Article Title: Agera Financial

Agera Energy is a firm whose customers include American homeowners and businesses in US states that allow energy deregulation to exist. Agera Energy’s main business centers around providing energy-efficient solutions. From LED lighting options to assisting clients with energy efficiency rebates, Agera Energy’s mission is to focus on sustainability, which is the main part of their business.

Geoff Duda, Agera Energy’s CEO, works hard to bring the correct approach to customers when it comes to helping reduce their energy rates monthly, and yearly. Hatched in 2014, Agera provides methods and plans to help their clients save money on their continual energy use at the home or business. Agera delivers a plan for how clients can save at the specific place that the energy in a building is consumed.

Homeowners and businesses can learn about Pure Wind Plans and other options. Agera currently has 700 (RCEs), or Residential Customer Equivalents in the commercial and industrial sectors.

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