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OSI Group strategies to enable it to dominate the Global Food industry

OSI is an American based company with its headquarters in Aurora, III, which is a premier world supplier of custom value-added protein food products to the top food service and retailer brands. It is among one of the largest privately-owned food processing companies in the word.

To achieve their goals and work towards their vision, OSI looks for men and women who share their belief that every human being can make a difference because they believe that to be successful in future, they have to be able to bring forth the best and brightest available in the world.

According to the president of OSI group, OSI being a global company have a global network which involves people working in their different branches globally. They have not forgotten the local person since they also have local management teams which makes sure that the local cultures and tastes are observed. Among the items that OSI supplies are sausage links, beef patties, sandwiches, and pizza.

Though operating in more than seventeen countries, the company is implementing local strategies meant to expand its China presence, a state where it has had its operations for twenty years. They have focused on China because it is a country that has the largest growing consumer market in the world.

The company’s branch that is located in U.K was among the 18 global organizations that were awarded the prestigious ‘globe of honor’ in the year 2016 by the British Safety Council for their excellence in environmental management.

In addition, they won the Globe of honor in 2013 and 2015.OSI group has acquired Flagship Europe a supplier of protein products to the UK foodservice market. Flagship Europe has also been seen to intensify its operations in the food industry by acquiring Calder foods which is also a supplier company based in the U.K.OSI has also purchased Tyson Foods a plant that is located to Chicago. The company is supplied with beef by McDonalds and they have had a long-term relationship.

OSI is a company that does extensive market research, and therefore it understands sales, how to conduct market campaigns, how to plan and strategize and how to go about managing credits and their finances. OSI has three main competitors including Tyson Foods Inc., Cargill Meat Solutions Corp, and JBS S/A.On July 2016 it was ranked number 58 in Forbes largest private companies meaning that it is so good at what it does.

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What David Giertz has to say on Retirement Savings

David Giertz is a knowledgeable person who has had 30 years of financial experience. He has several ideas that can help retirement plans and savings as well to be able to take care of their lives. For one to be able to get enough finances for retirement, one has to start saving early. One of the proper methods to start saving is through saving chunks from the income.

At first, saving of chunks is a nice step to begin with though it will not be enough for the retirement hence looking for other income activities. The best way to earn more money is through investments if you got the right measures on how to do it.

According to David Giertz, after knowing the amount one has after saving for retirement, the next thing to consider is a great plan on what to do with the funds so that you can continue earning from. There are several ways which one can be safe of his retirement funds, one is through a brokerage account.

The account provides access to the currencies, stocks and bond markets, allowing a person to know where to venture and invest in as well. The account also allows people to know what to buy and sell products for gains. The brokerage account has withdrawals without limits and is elastic in investment.

David Giertz has served as a Senior Vice President in several companies such as Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at National Life Insurance among many others. He is also a broker besides being a financial advisor.

Most financial firms buys and sells securities such as mutual funds, bonds and many others hence require brokers to do that transactions for them. One of the major problem retirees have is not saving enough for the health cost. People have to save more since aging brings about more health issues.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s Career in Medicine and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor in medicine and surgery from Georgia and Florida medical board. Having grown up in New Orleans, he proceeded to the University of Tulane medical school. After school he joined his father in running their practice, he also engaged in the development of Dr. Mark McKenna venture investment. The company is a one of a kind real estate company. The organization has over the years ventured into mortgage lending, the design of buildings and provide financing in the real estate company. In 2005 during the destruction brought about by Hurricane Katrina, David effectively took part in the rebuilding of the destroyed property. His redevelopment strategy was through the provision of low to moderate-income housing.

In 2007, he relocated to Atlanta where he launched ShapeMed, an organization involved in wellness and aesthetic medical methods. He later sold the company to lifetime fitness selling the company he has been able to diversify into other fields. DR Mark McKenna has served in the lifetime Inc. as the national medical director and also featured in Doctorpreneur, a program on healthcare communities. Recently, DR McKenna has developed OVME; a consumer based Technology Company that delves into healthcare.

Dr. Mark McKenna is married to Gianne, and together they are blessed with a daughter Milana Elle. He starts his day as early as 6 am and works until 6 pm. His schedule is designed to accommodate his family life and Jiu-Jitsu classes. Dr. Mark McKenna can bring his ideas into life through visualization and meditation. The combination of the two helps in setting goals and is his tried and tested method to success. Despite the pressures that come with his job, he heavily discourages smoking as a way of blowing away the steam. Surrounding himself with smart people have helped DR Mark McKenna to grow his business. He is fond of reading The Book by Napoleon Hill because it explains more about the power of visualization. Unlike other entrepreneurs who prefer to be tech gurus, Dr. Mark McKenna sticks to the original computer packages and mostly uses the Microsoft office and excel softwares. His role models are by Barrack Obama and Elon Musk. He has served as a member of several entrepreneurship organizations in New Orleans and an active member of the New Orleans jazz festival.


Organo Gold Coffee Contains Special Health Concious Ingredient

Many things are healthy for you without even realizing it. One thing that most people drink daily has been found to be not only healthy but make you live a longer life. This drink is coffee. Despite the stigma behind coffee being bad due to its high content of caffeine there have been studying that show that coffee can help you to live longer. People who drink coffee are less likely to die from diseases such as heart disease or even stroke. The best part about this new finding is that it is apparently found to be true weather you drink caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

One of the leading coffee brands on the market is Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a great company that specializes in selling coffee that is not only healthy but also delicious. Aside from coffee Organo Gold also sells hot coca and tea for those who don’t like the taste of coffee. Ganoderma mushrooms are Organo Gold’s not so secret ingredient that has many different health benefits. Ganoderma mushrooms are inside of all Organo Gold’s products so even non-coffee lovers can enjoy the health benefits of Ganoderma inside of their tea or hot coca.


Organo Gold currently offers five different types of coffee. They have black coffee, king of coffee, café latte, café mocha, and café supreme. Black coffee is the perfect coffee for those who like their coffee traditionally with nothing else added into it. King of coffee is a nice blend that is not as strong as black coffee. Café latte is a light blend with creamy latte flavor. Café mocha is a coffee blend that has a hint of mocha in it. Lastly, coffee supreme is a delicious coffee that not only rich but also creamy. As for tea they have three different kinds green, red, and black tea. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Eli Gershkovitch, Man of Many Talents

Craft beer is becoming more and more popular in Canada. Beer is already Canada’s favorite alcoholic drink, but craft beer sales have been rising, as opposed to regular beer sales. Here are some of the best Canadian Craft beers.

Red Racer Pale Ale is a great choice for those who like their beer slightly more bitter. It has more hops added to it, which causes its bitter taste. Glutenberg Belgian Double is a great beer for those who want beer but cannot have gluten. This is one of the rare beers not made with gluten. Weissbier, out of Toronto, is a good choice for those who like light beers with little aftertaste. Nutcracker Porter is a great choice for those who like stout beers but like them a little less bitter and sweeter. If you just like dark stout beer, you can get St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, which is dark like coffee. You can also just get Meade, which is really a mixture of wine and honey and gives a great buzz. Read this article at

Steamworks Brewery is a great source of great Canadian craft beers. It is headed by Eli Gershkovitch. Eli Gershkovitch is an interesting person who is very talented. He is a pilot and a lawyer besides his work as CEO of Steamworks Brewery.

Eli Gershkovitch really sets the tone for Canadian Craft Beer. In the Open Beer championship, over six thousand beers were competing for recognition and awards. Canada took home many awards because they have the best beer. Eli Gershkovitch is a prime example of excellence in Canadian craft brewery. Eli Gershkovitch is a lawyer, but he wanted to create tangible things, too. That is one reason he got into Canadian craft beer. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Affiliate Dork.

Eli Gershkovitch was able to use his legal skills to help out his business. For example, he was able to navigate any tricky legal mazes and get patents for his beers. The Steamworks Brew Pub became so popular that he started to branch out and start other businesses that also offered Steamworks beers. Eli Gershkovitch has worked on his brews for years before putting them out to the public.

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A Hearty Healthy Meal with Sweetgreen Restaurants

The lack of healthy dining options in Georgetown became an opportunity for three graduates from Georgetown University. During their time at the University, they found it difficult to get healthy eating places that felt easy and fun.

As a result, the trio decided to revolutionize the food industry in the town. Their journey started at a 560 square-foot tavern in the downtown area. Challenges started with acquiring the place. The landlord, having known them from where they lived, she became reluctant to lease the tavern to them.

However, after a month of persuasion, she accepted a face to face meeting after which she asked them to find an architect, business backers, and a real plan. According to Ru, it took them three weeks to meet her requirements after which she leased the tavern, probably against her better judgment.

Today, Sweetgreen has expanded to Boston, Washington, and New York. It markets itself not merely as a place to get food but as a company that stands for something greater. Likening themselves with Apple, Sweetgreen approaches their marketing with a similar approach as the tech giant. According to Dold, they strive to be social, sexy and smart.

Dold added that customers rarely buy what you do, but instead, they buy how you do it. Nathaniel stressed that each restaurant strives to meet the company’s standards while serving the community around it. The business grows on a base of five values.

The first is a win situation for both the restaurant and the community. The second is a sustainability idea that allows planning for the long-term. The third revolves around the authenticity of their products, employees’ demeanor, and the source of raw materials. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider

The sweet in Sweetgreen stands for value addition. A satisfied customer will tell a friend. That way, marketing becomes simpler. Finally, embracing teamwork creates a happy community.

In 2009, they rented a more prominent space near Dupont Circle, Washington. The location registered few customers in the first two weeks. However, they incorporated music that saw customers stream in.

It was then that Sweetlife was born. Sweetlife is a food and music festival that attracts over 20,000 people. Today, Sweetgreen is among the top leaders in the industry.

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder of the Sweetgreen restaurant. He is a graduate of Georgetown University. There, he studied for a Finance degree at McDonough School of Business. He has remained instrumental in the expansion of Sweetgreen.

Today, the restaurant is operational in 27 locations in six states. Out of their experience at Georgetown, Nathaniel Ru and his friends sought to create a healthy and eco-friendly dining option.

Drew Madden Moves to a Madison-based Consulting Firm

The former CEO of Nordic has moved to the newest health care provider that adopts the use of the latest technology in digital record systems. The evergreen healthcare partners entered the market when a group of businesses in Madison announced the launch of the company via LinkedIn. Madison is known for nurturing great companies among them being Nordic, Sagacious consultants and Blutree Network. These companies are champions of electronic medical recording.

Drew Madden is one of the evergreen founders after moving from his position as president at Nordic. He quit his job at Nordic in 2016 in the midst of serious sexual allegations from a former vice president of the marketing department. Ms. Natalee Cruuse filed a complaint for which a decision has yet to be made. However, Drew left the company to start Evergreen which is a competitor of Nordic.

This is a great competition for the newly formed company as Nordic has quite a great reputation as being one of the best places to work in the country. It is able to achieve its goals with a steady workforce of 800 employees for which Evergreen has to conquer. However, this may not be as difficult as it looks considering that Nordic grew to reach its current state under the able leadership of Drew Madden who has moved to Evergreen and is still at the top of the steering wheel. The other challenge would be to reach out for the KLAS recognition and have evergreen ranked as an epic specific consultant in this highly competitive industry.

According to the description on its website, Evergreen is considered an advisory firm for multiple EHR platforms that specialize in healthcare technology. Madden recognizes that the new company would definitely focus on electronic health records, but there will be more to it than just records. The goal is to help healthcare providers with a broader technology in this sector.

However, this was all Madden Drew was willing to discuss as he withheld other details about the company. Madden is to work with other senior partners among them being Jeff Leach whose expertise for the past decade managing Epic installs for a variety of health systems is going to be invaluable to the new company. Also coming on board is Rebecca Borttoff formerly an executive at PPi and a renowned software creator based in Verona with a focus on long-term health care. On the team also will be Aaron Friedman who worked at Epic initiative in Los Angeles at the Loma Linda University Health. The team has two former Epic employees.

Dallas Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is one of the many investment firms that provide financial services to a number of different clients. The firm began its operations in the year 1990 and has established itself as one of the most reputable firms in the industry. Today the firm provides a number of services that help a number of investors manage their capital more efficiently. When clients work with Highland Capital Management, they will be able to get access to a number of different services that will ensure that their assets are in good hands. Highland Capital offers advisory services as well as general money management. One of the things that has separated the firm from other ones in the industry is its specialization in managing securities backed by debt and credit. It became the first firm to offer collateralized loan obligations. Read this article at Dallas News.

In 1990, Highland Capital was started up by longtime finance professional James Dondero and co founder Mark Okada. When the firm first began, it provided life insurance to various clients. During the first two years of the firm’s existence, it established itself as a reputable company that provided quality life insurance policies. While it was successful as a life insurance company, Dondero and Okada realized that it would be beneficial to add more services in order to be more competitive. As a result, the firm was transformed into a comprehensive financial services company. It would then begin offering a wide range of services that would cater to wealth and capital management. The firm would also focus on assisting institutional investors along with individuals as well. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

During the last two decades, Highland Capital Management has experienced a considerable amount of growth. In 1996, the firm became the first entity to offer collateralized loan obligations which was only available through banks. This helped set it apart from competitors in the industry. Along with offering collateralized loan obligations, Highland Capital continued to provide a wide range of services that would help clients such as high net worth individuals and corporations manage their capital with more ease and efficiency. The firm would also expand to other parts of the world in order to establish a worldwide presence in the finance industry.


A Closer look at Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a well known and accomplished Scientist that has devoted his career and profession to the study of Aging as well as Cancer. Presently, Mikhail Blagosklonny is on staff as a Professor of Oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The Roswell Cancer Institute is located in New York.

*Educational Background/ Area of Concentration:

Mikhail Blagosklonny graduated from the First Pavlov State Medical University. The University is located within the Saint Pettersburg area of Florida. Mikhail Blagosklonny received both is MD as well as his PHD from First Pavlov Medical University. His primary area of study was on Experimental Medicine techniques as well as studies involving the heart and circulatory system (Cardiology).

Part of Mikhail Blagosklonny work experience involves being appointed Associate Professor of Medicine at New York Medical College. It was during his tenure with New York Medical College that the Doctor developed an interest in researching as well as studying Cancer and the aging process.

After his experience as Associate Professor of Medicine, Mikhail Blagosklonny accepted a position as a Research Scientist at the Ordway Scientific and Research Institute. Blagosklonny became involved in various research projects while at Ordway. He held the position as Associate Professor of Medicine at Ordway Institute for a period of seven years.

After resigning from Ordway, Mikhail Blagosklonny accepted a position as Professor of Oncology at the Roswell Cancer Institute. Dr. Blagosklonny began intensive research which involved Cancer studies. In addition, Mikhail Blagosklonny began to research the aging process and the possibility of altering or slowing the process of aging. His studies seemed to both fascinate as well as intrigue staff members.

Mikhail Blagosklonny main area of study was on Cancer treatments that left healthy cell unharmed. In addition, his fascination with turning back the hands of time as far as aging was concerned seemed to dominate his research ideas and studies. Dr. Blagosklonny discovered that TOR Signaling played a definite role in the aging process.

*Anti-aging Studies/ Publications:

During the course of Mikhail Blagosklonny’s anti-aging studies he discovered that the drug Rapamycin could possibly extend ones life dramatically. Rapamycin was commonly used as a Cancer drug however, Dr. Blagosklonny felt it could be useful in reversing as well as altering the process of aging. He is a firm believer that Rapamycin should be used in research studies involving longevity and anti-aging. However, as expected Mikhail Blagosklonny received much opposition for his research ideas for a variety of reasons.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has written several medical publications. In addition, he has co-authored the books “Cell Cycle” as well as “Cancer Biology & Therapy”. He is also a regular member of the Medical Editorial Board of “Cell Death and Differentiation”. Dr. Blagosklonny has also spoken at several medical conferences on a national level.

Talk Space Addresses Mental Health Issues

Depression is a mental health issue that is faced by thousands of people daily. People avoid those that suffer with depression because it is contagious. The average person suffering with depression is afraid to confront this mental problem head on because of the societal stigma attached to the illness. Depression does not discriminate. It hits people of all ages, sexes, nationalities, and backgrounds. Certainly, people in the middle of a divorce are in the midst of depression. Add a sociopathic spouse with antisocial personality disorder and you’ve got deep problems that require consulting with a therapist. These are only a few of the mental health issues that are addressed by the Talk Space application.

What Is Talk Space

Talk Space is an online therapy application that addresses a number of mental health issues faced by people daily. In order to get started, download the Talk Space application to a mobile device. Sign on and the application matches the user with a licensed therapist for a monthly fee. It’s the perfect application for the person that would rather communicate their problems over an application through text messages, voice calls, or video calls. Surprisingly, many people find that communicating with a therapist over the application frees up their anxiety concerning talking about their problems.

Talk Space Advantages

The top advantage is that a therapist is available around the clock to answer questions or discuss issues. Talk Space poses a series of questions that the user answers. They use the questions to match the user with a therapist. However, if the user does not find the therapist suitable, they can switch to a new therapist. Some people find it better to communicate over their mobile device or computer instead of taking time out of their hectic schedule to consult with a therapist.

Most Talk Space users state that their experience with the application and licensed therapists was very positive.