Memory Loss and Prevagen: Providing Hope and Good Health

 An Active Role: Brain Health

Many individuals have expressed concerns about their brain health as they continue to age. Some express fears about losing the cognitive functioning and fear becoming forgetful.

Memory loss does not need to play a major role in the aging persons future because it is possible for every person to take an active role in their brain health.


This can be done with better dietary in place, added exercise and with the use of Prevagen. Keep in mind, the brain is a vital organ that does need to be cared for. Cognitive health is important. Challenging the brain has proven to be highly useful to many aging individuals.

Every person can take an active role in their brain health and enjoy a higher quality of life as they age. Addressing brain health is wise to do. Preventing and stopping mild memory loss is possible for everyone with good practices and quality information in place.

Prevagen: Information and Supporting Brain Function

Prevagen is an over-the-counter dietary supplement. It has proven to be safe and a prescription is not needed to buy this or to use it. It contains an active ingredient called apoaequorin. This ingredient had been discovered in jellyfish.

There has been 40 years of ongoing studies surrounding this product. Quincy Bioscience had patented it and this is a product intended to support cognitive function. It has been shown in clinical studies that it did make many improvements in when used within a 90 day period.

A daily dose has proven to have positive effects on people in terms of their brain functioning. It can be found in the vitamin isle in most brick and mortar stores.

Quincy Bioscience is a biotechnology company. It is located in Madison, Wisconsin. This company has a clear focus. It placed an emphasis on developing and discovering numerous novel technologies that would support normal health challenges and cognitive brain function.

The focus included mild memory loss. Any age related memory loss is included in the focus. Scientists earned recognition for this product in the year 2008. In 2018 it was the number one recommended brand for brain health. It has been proven to be safe while providing many benefits to those who incorporate it into their daily routine.

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Prevagen assist individuals to think clearly and stay focused in a natural way. Researchers have been studying this since the year 1960. This has been proven safe.

No adverse affects have been shown and no side affects come with this. The research has proven that this is a safe and highly effective choice that provides people with a much better quality of life as it prevents memory loss and improves brain health.

The Prevagen Story

Age is a significant factor in terms of brain health. There has been a growing need for quality brain health products and many professionals took action and developed new products to satisfy this need.

Addressing brain health has already proven to benefit people. Prevagen came directly from the natural environment down in the ocean. The scientist who worked on the research for this product have been rewarded because the information has proven factual and highly beneficial.

Testing software had fostered much good information. Over one million people have tried this product. Safety is an outstanding benefit of Prevagen. The facts and many benefits have already spoken for themselves.

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Sheldon Lavin In the Food Processing Industry

Sheldon Lavin is the chair and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC, a food processing company headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, United States. Before working at the company, he operated as a financial consultant at the banking industry as his academic background entailed finances and accounting. As a banker and financial expert, he involved with OSI Group in West Chicago when the facility’s name was Otto & Son’s and later changed to OSI Industries. Over the years, while working in the finance department at OSI Group, the involvement led to him becoming the company owner.

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Focus For OSI Group

After taking over the company, Sheldon Lavin became visionary in making OSI Group the leading meat processing facility around the world. Currently located in seventeen countries and operating over seventy facilities, OSI Group primarily specializes in protein-based foods such as beef, pork, and poultry products as well as sauces, vegetables, and baked foods. According to the Chairman, the company operates as a family hence developing logic strategies, rules, responsibilities, and budgetary limits, which make it more successful.

Sheldon Lavin capabilities and experience, through innovation and visions, enables him to lead such a large organization with the help of his loyal and talented employees maintaining the company growth. More so, he remains determined to interact with his employees as well as supporting their families. As a way of giving back to community, he partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities and other organizations helping the community in various ways. As a leader, he aims at ensuring the company grows to reach more customers around the world while nurturing young talents to continue operating the facility after his retirement.

Receiving a Global Visionary Award

Sheldon Lavin has remained focused on developing OSI Group and was recognized by India’s Vision World Academy for his efforts. He received a Global Visionary Award honoring his visions on turning the company into the largest food processing facility around the world. After a career in finance, he guided the company from a small supplier of meat products to the largest processor of large quantities of foods. OSI-Vista is one of OSI Group companies which operate in India since 1995 offering fruits, vegetables and meat in eight locations.


Genucel: Smart Skin Care with Safe, Proven Results

Women today are savvier, smarter and more discerning than ever when it comes to opening their wallets (and minds) to skin care solutions. Dermatologists, researchers, aestheticians and best friends all have valuable knowledge and experience to share when it comes to skin care. Genucel by Chamonix harnesses the power of nature, of personal experience, and of data-driven science to bring today’s women the very best in evidence-based skin care.

Genucel understands that consumers are interested in naturally-derived, environmentally-responsible ingredients, and that they also want long-term, visible results in their skin care. Women are looking for the clean beauty seal of approval,so they jnow their products are safe. They also want results for the most troubling skin issues, including those signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, sun damage, dullness and puffy eyes. To combat these, Genucal carefully harvests the most powerful ingredients are found in nature: plant stem cells, vitamins A, E and C, and naturally occurring molecules like peptides. Genucel by Chamonix supercharges these ingredients by combining them in ways that boost collagen production for elastic, glowing skin, and help the skin repair itself naturally.

Overall Glowing Skin:

Most people want to fight overall signs of aging, and focus on one or two specific signs. Genucel by Chamonix enhances the skin’s natural ability to regenerate itself and remain moist, tight and bright. Solutions by Genucel target overall aging, and are also powerful allies in diminishing dark spots from sun damage, puffiness or darkness under the eyes, and dry skin issues (often made worse by weather changes).

Proven Ingredients Based in Nature, Refined by Science:

Clean, safe plant extracts, including green tea and the goji berry, have been tested in labs against the harshest, most extreme chemical interventions. When combined in the powerful formulas of Genucel, products deliver the lifting, firming, tightening and brightening action of much harsher and more toxic products. A majority of uses reported that the active ingredients in Genucel formulas showed visible, lasting results for more youthful skin.

Skin care is a very personal choice, with lots of effective options. Genucel by Chamonix empowers women with a suite of natural, effective, and scientifically-proven plant-based products for beautiful skin.

Sujit Choudhry Uses Scholarly Excellence For World Peace

Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson have used their intelligent political minds to co-author “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions”. This is a compilation of 17 case studies that address many circumstances and instances of territorial cleavages and constitutional law-making processes. The studies can be used by many scholars and world leaders in order to learn more about the current political situations of areas like Myanmar, Yemen, and Libya. This information can be very helpful because of the ability to properly adapt and reinforce law and policy. Scholars and activists should take advantage of the information that is included within’ the text to help create a governmental basis that can function properly with constitutional geometry.

This text explains the countries’ circumstances and processes as they undergo constitutional transitioning. Multiple different governmental types and sizes are mentioned as well. For example, small territories, multi-communal countries, and politically stern regions are also included. Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Spain, and other territories are particularly mentioned throughout the text with an appropriate amount of detail. There is also a policy paper that was published by Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson that can be used as an accompanying read. The policy paper is published with the same name and serves to provide more insight into constitution-making processes and territorial boundaries. There is also expert advice from the authors that can be used as comparative or direct research for multiple different governmental situations.

Sujit Choudhry is a very accredited author who has undergone studies at some of the most accredited Universities like McGill University, the University of Oxford, and more. During these intense studies, he was able to acquire a bachelors and masters degree of Law. Choudhry continues to advise nations with his political wits and accredited insights. His books and other publishings greatly are appreciated and applied.

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Glenn Schlossberg Is A CEO Who Has Found An Interesting Way To Stay Productive

Glenn Schlossberg is the founder and chief executive officer of Jump Design Group. He started the company up during his twenties and has learned how to stay productive over the years. While many CEOs push themselves too hard, remaining in a state of exhaustion most of the time, Schlossberg has discovered the secret to staying fresh and ready for more work. His secret is to take extended breaks away from it all on occasion. Since he has been doing so, he has also found that he comes up with some of his best ideas while on vacation.

According to, Glenn Schlossberg used to stay busy all around the clock as he shared the same mentality as most other company leaders when he was younger. This philosophy revolves around the idea that working longer hours equals more productivity. During the 1980s, he lived this idea, but it wasn’t long before he realized it wasn’t doing him any good. He had attended a convention where someone mentioned that taking long breaks was the key to getting more done. He began to try this out and soon found that this person wasn’t wrong.

Glenn Schlossberg likes to travel to Asia and Europe multiple times every year and believes in studies that show that taking breaks can help improve a person’s thinking abilities and creativity. Before he goes on his trips, he usually feels like his brain is full up, but after being on vacation for a few days, his mind usually clears up. This is when a lot of his best ideas come to him.

Glenn Schlossberg finds the time to partake in interesting adventures during his vacations, and one of these is racing cars. He enjoys traveling to upstate New York where he races motocross, and he loves doing so because of the adrenaline rush he gets. Schlossberg also loves riding motorcycles and has been able to visit different parts of the world where he has been able to ride in more open areas than he is able to in New York. In the end, he truly loves making new memories during his travels and feels grateful to be able to do so year-after-year.  For more details about Glen you can visit

The Best Reviews Have Talkspace As The Best App For Women

Talkspace has reviews online that talk about how the features have made this counseling app the best app. The therapy has many women thankful about sharing their ideas and thoughts about depression. Counselors have made this easier for women to use the could counseling sessions as a way to understand their roles as moms, wives, and professionals. Talkspace doesn’t have reviews that indicate that the cost is too high. Most women review about how affordable the sessions were and how they are planning to keep a counselor.

Talkspace has helped families talk again. Women review more than men online. In fact, most women are happy that they get a chance to counsel with many licensed professionals. Women have also expressed how they love the fact that the counseling is there for them to use every day. Ironically, the women have chosen to review about their high school years. The counseling has helped them see where they began to have anxiety. Check out this article of talkspace at

Most counselors have tactful ways to assign mental exercises. The exercises give each client a chance to see all sides of a problem. Some women talk about how simple it is to get in touch with a counselor. They love how you can text them in your most troubling times. The reviews have been posted to social media pages and blogs. Women always seem to get the $79 package. It’s easier for them to talk whenever they see someone else listening. The video chats have helped women spread the word about this counseling and therapy app. It’s a lot cheaper than going to a psychiatrist.

Women choose to review about the way Talkspace is set up to allow anyone to join its mobile app. The reviews usually state that easier to have counseling everywhere, especially since you don’t know when something will happen. Most importantly, the reviews talk about the counselors that have the best exercises to strengthen their clients.

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Maarteen de Jeu Encourages Learning About Science

Maarten de Jeu is a financial professional in the Chicago area. He founded and is a managing partner of SVM Business Advisory. Besides this, he has also been very involved at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) in Chicago. At one point, he was the co-chair of the Science Spins program, which was an exhibit that was used to educate people about the history of the bicycle. The Museum of Science and Industry has a program that involves Chicago-area teens. It is called the Farrell Fellows Internship. Being the largest museum focusing on science in the Western Hemisphere, MSI uses this internship to work with teens on learning more about science. During the summer, the program is five weeks long and involves coursework in leadership development, science and public speaking. The teens themselves then get to present an interactive activity based on science to not only their community, but also at the museum. Learn more:


In 2014, 40 teens took part in this program, and were able to educate visitors about the chemistry involved in bubbles. The Farrell Fellows program has also allowed the teens to teach children how to launch model rockets and how to make their own carnival tents from newspaper. Marteen de Jeu’s involvement in the museum has been invaluable. He also takes part in many other philanthropic and business causes. Among these are Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Economic Club of Chicago, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy Dean’s International Council, and the Environmental Law & Policy Center.


Marteen de Jeu’s career began with his education. He received his education in both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In 2001 at Leiden University, he received his M.A. in Social Science with a major in Public Administration. He went on to complete his Executive MBA from Oxford in 2005. Here he received numerous specializations in finance. Since graduating, he has gone on to work as a management consultant and in other areas at various companies. He is also co-founder of the leading ethics and compliance solutions companies in Europe called SpeakUp. This is a technology-based company that provides these types of solution for those companies that are listed publicly. Since 2008, he has been the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development at Aviva’s North American division. He has been successful in growing the company’s life insurance sales in North America. Yet, despite his success, Marteen enjoys spending his time giving back, like at the Museum of Science and Industry, where he can watch the next group of leaders learn and grow.

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Shipbuilder Iskandar Safa Is The CEO Of Beirut-Based Privinvest


Iskandar Safa is the CEO of Privinvest Group. Iskandar Safa is an established global business leader and engineer. Iskandar Safa is a co-founder of the organization.

Privinvest is a shipbuilding company operating in Europe and in the Middle East. They serve their customers globally in the national defense sector and also the civilian market. Led by Iskandar Safa, the firm’s expertise lies within the creation of high-tech solutions for the shipbuilding community. It has been over 20 years that Iskandar Safa and his brother Akram launched this company. They now employ 2,500 people.

Privinvest focuses on a highly specialized manufacturing design. Their end products are equipped with advanced technology and innovative design. A high level of engineering expertise is employed with the production of every ship part end service. The Privinvest headquarters are located in Beirut, Lebanon. The company delivers commercial ships and commercial and private yachts. They have supplied approximately 2,000 ships and related services to 40 worldwide navies and the NATO members and allies. The company also sells directly to private customers.

Iskandar Safa was behind the development of their high-speed WP18, a vessel used for tactical strikes. It has rapidly been recognized for setting a new standard in its class. Privinvest focuses a large portion of its research and development efforts on sustainability. Safa is committed to ensuring that his company does its part to protect the planet for future generations.

Iskandar Safa is a native of Beirut, and he was born there in 1955. His insightful knowledge of the engineering process started for him at a very young age. The company has a solid reputation, and Privinvest is considered a leading private shipbuilding enterprise in Europe. Mr. Safa earned a degree from American University in Civil Engineering. The university is located in Beirut. He is also a graduate of INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France where he achieved a Master’s in Business Administration. See Related Link to learn more.


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Iskandar Safa Made Privinvest A Success After Surviving a Civil War


Iskandar Safa has had many titles. Safa has been called a philanthropist, an engineer, a global leader, and industrialist. He is probably known most for being is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of Privinvest,

What is Privinvest? It is considered to be one of the leading shipbuilders in the Middle East and Europe. It wants to serve customers all around the world in the national defense and civilian industries. About 20 years ago, Iskandar Safa started Privinvest, with Akram Safa, who happens to Iskandar’s younger brother.

Since its beginning, Privinvest has focused on engineering, advanced, innovative design, production, and related designs. Privinvest’s main headquarters can been found in Beirut, Lebanon, and 2,500 people work for this company. A person can also find facilities for this company in France, Germany and the Middle East.

Under the leadership of Iskandar Safa, this company has been able to build some of the best naval vessels, commercial ships and mega yachts in the world. He has delivered some of these naval vessels to at least 40 navies. Some private customers, Middle East countries and NATO countries have also become owners of Privinvest naval vehicles. These naval vessels come with best naval technology that you could possibly buy. Some of this technology could be protective and surveillance systems. You should expect the best when you get a Privinvest marine vehicle. Find More Information Here.

Iskandar Safa does have an interesting background. He came into this world as part of a Maronite Christian family in 1955. He went to school at a French school and got a degree in civil engineering from the American University of Beirut in 1978. He wanted to be educated due to the influence of family members on his mother’s side. The father’s side of his family inspired to do public service. He was the director of the cabinet that came after Lebanon gained independence from France. He was wounded during the Lebanese civil war. Safa’s life certainly has been an interesting one. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Iskandar Safa survived a civil war to become one of the most successful people in the world.


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How does the 90-Day Challenge of ViSalus Benefit You?

Losing weight is not easy. Just going off your meals will not help you in any way. It can even be counterproductive because your body will stop getting the essential nutrients. How can you give your body what it needs and still shed the unnecessary weight? It is important to take help of a well-developed weight loss plan.

ViSalus is a healthy lifestyle company that has developed Body 90 90-day Challenge” program. It is the first marketing platform that offers complete support services throughout the challenge duration. Take this 90-day challenge to transform your body for better. Realize your dream of losing weight properly and safely.

The ViSalus story started about a decade ago when its founder accepted the challenge to become fit and healthy. The challenge included inspiring others as well. It led to the creation of the Challenge Marketing platform. The challenge is named Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge.

People from more than 15 countries have taken up this challenge and achieved their health and fitness goals. More than 3 million people have taken advantage of this transformative program. Using ViSalus’ meal replacement kits, shakes and drinks, they have been able to lose weight and achieve a healthy body. Visit This Page for more information.

ViSalus has Locations in Los Angeles, CA and Italy has donated more than $100 million worth of products, cash and prizes to people in need of help. It has been possible due to its successful challenge program and support of millions of people who are part of this program. The company has donated more than 5 million meal kits to the needy children and families.

ViSalus has received a large number of patents and awards for its innovative products. Learn more how its healthy food and drink products as well as its marketing program let you take control of your future. It will help you achieve your health, fitness and financial freedom goals. Find More Information Here.


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