A new workout for 39-year-old Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is 39, and she marked her birthday with various activities that made it the talk of the town. Her birthday celebrations were shared through her social media networks.

The videos, most of which were hilarious, elicited a lot of reactions from her followers who wanted to know more about the events that took place on that particular day.

And Rebel did not disappoint as she continued posting more videos thus keeping her fans busy and entertained all day. Here are some of the things that symbolized the day.

A new workout

The film star revealed that she was surprised when her friends introduced her to a new exercise called CATZERCIZE. It is a workout routine that she describes as the perfect way to get that hot summer body. In one of her Instagram posts, she urged her fans not to be lazy and try the new exercise in town.

Rebel Wilson is known for her love for, and that is the reason she still looks in shape even as she turns 39. With the dance being introduced on her birthday, there is no doubt that more fans will be seeking to try it out.

Cake making class

Apart from the exercises, Rebel Wilson was a student on her birthday. She was taught how to make milk cakes at one of the local institutions. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She seemed happy to have learnt a new skill, and that is the reason she was excited to share the news with her fans.

She posted online a thank you message to the people who had organized for the classes noting that it is always good to learn a new skill. She added that she had always wanted to know how to make cakes and so, this opportunity came in handy.

An upcoming movie

Rebel Wilson use her birthday celebrations to announce that she was hitting the stage for the production of an upcoming 2019 film called Cats.

She went ahead to post a picture of herself with the cast. She promised that the movie was going to be a hit. Considering the other productions that she has featured in such as “Isn’t It Romantic,” there is no doubt that her fans will be having a good time at the theatre once the movie is released. She promised to update them about the developments.

Born in Australia, Rebel Wilson moved to West Hollywood where she launched her film career. This happened after she graduated from university in her homeland.

She has been active on stage since 202 featuring in various films. She says that when she is not acting, she loves writing, singing, and producing multiple forms of art. Her 39th birthday comes at a time when her career is at its peak.

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