Jose Auriemo Nieto a Player in the Field Set to Win

Having been exposed to his father’s business activities, and after graduating from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) University in São Paulo, Jose Auriemo Nieto came into the business world in 1993 with a knowledgeable right hand to continue the enterprise his father was leading. He immediately started the group’s services department by creating the parking lot management company Parkbem. He is presently the chairman of the JHSF Participações SA, the company created by his father, and has successfully led its activities toward the creation of office buildings, hotels and private developments.

Jose Auriemo Nieto contributed to enhance the achievements in the real estate endeavors for JHSF Participações SA. by moving with a clever touch into the field of retail, signing exclusive partnership agreements with Hermès, Pucci and Jimmy Choo. He moved forward to open luxury brands first retail outlets in the JHSF-owned Cidade Jardim shopping complex and launched the Valentino and Red Valentino stores in Brazil by making a tight bond and creating a partnership with Valentino.

At this point Jose Auriemo Nieto has created a name of high respect for himself and his company in Brazil. Name which is transcending to other countries exposing his incredible record of successful actions. Included were those bold actions taken during the recession which held up a lot of business leaders and in spite of it he came out unscathed winning and with more profits for his enterprises.

A Personal and Informal Approach with Jeremy Goldstein

Today’s world is a place where technology has advanced to the point that there are few barriers in the way of creating a new success story. Jeremy Goldstein was raised in New York City where every single aspect of the world intersects under this unique environment. He witnessed how a single individual can turn an idea into a profitable venture. Between obtaining degrees from both Cornell University and the University of Chicago, he quickly rose to become one of the biggest voices in the modern day market. Jeremy Goldstein expands on his personal outlook and journey in a recent online publication.


Jeremy Goldstein had well position himself to take a giant leap into the industry, but he just needed to find a way in. The opening appeared just past the turn of the century when internal company reforms become a hot-topic. There was a desire for businesses to hire independent third party legal lawyer for opinions. This was the breakout moment Jeremy Goldstein had been waiting for. He founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates and got to work on consulting and advising CEOs from all corners of the industry. He steadily rose up through the ranks, and is now a industry leading legal expert on countless topics.


In order to remain at the top of his game, Jeremy Goldstein accepts only a handful of jobs at any given time. He prefers to not only understand his client on a professional level, but as the person underneath. This aids his decision making and provides a more thoughtful approach to his plan of action. An attorney has one of the hardest tasks among the current field of field. They have to leverage their clients wishes against the law, the judge, and the resources. He had to stay on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure his clients receive advice on time sensitive matter. His clients have universally praised his devotion.


As Jeremy Goldstein reflects on his career path to this point, he walks away with two key points. The first that when the worst case scenario pans out, that is simply a growth opportunity. There is always something to be learned and applied from each and every step in the journey. The business world is not all rainbows as some might want the public to think. Similarly, his experience over 20 years puts him ahead of his peers. He feels more confident than ever about recognizing case patterns and how to navigate through complex loopholes.


In the world of business. the results will almost always equal to the level of effort put in. Jeremy Goldstein has come a long way from the bottom, and will forever work hard.


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Organo Gold and Coffee and Tea Zeals

Organo Gold is practically a movement in the Ganoderma lucidum scene at this moment. Ganoderma lucidum is the name of a mushroom that’s been a big hit in China for centuries. The professionals at Organo Gold in Ferndale, Washington are all too familiar with that as well. Visit Facebook to know more.

Bernardo Chua is the capable man who established Organo Gold at some point in 2008. He’s also the Chief Executive Officer who has done so much to enhance it since then. It’s currently a business that has an international presence. There are many people who admire Organo Gold’s plentiful tea and coffee choices.


Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Customer Reviews

Dr. Jennifer Walden ReviewsJennifer Walden is a popular cosmetic plastic surgeon based in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden demonstrates high-quality patient care, safety, and satisfaction. There more than a thousand reviews on Dr. Walden’s page and most reviewers rated Jennifer’s services a 5/5 star. Here are some of the wonderful Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews given on her website.

Aug 24, 2016: 5/5 star

This customer felt that Dr. Walden’s service was wonderful. This customer came to Dr. Walden with a hard task. She had a terrible experience with her previous doctor and sought out help, and was thrilled with the results. She wholeheartedly believes that Dr. Walden is the best choice she could have made in finding the best doctor for the results she wanted. She stated that Dr. Walden is a perfectionist and does all she can to make sure she does exactly what you want. This patient also had some of her fat transferred to her breast and she was very pleased with that task as well. She stated that Doctor Walden listened carefully, and was patient with all of her questions. She was thrilled with her results and highly recommends Dr. Walden to everyone.

Jul 05, 2019: 5/5 star

This customer was also very pleased with her results 6 months after her surgery. She also had breast implants and claimed that Dr. Walden was an amazing Dr. and artist. This client got some advice from Dr. Walden and she gave her an honest opinion that she ended up loving. Thanks to Dr. Walden, she now believes that her body is now finally proportioned the way she has always wanted. She stated that Dr. Walden and all of her nurses were incredibly sweet and helpful. She also highly recommends Dr. Jennifer Walden!


Changing Lives With ViSalus


ViSalus is a global health company that focuses on helping people change their lifestyles. ViSalus was started around the year of 2005.

They are best known for their “Body By Vi 90-day Challenge”. With this challenge they are helping people change their lives and bodies 90 days at a time.

ViSalus has a mission to change the lives of as many people as they can. They are trying to help people from all over the world. They support people in so many different ways to make sure that they have the drive to change the way they eat, make them more active, and help them to live in a healthier way.

ViSalus has six things that they drive them to do what they do on a daily basis. These six things:

  1. be inspiring
  2. build a trusting relationship
  3. be a good teacher to your customers but be an even better listener and learn from your customers
  4. be resourceful
  5. keep things simple
  6. keep challenging yourself while also challenging others

ViSalus has a lot of different types of food and supplements that their customers enjoy on a daily basis. They have everything from meals to supplements. No matter what you are looking for ViSalus has it! Even energy drinks! Go To This Page to learn more.

ViSalus is a very honest and caring company that knows how important their job is at helping people to change their lives. Helping people change their lifestyles means they are healthier, they are happier, and they possibly get more time on earth with their families. ViSalus has a lot of potential to be a very big, very successful business. They have a very bright future ahead of them and there is no telling just how far they will go. They plan to change many more lives as they go through the years.


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Neurocore Promotes Brain Health


Brain health is often times treated with medications. People do not realize how their brains can be healed and treated easily by certain natural approaches. A change in diet, exercise and therapies can improve the health of the human brain. The brain is one of, if not the most, important organ in the human body. Neglecting the health of the bran can have major effects on the body. A lack of health for the bran can lead to diseases, poor quality of life and an early death.

One of the ways people can improve their brains by therapy. The brain is actually coach-able. The brain can be trained. The brain can be healed to work in a certain way that is healthier. Even certain mental illnesses can be resolved with therapy for the brain. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is an American company that uses the power of science and therapy to heal the brain. They have treated young children with illnesses.

Neurocore have corrected behavioral problems in children. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have been able to diminish signs of ADHD and lack of focus in children. In adults, Neurocore has helped adults battle depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress with therapy. Neurocore uses neurofeedback therapy.

Neurofeedback is a natural, holistic, non-invasive methods of healing the brain. It is wildly effective. Neurofeedback therapy communicates with the brain and teaches the brain the proper way to function. Neurofeedback therapy is a therapy that allows a person to understand that they have self-regulation over their brain. It coaches the brain to perform a certain way.

Thus, a person can teach their brain to overcome insomnia, depression, stress and ADHD. Neurocore serves patients in Livonia, Michigan and Boca Raton. View Additional Info Here.

Neurocore has made neurofeedback therapy mainstream. Their ultimate goal is to give sickly patients a way out of being medicated with harmful medications. They want to give patients a new life and a new way to heal themselves. Patients are able to feel better and live better knowing they are healed. They hope to teach their patients the type of power they possess of their brain and their health.


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Neurocore able to make positive impact with individuals suffering with ADHD and other symptoms


Neurocore is a company that focuses on the brain and in improving areas of it through their own treatment centers. The brand was formed in 2004 and has centers across Michigan and Florida. They are a privately held company with about 51 to 200 employees, according to the statistics on their LinkedIn profile.

Neurocore is able to treat a number of disorders and help lower stress levels in adults and children. The brand is based out of Boca Raton, Florida, and Livonia, Michigan.

Neurocore has been funded by a number of investors. They can help treat individuals with ADHD, depression, stress, and other mental impairments. Studies have shown that they have been able to help people with some of these disorders.

Neurofeedback is another method that individuals can use to help treat their conditions other through use of medications that have been found to cause many side effects. The founder of the company, Timothy Royer, is in support of his own company and how they can help treat individuals conditions without the use of medication, but, through treatment centers that improve areas of the brain.

An article from the Fox 17 news team in West Michigan summarizes how Neurocore has been able to treat people with ADHD through what they define as neurofeedback therapy. The post introduces how stressful life it can be for adults, but, also equally for children with mental disorders. Go To This Page for more information.

Such as it was for a child named Jackson who could not focus, complete simple tasks, or be able to get good nights of sleep. After the family turned to Neurocore for help, they found that their child was alleviated of all symptoms, and he was happy. See This Page for related information.

One of the specialists at the center states how they have been able to help out many, including professional athletes like Kirk Cousins. ADHD remains a common disorder among young children that can disrupt their lives.

Neurocore is able to treat people’s ailments by using a machine and by teaching breathing techniques. The facility is able to understand what is going on in the brain and target it. The positives with Neurocore are once treated, people will not need to go again and up to 75% who received treatments lowered their medications or ditched them completely.


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Felipe Montoro Jens and Rio’s Private Sector Growth

Many countries including some developed nations have recently began questioning infrastructure as well as how well developed their child education networks are currently. Specialist in Projects of Infrastructure, Felipe Montoro Jens has been covering and very involved in this process taking place in Rio de Janeiro for some time now. Currently one of the Public-Private Partnerships designed by the municipality of Rio has it’s sights set on the expansion of the city’s child education network. This expansion includes development of the construction, maintenance, and services of educational equipment within the city. Read this article about Montoro Jens at

This expansion not only will benefit the children in need, but it will also create an abundance of jobs for those involved in the construction as well as the finished design. Covering everything from infrastructure to school lunch, this growth is needed to cover those within areas affected. Currently slated to create 20 thousand new places in day-care centers, and 40 thousand new places in pre-schools by 2020, this project is a major move in the private sector. Currently the IFC is responsible for the consulting services and the implementation of the city nursery and pre-schools network through a Public-Private Partnership. The International Finance Corporation was hired for R $2.3 million and is the largest private sector development which focuses on private sector in many developing countries.

The current mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo Crivella, has made his commitment to the education sector very clear, by reinforcing the numbers. The goal of creating 20,000 new day-care establishments and 40,000 new places in pre-schools has garnered much support for the 2020 completion date. Felipe Montoro Jens has covered the administrative concession agreement that is signed between entities of the public administration. The PPP were created by Law No. 11,079 in December 2004. Establishing general rules for bidding and contracting of PPPs, it is still in effect to this day.

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Injured On The Job, Call Kisling Nestico & Redick

Kisling, Netico & Redick is based in Ohio and is considered to be one largest, fastest law firms in that state that deal with personal injury. People usually know them by their catchy tagline, “Hurt in a car….KNR.”

According to Newsweek, Kisling, Nestico & Redick (KNR) is considered to one of the top law firms in the United States

This law firm has an army of 30 attorneys and about a hundred staff to back them up in 10 law offices in the state of Ohio.

Since being founded in 2005 Kisling Nestico & Redick has made about $450 million from verdicts and settlements.

Rob Nestico, the managing partner of this law firm, is the one that makes sure that this firm stands against the big insurance companies and why he stands firm has to do with what happened when he was younger.

Nestico was 15-years-old when he was involved a car accident. He was the passenger in a car that was hit by a driver who did not stop at stop sign. He was severely injured. His injuries were two broken arms, two broken kneecaps, and a hematoma on top of his head. The doctors had to put a rod in his forearm. The large insurance company ended up taking advantage of his parents because they were Italian immigrants who did not speak English.

At this young age, Nestico learned that the large corporations will not treat people fairly if they feel that they are weak and he partly became a lawyer to make sure that other families would not be taken advantage like his family was.

In the legal community, Kisling Nestico & Redick is known for being steadfast and compassionate for their clients and community. By using aggressive trial strategies, they are able to get winning results for their clients.

Nestico believes that their large settlements and favorable verdicts come from their secret weapon. Their secret is most of this firm’s employees and lawyers used to work for insurance companies. They know what these insurance companies do in the courts and then use their knowledge to beat them.

With their secret weapon and strategies, Kisling Nestico & Redick should continue to be successful and to help people that get hurt.

ViSalus: An Extraordinary Mission


ViSalus is on a mission. That mission is to help people transform their body, mind and spirit into the best versions of themselves. In our current culture of fast food, immediate gratification, and a preference for the couch over the treadmill, that is a daunting endeavor.

So, just exactly who is ViSalus and what are they all about? They are what is known as a healthy lifestyle company. They have been around since 2005. They are based in LA and also have a location in Italy. This company has helped thousands of people achieve incredible goals. ViSalus is a company that focuses on healthy lifestyles. They are most well known for their “Body by Vi Challenge”. ViSalus has accomplished some impressive goals of their own.


Here are just a few:

  • Served customers in 15 different nations
  • Cumulative sales totaling nearly $2 billion
  • Awarded millions in cash, prizes and free products


ViSalus does indeed have a mission. This mission is three pronged. The first core component is LIFE. The second is HEALTH. Lastly, here is PROSPERITY. The core value of LIFE focuses finding important or meaningful experiences as well as connections with others. The core component, HEALTH reflects the physical transformation of the body as the client is supported and mentored through the program.

ViSalus embraces a values-driven culture. The 6 core values are stated clearly, and they really do get the motivation juices flowing. The first of these is “Be inspiring.” The 2nd is about “Building Trust”. These are followed by encouragement to be a good teacher but a better student, to think creatively, like an entrepreneur, and to challenge yourself.

The 6th of these core values is about simplicity. Perhaps this value is what makes the ViSalus program and the 90 day Challenge so appealing. Getting fit is a complex process but ViSalus provides simple solutions. There is a wide array of techniques and tools to help people achieve their fitness goals. These strategies have a simplicity to them that everyone can appreciate. Getting fit may be challenging but it doesn’t have to be stressful


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