Adam Goldenberg could have Dressed one of the Unicorns you know.

Hitting the headline today in business news is Adam Goldenberg co- CEO and Co-founder of Techstyle fashion group and JustFab. It is worth noting that companies need a focused leader, the beauty and fashion industry is doing everything in its capacity to maximize sales and profits. However, the likes of Adam take chances when they have them.


Being an entrepreneur, Adam started his career journey at the age of 17. Further, in April 1999 Goldenberg having built his first company Gamer’s Alliance in its second year after its birth, he sold it to Intermix Media where he was named to serve in the position of Chief Operating Officer. Adam who is a close business associate with Don Ressler decided to form an e-commerce brand incubator the Intelligent Beauty in 2006.


After four years of working together with Ressler it the incubator platform led to the formation of Techstyle. Adam founded JustFab in 2010. Currently, it is a leading fashion subscription online site. From sources following metrics drive at the firm, JustFab has experienced growth raising $55 million funding and acquiring shoe discover services from Shoe Dazzle.


As a leader Adam works by watching the number he works with, therefore from that, he can notice shortcomings and fix as soon as possible, Thought that other founders should embrace. Taking customers feedback helps Adam improve merchandising decisions and products. As a measure to get feedback, there is a team dedicated to understanding the firm,s members.


With the fast changing trends in fashion and beauty industry. E-commerce is a tool that enhances profits. With the need of integrating new systems into businesses, entrepreneurs have to stay on a float. Formation of Techstyle meant that, for Adam and Ressler to be able to reach out to their client across borders Techstyle would provide them with what they need.


Today Techstyle is building high-value fashion brands internationally, patterning with other brands like the Fabletics, Fabkids, and ShoeDazzle. Serving over 4 million active members selling of labels has been uniquely combined technology, mixed media, and membership to their firm. Based in greater Los Angeles are, members from other countries receive celebrity treatment on receiving customized selections. It is evident that Adam and Ressler are focused on changing the way women pick out fashion in the world

We say that we never know what tomorrow brings little did Adam know that at his age of 17 he had started a journey around the world. I think Adam just dresses my neighbor.

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