Ara Chackerian: Issues in Health Care Systems and Business Ventures

Ara Chackerian is no stranger when it comes to the health care business and working in environments of philanthropy. He shares in an in-depth interview his latest ventures regarding healthcare and what we need to focus on. His last venture involves him and his business partner building an outpatient diagnostic radiology center for different areas of healthcare. They spent 10 years or more creating and designing a network of specific centers for the Northern California area. At this time it was suggested to them that they should focus on outpatient psychiatry space. More importantly this means a new device to help treat depression which eventually was called transcranial magnetic stimulation. You can visit Medium to know more.


Ara Chackerian doesn’t shy away from expressing his opinion in regards to why first world countries have no worries about health care. He states that millions of people will always need medical assistance when it comes to fighting diseases in order to live longer. It also doesn’t matter where we live and it could be anywhere. He goes on to state that the healthcare industry is experiencing rising costs mainly for those within the lower income brackets. He says that it’s not uncommon for wealthy individuals to struggle paying their own health care bills. Chackerian also acknowledges that this is true for those with physical conditions or diseases and need specific specific treatment. You can visit their Facebook page.


Chackerian points out that Japan and France are concerned about their health care systems as well. Though these areas have advanced in their particular healthcare field, it is still an issue on how to keep them properly funded to even provide the care. Ara Chackerian says that various nations offer free healthcare and worry how this great benefit will be paid and what part will the government play in the budget. Residents in Sweden can take advantage of the Universal Health Care provided to them by their government. However, they don’t experience life and death moments as Americans do. Every healthcare system has its pros and cons to their particular model. They are all working hard to find solutions that can improve specific medical processes and assist as many citizens in the area as possible.



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