Sheldon Lavin, man with a good business plan

Sheldon Lavin began his life time achievements as the owner of a successful financial consulting firm, Sheldon Lavin and Associates, Inc. in downtown Chicago. In 1970 he got a call from Otto & Sons, a small local meat company that needed to secure funds to expand their business. They had an opportunity to become the Midwest supplier for the McDonald Corporation but needed to build a new meat processing facility to get the contract. Mr. Lavin agreed to become their financial consultant. Within a year, Sheldon Lavin secured enough financial capital to accomplish the companies goals of expansion across the United States.

In 1975 Mr. Otto Kolschowsky, founder and owner of Otto & Sons, decided it was time to retire and leave his sons in charged of the business. The two sons knew that in order to expand internationally they would need the help of Mr. Lavin financial consulting and asked him to come in as a partner. Otto & Sons changed their name to OSI Industries and as it expanded throughout North America and Europe in the 70’s, and South America and Taiwan in the 80’s it became to be known as OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin soon found himself with 100% voting control after the two sons retired from the business.

As Chairman and CEO, Mr. Lavin keep the business family oriented and continued to expand the business across the world with primarily protein products and some sauces, vegetable items and baked goods. He has achieved his personnel goal of growing the OSI Group to a world class global multibillion dollar food processing enterprise, with over 20,000 employees worldwide, working at more than 65 facilities in 17 countries. Under the leadership of Mr. Lavin, the OSI Group received numerous prestigious awards and accolades for its many achievements to increase its efficiency and always making sustainability one of its main values when making operational decisions.

Sheldon Lavin life time achievements were accomplished by starting out with a good business plan, always keeping an open eye on the future and staying open to listen and learn from his workers and colleagues.

OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award


OSI Food Solutions’ Quest To Be The Top Food Processor

The food industry generates billions on an annual basis, and this field of work won’t be going out of business anytime soon. A high majority of today’s grocery stores and restaurants receive their food products from food processors. These food processors supply the world with an abundance of food products that fall under every major food group. OSI Food Solutions is at the pinnacle of the industry, and the company has over a century’s worth of experience. OSI Food Solutions can produce a wide array of foods, including Tofu, panini, cooked sausage links, beef patties, pot roast, ribettes, meatballs, onions, beans, tomatoes, pizza, hot dogs, chili, cookies, flatbread, fresh dough products, turkey products and many others.

The company’s food supply chain is very long, and the company takes full-advantage of its length. OSI does an effective job of handling processing, management as well as distribution services. In addition to that, the company has grown into a wonderful custom-food producer. Located at many of OSI’s main facilities, the R&D specialists can be found. These individuals are highly trained in cuisines from all around the globe. Clients will get a chance to be a part of the entire process when it comes to developing custom foods, and the R&D specialists will use the clients’ specific instructions.

OSI Food Solutions has worked with everyone from McDonald’s to Papa John’s Pizza. Some of the biggest and brightest brands in modern-day time are clients of this food giant, including Yum, Burger King and KFC. Taking part in venture deals have also caused OSI to experience major growth. Rose Packing was one of the latest acquisitions, and this particular food provider produces a plethora of meat products. OSI Food Solutions has the game on lock, but who knows how much higher this company will rise in the future.

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Sujit Choudhry’s Insightful View Of Constitutional Law

When it comes to constitutional legality, Sujitt Choudhry is an expert. Over the last two decades, he has made a name for himself within the constitution sector of law. The expertise that he has garnered can be attributed to his vigorous studies and research. The west coast professor also operates a blog that gives insight to the world of constitutional law.

Sujit Choudhry recently wrote a blogpost disgusting the difference between hate speech and freedom of speech. In the article he uses a recent Washington DC rally as an example. One issue he brought up is the amount of money that taxpayers had to dish out; in regards to potential conflicts. He states that society often views protests as a violent outcome. This is not always the case however, and taxpayers take the financial blow. Sujit points out The first amendment, which states Congress shall make no law penalizing freedom of speech, and the right to peacefully assemble. He also uses famous court cases to prove this point such as Schenck v. Unites States in 1917. Schenck was initially charged with violating the First Amendment, and the ruling was overturned.

 Another article written by Sujit Choudhry touched base on presidential revoking of security clearances. In the post, he discusses recent actions of Donald Trump. The president had announced that he would be revoking numerous security clearances for officials who oppose him. There has been historical cases in which security clearances were revoked for abusing authority, but this situation appears to be slightly different. National security is a heavily-debated topic.

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Betterworks Helps Employees Reach Their Maximum Performance


BetterWorks is a continuous performance management solution and a new cloud-based platform that allows employees to better reach their personal business goals. While it was in stealth, the platform raised $15.5 million with its top advisors and picked from 25 enterprises. CEO Paul O’Neill of Alcoa believes that a company should always focus on the employees and clients. This is his three rules to maximizing a companies workforce.

The first rule is to look forward and not backward with the company’s implemented performance process. The annual reviews that employees go through are very stressful and not helpful to their career. By the time the managers review them, the advice is too little, too late. What needs to be done is to have managers have these reviews more often and teach the managers how to lead the conversation to look toward how the employee can impact the company.


This goes along with the next rule, which is to help the company managers to motivate the employees. The more the senior manager, the more experience and advice they can give to the employees. Far too often managers forget this. Companies should train managers to have these conversations. This way they can act more like coaches and pass on their knowledge to better the employees and company.

The third rule is to ensure all employees have a purpose and that they are in a position where they can grow. If the employee sees this as a dead-end job and knows the company doesn’t care about their talent, why would they stay? Companies need to invest in employees careers and keep them engaged.

The Great Career of Stratford Shields

Stratford Shields plays the role of a Managing Director at a Chicago based firm called Loop Capital Markets. He first worked at Ohio Office of Management and Budget before coming to Loop Capital Markets.

Typical Morning Routine

Stratford Shields starts his workday very early in the morning. He spends the better part of the morning in his office before workers arrive and work begins. He dedicates this time strategizing and thinking about the major clients he deals with. He focuses on coming up with special and inventive financing ideas he can bring to his clients and which they can be advantaged from. Through this, he is able to help clients using the solutions that worked for another one.

Habit to Enhance Productivity

A lot of reading is one of that habits that help Stratford Shield in sustaining his productivity. He is able to stay updated on current events through wide reading. It also helps to satisfy his curiosity on global trends as well as keeping up with his clients. He dedicates significant time to read numerous new sources as it helps to keep him creative and productive. He frequently checks on various web and online services that help him in being updated.

Advice to Young People

Stratford Shields advises young people to avoid listening to people with negativity and doubt. They should always have the courage to think outside the box and always research on better ways to deal with issues. The failure of one method should be a stepping-stone for getting more advanced methods of doing it. The most crucial thing is always to get up and continue working hard.

Staying Organized and Completing Tasks throughout the Day

Stratford Shields always pay great attention to everything that his clients need. Following the ideas that his clients bring up has helped him in maintaining focus and keeping track of better details. Consistent communication with his clients helps in completing all the set tasks.

Talkspace Fills Voids In Users’ Lives

Text Apps have been helping people for a while now. They are the busy client’s solution to busy days and the need of therapy. Talkspace is one of the leading text therapy apps on the market. Talkspace has raised 30 million dollars in funding since the app has been making a good difference in its users lives. Now it stands as being more effective and reputable than its competitors.

Talkspace is also christian. This helps clients get the benefits of having a more holistic point of view toward their counseling. Their morals and values can be considered and respected for a more effective session. Lots of users have stated that the therapists are helpful in balancing their views towards religion and life. This is a key understanding of life that not many people are able to understand and benefit from. Talkspace gives them the opportunity to gain this balance that leads to more confidence and productive lives. Read more reviews on talkspace at

Talkspace also helps people to balance other areas of their lives like work and thier personal lives. Most would agree that this is also an important mindset to have stabilized. Unlike regular therapy sessions, Talkspace can be used while you are at work or even on the road. What does this mean? The therapists are accessed by live video or chat or texting. The text messages are not in real but most clients are very pleased with the response time. people have loved using this app because a therapist can be with you anywhere when life’s situations are looking you in the face. No more being too nervous about going on interviews. You can even avoid a conflict at the office that could have ended with you being unemployed. A therapist can now be accessed as almost as if they were a part of your conscience. View:

Gustavo Martinez Uses His World Travels To Create Some Of The Most Iconic Ads

World traveler and marketing consultant Gustavo Martinez brings a lot of skill, talent, and leadership skills to the table. That is how the advertising and marketing consultant has been able to have a long-lasting career that has spanned many decades. No matter how hard the challenge, Mr. Martinez delivers. He takes a workaholic approach to his career, putting in the time, energy, effort, and then some. Gustavo is not afraid of a challenge and especially in the leadership roles he embodies.


His resume is quite impressive, racking up some of the best jobs at the most famous agencies in the entire world. This includes working as Ogilvy and McCann’s president and was also the chief executive officer at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. Working at these companies get Mr. Martinez the opportunity to create some of the most iconic ads of his time. As a consultant, Gustavo uses his expertise to help companies flourish. He is an independent contractor of sorts. The marketing and advertising consultant brings his ideas to life with a great team backing him up. They work together in unison to create inspirational and iconic ads.


These creative agencies just don’t pluck anyone off the street to work for them; they hire the best. This may mean nearly sacrificing everything to find the best talent around. When the intense process ends, the work begins. Gustavo Martinez is a team leader, so it is his job to inspire, motivated, and uplift his team. He engages them, listens carefully, and acknowledges their ideas. This mutually respectful relationship creates real results, and is one of the reasons why Mr. Martinez has had such a long and successful career.


The advertising and marketing consultant earned a Doctor of Philosophy, a.k.a Ph.D, in economics from the Universitat de Barcelona. In addition to achieving this momentous goal, Gustavo earned a PDG at the University of Navarra’s IESE Business School in 2000. A solid education would be the foundation to Mr. Martinez’s career. He was born in Argentina, but moved to Spain in his youth. Gustavo would stay in Spain to his very day. He lives in Barcelona, where he works at his current job. The marketing consultant is taking a more entrepreneurial approach these days, working at U.V. Business Solutions.


Now the businessman has traveled the world. This has given him insight on how differently people think. This has indefinitely inspired his work. This worldly approach presents many perspectives, creating a more full look at life. The advertising and marketing consultant has traveled to Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the United States. In addition, Mr. Martinez picked up many languages along the way and is fluent in multiple. This includes English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.


For updates, follow Gustavo Martinez on twitter. Receives Award has been doing well in the business world and now they are being recognized by other industries in China. They got the Top End User Award presented by the Cloud Native Foundation for the contribution to native open source projects. received this award and posts the information on their blog. got this award for their excellence in e commerce as well as their dedication to customer service. There are over a trillion products on this site for customers to browse and order. This number is beyond comprehension. The site loads at top speeds as well. The database is easy to search and customers can find what they are looking for or they can check out the new items that are found on this site. allows for flexibility and they are always improving their technology so that it is easier for the customers. was one of the first companies to use kubernetes and this new technology has helped them become strong. They want to help empower the retailers that they work with so everyone can still in business and make money. That is one of the reasons why they are being honored and people are taking notice.

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Isabel dos Santos

The global economy has a lot to do with how the head worker of large companies completes their work. Isabel dos Santos is one of these workers. Isabel works in telecommunication. She is a hard working entrepreneur who knows just how hard a woman has to work to succeed in this world. Isabel dos Santos has a lot of experience working in companies such as these (Cnn). 

She says in order to become a successful business woman you have to keep a few things in mind. These things include making sure to use a high level of technology. The internet is something that really promotes business. Using technology and internet will either make or break your business. 

Isabel dos Santos helps to run a company called UNITEL. UNITEL is working hard to bring communication technology to remote areas across the world. Also, UNITEL, together with Isabel, offer scholarships worldwide so that they can help advance education across the world. UNITEL works with some of the biggest companies including Huawei to do everything they can to spread technology and internet around the world. 

Isabel dos Santos knows how hard it can be to be a businesswoman in today’s worls so being a successful businesswoman is a huge deal to her. She wants to lead by example and show other women that they too can be successful if they work hard and stay determined. Isabel dos Santos is a very determined individual who knows what her dreams are and wants to make them a reality.

She is going to continue to push herself everyday and will not stop until she makes all of her dreams a reality. Isabel dos Santos is changing the views of businesswomen all over the world. This charming successful entrepreneur who happens to be a woman who empowers other women,  is going to see success for many more years to come and she is going to continue to be an inspiration to businesswomen all over the world.


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Greg Blatt Has Gone On An Interesting Journey Through The World Of Business:

Greg Blatt is an individual who has achieved great notoriety for his influential leadership in the world of media and online dating. Some of the impressive accomplishments in the past for Blatt includes his run as the Chief Executive Officer at Match Group from 2016 to 2017. Also, Greg was CEO at Tinder during that time frame. He had also held the role of Executive Chairman at Match from 2013 to 2015 and he is also the former Chief Executive Officer with influential media and internet operation IAC. His varied background also includes serving as the EVP for the area of Business Affairs with the media operation Martha Stewart Living. 

One of the most interesting stories about the career of Greg Blatt is the manner in which he became the Chief Executive at the Match Group. Greg, himself admits that it was not something that was ever really planned out. After he concluded his college studies, he took some time to just enjoy life and travelled around to places such as Colorado, France and Hungary where he worked different bartending jobs (PraBook). 

He eventually decided to pursue law school which led to him landing a job with the law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz. He gained great experience in this position but decided his passions lay elsewhere. Blatt soon got an opportunity from Martha Stewart to join her company in the form of general counsel. Greg really became passionate about the role of general counsel and he eventually landed a job in the same capacity with IAC. He eventually gained the chance to build up the Match Group dating business which led to his ascension to the CEO position. 

Throughout his career, Greg Blatt has always conducted himself in a manner that is worthy of emulation. Aspiring business leaders can follow the examples of an individual like Greg Blatt when they are looking for guidance in their own professional career. Due to this fact, Greg’s career is one that is looked upon as a strong model that stands as a great example for those looking to make their own mark.

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