Attorney Jeremy Goldstein’s Legal Services and Charity Work

Jeremy Goldstein, a New York lawyer. He is set to host a wine dinner on May 5, 2019. The event is meant to honor Jim Finkel, and will be a charity event about mental illness. The attorney will host the event at Normand Hotel Roofdeck. Attendants will buy tickets costing $ 5000 but will be given a fancy meal to make up for the ticket cost. Attendants should expect excellent wines because it will be a wines event. Jeremy Goldstein said that he is happy to host a noble event like this because it has a good purpose. Mental illness affects millions of people, and the charity event will help them lead normal lives despite their conditions.



The charity event will be held for Fountain House, which was founded to help people suffering from mental illnesses. The group was founded in 1994 and has helped hundreds of people so far. Jeremy Goldstein says that the Fountain House is doing a noble course and deserves all the support they get. The group has done serious work that is needed to reduce the suffering that mental illness patients experience. It runs an education system to help individuals with mental illness. It is also making efforts to eradicate the issue of homelessness for people suffering from mental illness. They offer a place to sleep and meals for their clients. It is these things that drew the attention of Jeremy Goldstein to host the wine dinner event.



Jeremy Goldstein is a successful in his own right. He graduated from the New York University of Law and later joined a law firm in the state. He realized that executive compensation consultation companies were ending their partnerships with big firms, and he realized that a law firm could do the same. He started Jeremy Goldstein and Associates to offer legal advice. The firm advises clients on corporate governance and execution compensation issues. He has advised big companies, CEOs, and management teams on how to deal with corporate governance.



Jeremy Goldstein has worked with big corporations in the last ten years. He was involved in the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies, Cingular Wireless and AT/T Wireless Service. His experience in the industry has helped him navigate tough terrains.



During his free time, Jeremy spends his time giving lectures on executive compensation and corporate governance. He also likes writing to legal matters and mentoring others. He is a member of the board of directors for Fountain House and has hosted events to promote the group. Jeremy Goldstein is an inspiration to many people in the industry and hopes to continue imparting knowledge. He is a leading executive compensation in the US and inspires many people to achieve their dreams.


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