A Personal and Informal Approach with Jeremy Goldstein

Today’s world is a place where technology has advanced to the point that there are few barriers in the way of creating a new success story. Jeremy Goldstein was raised in New York City where every single aspect of the world intersects under this unique environment. He witnessed how a single individual can turn an idea into a profitable venture. Between obtaining degrees from both Cornell University and the University of Chicago, he quickly rose to become one of the biggest voices in the modern day market. Jeremy Goldstein expands on his personal outlook and journey in a recent online publication.


Jeremy Goldstein had well position himself to take a giant leap into the industry, but he just needed to find a way in. The opening appeared just past the turn of the century when internal company reforms become a hot-topic. There was a desire for businesses to hire independent third party legal lawyer for opinions. This was the breakout moment Jeremy Goldstein had been waiting for. He founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates and got to work on consulting and advising CEOs from all corners of the industry. He steadily rose up through the ranks, and is now a industry leading legal expert on countless topics.


In order to remain at the top of his game, Jeremy Goldstein accepts only a handful of jobs at any given time. He prefers to not only understand his client on a professional level, but as the person underneath. This aids his decision making and provides a more thoughtful approach to his plan of action. An attorney has one of the hardest tasks among the current field of field. They have to leverage their clients wishes against the law, the judge, and the resources. He had to stay on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure his clients receive advice on time sensitive matter. His clients have universally praised his devotion.


As Jeremy Goldstein reflects on his career path to this point, he walks away with two key points. The first that when the worst case scenario pans out, that is simply a growth opportunity. There is always something to be learned and applied from each and every step in the journey. The business world is not all rainbows as some might want the public to think. Similarly, his experience over 20 years puts him ahead of his peers. He feels more confident than ever about recognizing case patterns and how to navigate through complex loopholes.


In the world of business. the results will almost always equal to the level of effort put in. Jeremy Goldstein has come a long way from the bottom, and will forever work hard.


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