Isabel Dos Santos: Expanding To New Territories

Isabel Dos Santos is an incredibly well-regarded name in the real estate industry and is someone who has created a significant impact across her home country of Angola. Her business ventures have been nothing short of profitable and are something that has helped her expand even further. In the past, most of the ventures that she has partaken in were based in her home country, but the recent developments made her realize that it was time to take the next step and expand beyond what she already had.

One of the first countries that Isabel Dos Santos decided to expand to was Portugal. Portugal had been experiencing an incredible boom in its real estate sector and also in its supplemental industries. The potential here was immense, which is why she decided that she would invest here and start building up her business. The hurdle was that she wanted to sign a partnership deal with a company working there to be able to expand her business in the most efficient manner. The problem was that there were very few companies that were willing to invest in a completely new venture like hers. Read more about Isabel at

After months of consideration, Isabel Dos Santos finally decided to sign a deal with Efacec, a prominent name in the real estate industry in Portugal. In spite of her success within her home country, she knew that she would have to do something to stand out from the crowd and emerge as one of the more notable names in the global real estate industry. Because of this, she decided to take one of the riskiest moves of her life by not including an exit clause in the agreement that she was signing. Normally, an exit clause functions as a kind of safeguard against any kind of hurdles that one might face and is often what business owners need when the business doesn’t work as intended. However, Isabel dos Santos wanted to showcase her strong sense of commitment towards the company and decided that this was what she needed to do to show that she was here for the long run and dedicated to the business that they were going to conduct.


David McDonald Has Lifted OSI Group to The International Level

David McDonald is a renowned executive officer, especially when he came in to work for the former Otto and the son’s meat processing company now called OSI Group. He went in the affairs of this meat company after the owner came to his banking firm for financial assistance. David helped the company with finances and his financial advice. The management saw him as a suitable person to deal with its management and called him though he denied for the first time when he came in, e transformed this company to the current status. The company began in America as a single business premise in 1983 with David McDonald acting as the project manager.

He later moved to the position of the COO and the current president. The work of this management icon has become vivid for anyone with a keen eye because almost every protein based product people eat from the food vendors come from this international firm. Another significant milestone is that he has raised the standards of this company to international levels. The company has offices in most parts of the United States, the UK with Baho Foods taking the lead. The company has also partnered with firms in Beijing firms to operate in the entire Asia Pacific. Other branches are located in Canada and even South Africa. According to David, good management and proper hygiene promote sales. David McDonalds is very keen on the marketing trends no wonder the business thrives all the tests.

He advises people to remain relevant to the current demands in the market and take note of the customer preference for the growth of the business.  David McDonalds does not work alone in the company, but David McDonalds is surrounded by a serious team of managers like Sheldon Lavin who have endeavored from the growth of OSI Group. Their projections for this company are very high, especially the acquisition of new branches in the international food markets. It had already acquired some of the leading firms in the UK and Philippines, the Beijing based offices. OSI Group has endeavored to be the leading processor of protein products. It deals I best chicken products, the dairy products, beef product, among others.




At OSI Food Solutions The Successes Of The Past Continue To Guide The Successes Of The Future

For over a century now, there has been a dedicated food company that has been providing the best in customer service to its clients. This company is called OSI Food Solutions and it is a firm that has reached a global level of reach with this commitment to customer service as its guiding principle. OSI Food Solutions recently expanded to a total of more than sixty-five facilities globally. There are now customers across the globe that are able to take advantage of the massive options that come from doing business with the team at OSI Food Solutions. The company is currently operating in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia among other places and the company’s growth is ongoing. OSI is also one of the major suppliers for the global restaurant chain McDonald’s.

This is a relationship that goes back more than half a century. Some of OSI’s processing plants are even devoted primarily to producing products for McDonald’s. Even though today’s company known as OSI Food Solutions is a global leader in food distribution and operates in seventeen different countries, the foundations of the company go back to a single Chicago area meat market that was founded in 1909. The original incarnation of OSI was just a humble meat market but it wasn’t long before the founding family, the Kolschowsky’s, decided to take their business into the wholesale distribution realm. It was really at this point that the company we know today as OSI was born.

Over the years, the Chicago area operation steadily grew its footprint and expanded to become a force within the American midwest. It was during the era of the 1950s that OSI first started working with McDonald’s. This was a major boost to the company and helped it to gain the footing it needed in order to become a global player in the food industry. OSI Group has continued its expansion over the years. The last few years alone have been filled with a number of outstanding acquisitions. OSI has also forged some new partnerships in places like Australia. It has all contributed to making OSI a world leader in the food solutions industry.


Mark Holyoake is an investor with broad experience of the food industry. He has worked with top seafood companies in Iceland and also in Europe. His most significant investment has to be Iceland Seafood International, which was purchased when Iceland was undergoing an economic crisis.

Mark Holyoake believed that the old seafood powerhouse still had potential to grow and become more extensive than it already was. With help from his partners and employees, Mark Holyoake grew the company to be a leading producer of seafood. Mark is now looking forward to investing in the Europe food industry. Similar to Iceland, Europe goes through periods of political and economic instabilities.

It is during these periods that Mark makes his moves and invests in the food sector. He has a private equity investment company, Oakvest Holdings. The company deals with food investments, real estate investments, and even commercial investments.

Mark Holyoake believes that the food industry is thriving because more people have learned to take care of themselves. By taking care of their health, the general life span has increased, thus increasing the customers for the food industry. Entrepreneurs can, therefore, launch new products in the market without fear of not getting any customers.

Although Mark Holyoake is highly experienced and has a lot of knowledge when it comes to business, Mark Holyoake allows himself to learn from others. Whenever he has an idea, he shares it with different people and listens to their inputs. From the different opinions that Mark gets, he grows his idea into the best form. Meeting with new people and interacting with them is another attribute of Mark that helps him learn new things. Mark Holyoake tells entrepreneurs that they should be patient in whatever business they opt to do. Success does not come overnight but through hard work and patience.

Entrepreneurs should, therefore, not be in a hurry to undertake new projects without completing the previous ones.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Sees The Importance of Infrastructure

As someone who is involved in large infrastructure projects, Felipe Montoro Jens has realized the importance of a solid education. Felipe Montoro Jens had his started in upper-level education at Oregon University in 1998. For some reason, he didn’t like the place and so he shifted to UC Santa Barbra. He graduated from his school with a degree in Spanish and History, furthermore, he was able to see a significant gain by also adding history to his studies. He further surprised people by going into more studies and obtained a Masters degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion.

Guess where he turned up in his career? In finance. Why? Because he has another degree in Business Administration. By going to school, he was able to further his studies and learn more about himself as the local and global world in more ways than one. He learned a few key lessons that have helped him to progress in life. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

Have the Ability To Move Forward

Individuals that become stuck in a certain pattern are not able to progress due to a variety of factors. When one realizes that many different aspects of life and life itself are finite, they would be able to place some sort of value on to these many concepts. They can place terminal values on their projects and situations and understand how to move forward to make sure that they are taking the best possible action each day to move in the best manner possible. As they are able to ascribe a value to their assets, their time, and themselves, they are able to appreciate it and be better off in the long-term. Furthermore, they will also recognize the finiteness of existence and waste minimal time.

Understand Failure Is A Part of Life

Failure is merely understanding that one didn’t’ have the right data and tools to attack a specific problem or thing, as such, failure happens. Find out more:

Dr. Jennifer Walden – Highly Esteemed and Experienced Plastic Surgeon Based in Austin, Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most popular plastics and cosmetic surgeons in the United States. She was also listed by the popular magazine, Harper Bazaar, as the best beauty surgeon in the year 2014. Dr. Jennifer Walden has studied medicine from the University of Texas Medical Branch and completed his fellowships from the Manhattan, Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. After the completion of her fellowship, she practiced in New York for nearly eight years before moving to Austin, Texas.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has received tons of reviews from her clients across the globe, which can be easily found on the internet at various independent reviews sites. She is a kind person who understands the mental state of the person going under the knife, whether it is for aesthetic reason or correction after an accident. Most of the reviews on Dr. Jennifer Walden states that she is friendly and kind to her patient and that she is a keen listener. Jennifer Walden listens carefully to what the patient wants and answers to help them overcome their doubts and fears. It is natural for people to go through a state of confusion and anxiety before any plastic surgery.

However, Dr. Jennifer Walden, with her years of experience in the field of plastic surgery, ensures that the patient can get over their doubts with clarity. The amount of positive reviews that Dr. Jennifer Walden has received only goes on to show that she is amongst the best plastic surgeons you can trust in the country, irrespective of kind of procedure you want to go through. The world of internet has made it easier for the people to go through the reviews of anything they want to buy or the services they want to use. If you are looking to go for any plastic surgery or beautification procedure, consulting with Dr. Jennifer Walden would be good, considering the number of positive reviews she has received over the years.

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How Stream Energy is Giving Back to the Community

Founded in 2005, Stream Energy has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The company, which started out of Dallas, has now expanded its reach to no less than nine states in the U.S.

Stream Energy’s outreach is not just limited to the southern parts of the U.S. either. It also has a prominent presence on the East Coast, where it runs its operations in states such as New York and New Jersey.

But what actually sets Stream Energy apart is not only its magnificent presence throughout said areas or the quality of its services. While it has covered those aspects optimally to become one of the largest companies in the energy sector, it has also established its foothold in the area of philanthropy.

Ever since it started its operations, the energy firm has ensured to set up programs that let it give back to the community. Since it is the same community that has helped the company grow its operations to unprecedented heights, the energy firm ensures to do its part in showing its own reciprocation wherever it can.

For this, Stream Energy has been working with programs that are targeted on the areas of disaster relief, recovery, and overall improvement of life in various regions. The firm contributes to various causes that fall under this umbrella with direct funding as well as fund raising events.

Those events contribute to various causes such as disaster relief in areas that have been struck with natural calamities. With that, Stream Energy also has targeted programs in place that help it streamline the distribution of relief funds and materials to the ones who need them the most.

For instance, the Stream Cares program from the firm is a targeted initiative that has been helping the firm raise and distribute funding to areas all over the U.S. Launched in 2016, Stream Cares has helped various organizations provide relief efforts to regions that have suffered through natural disasters; as well as to offer improvement in quality of life within regions that need it the most.

Through these efforts, Stream Energy hopes to continue giving back to the community that has helped it reach its formidable stature.

Greg Blatt: The Face of Online Dating

Greg Blatt has made a name for himself in the corporate world of online dating. He started off as a waiter, serving drinks and bussing tables up until he chose to continue his education in corporate law. At this point between jobs, he was looking for what inspired him and what capture his focus.

At that point in time, he thought corporate law and finance would be the answer. Soon after his degree in corporate law and finance, Greg served in top firms like Lipton, Wacthtell and other firms in New York. Unfortunately, he didn’t find it interesting and chose to switch to entertainment law. Blatt was able to land a job as a consultant and it paved the way for future successes.

One of his major clients at that time invited him to come an executive in her firm, at that point, it was a huge opportunity and Greg did not hide his delight. The company was just about to go public and Greg saw the potential for its success. This happened to be the start of his great journey as a top executive and CEO, going from numerous top positions in different companies (MarthaStewart).

From 2013 to 2015, he was the CEO and top executive of Match Group, a year later he was the president of Tinder, an online dating forum for matchmaking. Unlike others Greg Blatt saw the potential for online dating that nobody else could foresee. Tinder is currently a global giant in online matchmaking boosting up to a hundred million subscribers globally.

As an executive, being productive and efficient is the primary goal. Greg Blatt does that by having face-to-face meetings everyday, this ensures he gets the best possible information needed to progress. According to him face-to-face meetings are more productive than any other form of communication.

He also noted that asking certain questions give him the best results on the long run. He has achieved so much in his career and shows no sign of slowing down.
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Why Isabel Dos Santos is a true icon of success

A truly successful individual is not one who lives a lavish lifestyle or owns cars and mansions but one who goes out of their way to leave a positive mark in the lives of others. In respect to this fact, Isabel Dos Santos, the eldest child of Angola’s former and longest-serving president is, therefore, a truly successful individual as she has been going out of her way for the past few decades to create a positive impact in her community (Everybodywiki).

Isabel who is Africa’s richest woman according to Forbes has been positively impacting Africa in multiple ways. These include women and youth empowerment, charitable donations to the underprivileged as well as using every platform available to highlight the positive stories from Africa thereby changing the negative perception that the rest of the world has towards the continent of Africa.

Isabel Dos Santos on women and youth empowerment

Even though she is the daughter of a renowned leader, the harsh male-dominated world has never spared her some slack. Like other females trying to climb up the career ladder, she has also faced gender discrimination in the board room. Isabel dos Santos´ case has been notably worse as she is not only a woman, but she is also black and a daughter of an influential leader, hence always faces misogynists who think her success was handed to her on the proverbial silver spoon.

She, therefore, understands the effects of gender and racial discrimination, and hence uses her position to uplift fellow women. Isabel does so by coming up with innovative projects and encouraging the learned 21st-century woman not to shy away from the world of tech as well as to take on entrepreneurship. Among her many projects, is Isabel dos Santos´ Strawberry initiative which she launched in Humpata, as a way to create employment opportunities for women in that poverty-stricken region. Reports show that today, over 120 women are now financially stable thanks to the project.

In addition to women and youth empowerment projects, Isabel Dos Santos also uses every platform she accesses to get the word out there about the hard-working youths from Africa. She also uses these platforms to mentor and encourage them to keep going despite the challenges.

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Ryan Seacrest Giving Back To the Community through His Foundation

Ryan Seacrest focus is not only on making himself wealthier. Through the foundation, he started Ryan Seacrest Foundation he is using it to help the society especially the less fortunate. The main goal of the non-profit foundation is that through using entertainment and education is they will empower the youth. They have plans that in years to come they will have built different media center all over the world to be named Seacrest Studios. According to Ryan Seacrest, they plan on setting the studios in various pediatric hospitals and the main aim of this plan is that the patients will have a place they can enjoy different TV programs and radio stations.

The organization wants to see that children and families that are always in the hospital they have been impacted, and given something they can enjoy. Also, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation will offer an opportunity to the journalism students as they will have a place they can work at in all the different studios they will set (Facebook).

Currently, Ryan Seacrest is working at American Idol as a host. The TV show will compose of varying artist that have to compete to show the talent they have in music. Because of Ryan creativity, he has won different awards. Before joining American Idol, he offered his services in other various shows both in TV stations and radio. The life of Ryan has changed so many people. The reason why ABS is planning to come up with a comedy series based on his life, and the friendship he has with Kelly Ripa. The name of the show according to ABC will be Work Wife. The show will showcase how the spouses interact with colleagues.

The other thing is that Ryan founded a menswear brand. The brand is well-known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The launching of the brand took place four years ago. The different products that they sell are tailored clothes, various accessories, and premium fabrics. The brand is different from what the people are used too because of the use of geometric shapes, different colors, patterns, and signatures. The products can be gotten at Macy’s stores and also by ordering at
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