Peter Briger Grows Entrepreneurs through the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurship Fund

Peter Briger and the other two Alumni of Princeton University started what we may call a gift to the entrepreneurs who share the Alma mater. These distinguished business moguls established the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF), which contains funds that support the recent alumni entrepreneurs of the University. AEF program uplift them and their startup companies. When the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee (PEAC) was appraising AEF, they described the program to be that will fulfill the educational mission of the University. PEAC said it would equip the beneficiaries with knowledge on risk-taking and establishing good organizations.

They also emphasized the need to train the minds of these new entrepreneurs to be creative, innovative, and to conceive impactful ideas. Peter Briger and his fellows devoted up to $100,000 to support the business ideas. Provost David highlighted that the bred entrepreneurs would be a great motivation for the learners since they will return to the University to share their success stories. He adds that they will be very crucial role models, for they will enlighten others. The chairperson of PEAC, Mung Chiang, said that sharing is part of the entrepreneurship education program to inspire these students. For one to qualify into the program, they must be recent graduates of Princeton University and has graduated not more than five years from the time of receiving the funds.

A panel that consists of six Alumni entrepreneurs reviews their proposals to initiate the mentorship process and then links them with successful alumni entrepreneurs in their respective business fields. Already the panel has selected the first four teams to do a pilot program. These teams include the founders of Kudzoo: Trevor Wilkins ’13 and Logan Cohen and Julia Macalaster ’12 and David Lamer, who cofounded PreeLine. Also, the CEO and COO of Friendsy, Vaidhy ’15 and Michael Prinsky ’15 and Maisie Devine ’11 and Isaac Rothernbaum, who are the CEO and CTO of Poacht respectively, were selected. Peter Briger congratulates the positive response of the University to embrace the program and believes that the students will be introduced to the outside business world. Currently, Peter Briger is the principal and chair of the Fortress Investment Group since 2002.

The Most Creative Investor Wes Edens

Wes Edens a U.S. Investor, entrepreneur and business leader is well known for his investment company Fortress Investment Group and also his presence in the National Basketball Association with the Milwaukee bucks. His far ranging business endeavors have had a major impact on both individuals as well as many industries. Since founding his investment company in 1998 Wes Eden has made his self known for being one of the savviest and creative investors around. With over 42 billion dollars managed by some of the worlds largest investment partners Fortress has grown from a small private company to a global company.

To capitalize Fortress made trans-formative changes such as energy and infrastructure, financial Services, health care, media and real estate. To take it even further Wes Edens company has financed the passenger rail company formally known as Brightline. The company plans to extend the rail line from Orlando to Tampa since it is already operating in Miami and West Palm Beach. Also, there is interest in getting a passenger line from Southern California to Las Vegas.  Wes Edens has also created an energy company called New Fortress Energy that is made to provide new and modern infrastructure solutions.

This will create a more reliable and cleaner energy source while making a positive economic impact worldwide. The New Fortress Energy story began when Wes Edens wanted to make a better energy footprint.  In 2014 Wes Edens became part owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. He also decided to take his enjoy his passion by also investing in E- sports. Eden has found a way to make sure that his Businesses stay afloat and succeed. He also shares his passions and creative investments with his wife. Edens wife helps to educate many that find challenges with far- ranging investments. to go along with their teaching efforts they created a college called Edens Professorship in Global Health at Macalester College.

Marc Beer Is Successful Because He Is A Problem-Solver And Likes Winning

Marc Beer has been a problem solver throughout his twenty-five plus year career. He has worked to make many companies successful by finding solutions to the problems they faced. He has always been passionate about his work and only took some time off when a family crisis happened. He lost his wife and was left to raise their three children alone and stayed at home with the kids to give them his full attention. But his daughter eventually talked him into going back to work and starting up another company.

Marc Beer found a lot of success when he went back to work and started another great company. Renovia is the company that he started and it is focused on pelvic floor disorders. It helps women with those issues to get the help that they need and to become stronger than ever. Marc Beer is committed to this work and has gotten help with it from a few organizations, and he hopes that more women will go in for a screening and take the steps that they need to so they can be healthier.

Marc Beer doesn’t take anything for granted in his career and he is grateful to all of the people he has worked with through the years and how they have helped him be successful. He has always taken setting goals seriously and that is part of the reason he has found his success. He also believes that it is important to be working with talented people. He is a good leader and believes that with good leadership skills and a good team, anything can be done. Learn more:

Marc Beer has worked in many positions throughout his long career, including time serving as the founding chairman of the board of a few companies. He also worked in sales and marketing before becoming an entrepreneur and starting up several successful companies. He attended college in Ohio at Miami University. He has also worked at a few colleges as a member of the council and on the advisory committee. He believes it is important to give back to those in need and does that through problem-solving and leadership. He has served on the board of several organizations and is always willing to give help when he can. Marc Beer is known for his many talents and a few of the reasons why he is such a good businessman are because he learns from his failures and is always focused on winning.

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Teach to One; An Innovative New Approach to Learning

Teach to One offers a new approach for teaching and learning math. This innovative company makes it possible for each student to learn at their own pace. Text to One provides personalized lesson plans that emphasize each student’s strengths and improve their weaknesses. The teach to one program makes learning math fun with an interactive and engaging interface. Using this structure promotes student independence and boosts confidence.

Each day, the program quizzes the students to determine how well they are retaining new information. This ensures that all students understand their lessons before moving on to new topics and concepts. The individualized structure allows students to learn at their own pace. Teachers no longer need to adjust their lessons to meet the needs of the lowest-performing students. Instead, they can provide more guidance for these students while allowing others to move forward in their curriculum, which, in turn, increases the learning potential for all students.

According to crunchbase, students will no longer be confined to the curriculum defined by their grade level. The can master skills that they previously struggled with or move ahead beyond the grade-specific concepts. Teachers can ensure that students are reaching their maximum learning potential by supporting each student on their individual path to success. When you utilize Teach to One in the classroom, you know each student is being met where they are, and that they have the resources they need to grow their skills.

Teach to One automatically places students into groups based on their strengths and weaknesses, and provides them the opportunity to work together. As an educator, you can concentrate on supporting the students and helping to build their confidence. Teachers encourage students to use their skills in practical ways without the need to complete a worksheet. Teachers foster growth by supporting group communication and assisting the students in problem-solving. Teach to One makes it possible for every student to receive the individualized education that they deserve while providing teachers with the opportunity to facilitate each students’ success.

David McDonald: Acquiring A Global Business

When it comes to expanding their business, OSI Group is known for flexing its muscle in buying processing plants that would help cement their business as a global force to compete with. David McDonald has to be proud of the fact that he acquired Baho Foods so that they can most of the territory, which includes 18 European countries. Of course, there are still people who work for that Baho Foods that want to still be part of what the company is doing when it comes to making the customers the priority. That’s a good thing because it keeps people employed and is great for the economy. Learn about David McDonalds at IOWA  States University Foundation.

John Balvers, who is the managing director wants to stay with the company to help become the success that it should be. OSI Group has always brought good quality food to the consumers, and Baho Foods will be part of that in a big way. Since they are mostly for retail and deal in snack foods, David McDonald looks to make the acquisition he purchased better. These countries are in for a much improved way of garnering their snacks thanks to this company buying out the other. They can look to have a better and productive plant that gives out more than what they are used to getting. Plus, there will be new items that the consumer will enjoy that they never thought they would have.

David McDonald did a very positive thing here by buying Baho Foods. This helps the global economy and puts OSI at the forefront as the true competitor to beat. With the fresh quality food that they are known for, that will be hard to do. There are more companies that may do a buyout in the future with OSI Group and will do a better job of succeeding as a result. David McDonald has plenty to celebrate because he knows his company will be around for ages to come. His business moves are definitely solidifying what it means to be a powerful global business. You can bet on this company having constant growth in the market. Read More:

American Addiction Centers Wants To Motivate Parental Education on College Substance Abuse Prevalence

Statistics gathered by American Addiction Centers indicate that college students will be exposed to drugs and alcohol on campus.

This isn’t surprising, and sadly, neither is the fact that college-aged students have some of the highest levels of substance abuse, which can taint the college experience and lead to addiction issues. Sadly, 1-in-3 students admit to abusing alcohol at least once and 1-in-5 have used an illegal drug.

Using drugs and alcohol in college isn’t going away anytime soon. A survey conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) found that 62% of college students had an alcoholic beverage in the past month. In another study by the NIH also shows that college students use amphetamine at high rates with nearly 10% of students admitting to misusing Adderall.

Read more: American Addiction Center’s New Docuseries Unveils The Realities of Recovery – MarketWatch

Missy Pollock has first-hand knowledge regarding Exposure 2 drugs and alcohol on college campuses. Pollock is the alumni coordinator at Recovery First Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale Florida and is also 5 years into her own sobriety. Early exposure to alcohol and illicit substances at College events quickly led to a dependence on amphetamines.

“I was introduced to Adderall during finals of my very first semester of college,” remembers Pollock. “I was sitting in the library, studying for exams, when I was offered the drug. There were plenty of people around, it was not discreet and no one batted an eye.”

The attraction was immediate and she knew that this was something she would do repeatedly, and she did for many years. While going through her addiction, even she knew that her behavior was getting out of hand, and she wishes that those around her would have noticed and understood her pain and the signs, and confronted her behavior.

The following list are the signs that pointed to her addiction and she advises family members and friends to be aware of the following clues:

  • Deception and lying, even about minute things for no reason
  • Behavioral extremes and awkwardness that that is more than a mood swing
  • A drastic change in appearance
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Paranoia

Call 1-800 -ALCOHOL or visit AmericanAddictionCenters.Org.

About American Addiction Centers

American Addiction Centers (NYSE: AAC) is a leading provider of inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment services. We treat patients who are struggling with drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and co-occurring mental/behavioral health issues.

Also read: American Addiction Centers Network Of National Facilities

We currently operate substance abuse treatment facilities located throughout the United States.

These facilities are focused on delivering effective clinical care and treatment solutions. For more information, please find us at or follow us on Twitter @AAC_Tweet.

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Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western Delivers Energy With Integrity

Gulf Coast Western was founded in Dallas in 1970 and is a family-owned business whose interests focus primarily on oil and gas reserves that are located in the United States Gulf Coast area. By identifying stakeholders that have well-developed internal processes and significant geological potential, the corporation develops collaborations that maximize returns while minimizing risk for its partner companies.

Matt Fleeger, the founder’s son, took over the family business in 2007. As President and CEO, Fleeger brought his considerable experience and a solid set of skills to his new role as the company’s leader. Soon after assuming his role, the new CEO completed an acquisition of another oil company, thereby expanding the client base and increasing the funding capabilities of the family business.

Matt Fleeger has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry and has distinguished himself in the areas of strategic planning, contract negotiation, and team building. He has honed his entrepreneurial and management skills through years of service in a variety of executive roles in the oil and gas industry.

In addition to his pivotal role in the family business, Fleeger is deeply committed to promoting STEM education for children and founded the Fleeger Family Kitchen at the Parish Episcopal School in Dallas. He is a frequent donor to causes that promote child welfare and has made a significant contribution to the Sadie Keller Foundation to benefit children who are battling all forms of cancer.

Matt FleegerMatt Fleeger is continuing his father’s legacy of implementing conscientious business practices to create partnerships that are of benefit to all the member companies. Gulf Coast Western is headquartered in Dallas and has locations throughout Texas, as well as in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado. The company is currently exploring ways to expand its operations to other regions within the United States.

Wes Edens Provides an Update on the Progression of Its Energy Projects

Wes Edens, the Chief Executive Officer of New Fortress Energy (NFE) reported an update on the progression of its projects. In a conference call on August 13th, he said the company is on a good start the first six months of this year. His focus is on the development stage, NFE is about to begin its operations in Jamaica and Puerto Rico. Mexico is under construction and expected to be in operation by the end of the second quarter in 2020. Wes Edens is the Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group (FIG), a company he established with Randall Nardone in 1998. He heads the private equity division specializing in transportation, energy & infrastructure, financial services, and healthcare.

In the energy industry, his investments include energy production, storage, and transportation projects. He is working on the completion of terminals in Jamaica, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. In a few days, Wes revealed in the conference call the Jamaican power plants are almost complete with the 150 megawatt and 90 megawatt projects. Between December 2019 and June 2020, all constructions and online productions should be up and running fully in all three countries. Since the end of June of this year, over one million gallons of volumes from the pipelines made production. Now that the pipelines and power plants are in its operational stages, Wes Edens plans to build terminals in Pennsylvania.

New Fortress Energy is already marketing LNG cargoes in Central America, the Caribbean, and West Africa. NFE is a subsidiary company of Fortress Investment Group and together under the ownership of SoftBank, a Japanese investment firm. Wes Edens serves as CEO and Chairman of New Fortress Energy and Co-CEO at Fortress Investment Group. He founded NFE in 2014 and holds the majority interest in the company which has a value of $1.7 billion. Wes Edens is a graduate from Oregon State University and holds a bachelor of science degree in finance. He brings years of experience in finance, investments, hedge fund management, and leadership. Within five years of establishing New Fortress Energy, the company continues to grow further in the Caribbean and the United States.

James Dondero Gives Away Even More Money To A Dallas Non-Profit


There is a Dallas-area non-profit that is enjoying yet another infusion of cash as a result of the charitable giving of James Dondero. This is helping to advance the city of Dallas and the Bush Center.

The Bush Center is a non-profit with its hands in a lot of pies. Jim Dondero recently pledged another $10 million dollars to the organization to help them start up a lecture series about engagement. It is a series that promotes social and political awareness in a time and place that needs it desperately.

Jim Dondero believes in this kind of advancement of the human condition, and he is happy to share his wealth with such a noble cause. Dondero has made his money from something known as Highland Capital Management. This is an investment fund that he and Mark Okada started back in 1993. Find Related Information Here.

The idea was to build up a fund that produced outsized returns for investors. He wanted to explore as many ways as possible to help them grow their money, and it just seemed to make sense to start up a fund that could invest in things that other funds missed. See This Article for more information.

James Dondero saw that Highland Capital Management could be putting its money to work in leveraged loans before that was a hot market. They got started in this early and built up a big portion of its profits just from doing this. That is how Highland Capital Management made a lot of its early money.

The fund continued to grow as a result of good investment choices and a lot of word of mouth advertising that went along with it as a result. James Dondero finally reached a point of success that most others will never be able to. Now he is giving back and helping the lives of all of us.


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The Philanthropic Side Of James Dondero Of Highland Capital Management


James Dondero has always derived utility from doing nice things from others. As time has gone by, particularly as his business career has developed, Jim has learned just how much he loves being an active philanthropist.

In order to maintain his success in the world of business, James Dondero spends lots of time tending to Highland Capital Management’s needs. The fact that Jim is a family man and active parent to his two children eats up even more of his already-scarce free time. Find Additional Information Here.

This leaves him little time to scratch his philanthropic itch. Despite his super-tight schedule, Dondero manages to act as a philanthropist. Seeing that time is such a genuine concern for the businessman, he generally only allots his time to non-profits, fundraising campaigns, and other good causes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area – where he lives and works – cutting out the potential for travel time to further eat up his limited schedule.

Jim Dondero is clearly a leader in the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s philanthropic circle, helping keep non-profits like the Dallas Zoo, the Dallas Symphony, and Southern Methodist University’s Bush Center in good working shape.

Dondero often joins hands with Highland Capital Management to help non-profit organizations out. Take, for example when Highland handed out an endowment to the tune of $10 million to the Bush Center, a policy research center and museum at Southern Methodist University’s main campus. Jim chooses to keep the dollar amounts of his donations to good causes to himself, though the same can’t always be said for Highland; recipients of endowments like Southern Methodist University’s Bush Center benefit from being able to publicly share such reports, even more so when they can point out the donor by name. See Related Link to learn more.

He also established Highland Capital Management and formed the Highland Capital Foundation, which provides social and financial support to needy people in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.