be one of the best.” – Jeremy Goldstein


By most records, Jeremy has officially “made it”; regardless of this, he is constantly anxious to develop himself as an individual and offer his insight with others to enable them to develop also.


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