Aaron Lupuloff Shares What Makes Gwinnett County Public Schools So Special

The Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) district is located in Georgia. It has a Gwinnet County Public Schools Foundation supporting it that is headed by Senior Executive Director Aaron Lupuloff. Having had all five of his children attend schools in this district, he has been supporting it for a long time.

Students do best when they’re happy at school. They are better engaged and this leads to better academic success. School districts that offer a wide range of enriching activities make students happier. Aaron Lupuloff has been very active in supporting the GCPS district’s after-school programs and activities.

He also makes sure that teacher and staff are supported and that they have the resources they need to effectively teach students. His foundation uses the funds it raises to also pay for extracurricular activities such as sports. This has led to happy students and successful schools. The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology, for example, was recently named as Georgia’s best school the 13th best one in the nation.

According to coursehero.com, GCPS has a very diverse student population. So much so that they need outside support so that every child gets the help they need. This school district is located with the greater Atlanta area and has very wealthy families along with low-income households. Aaron Lupuloff says that he is proud that his foundation supports students from all backgrounds. This support includes providing access to school supplies, educational content, and proper meals.

Aaron Lupuloff says that he and his wife worked hard to make sure their kids were successful at school. He says, though, that it was their access to athletics, the arts, and a great academic environment that really played a role in their success. He says that when local people support a school district wonderful things can happen. The secret, he says is that great schools, in turn, create great communities.

He spent over 20 years in the financial industry. Aaron Lupuloff had worked for Bear Stearns JP Morgan where he was a senior managing director. He also worked in senior positions for Raymond James and Fifth Third. To seeĀ  more about Aaron visit rocketreach.co


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