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Get Amazing Hair Color Options With Lime Crime

Lime Crime has always been known for their intricate colors, quality products, and their empowering creator and CEO, Doe Deere. She also realized that at some point her unconventional way of thinking about colors was not popular to her adult peers, but she would later find that it would be a precious color source for girls and guys everywhere that craved color. Her cosmetic line dares individuals to be creative and completely unapologetic about choosing vibrant colors. Amazingly, her wearers now have the option of choosing trendy hair color dyes through the newly launched Unicorn edition.


Their new collection of hair dyes still comes with the LEAP Bunny approved hypoallergenic products that you’re use to. Each jar comes measured with 700 ml that provides over 14 washes for the permanent dyes. Choose from semi, permanent, and tints. There tents offer their customers over 8 washes with their tints. Choose from radical colors that mimic the Lime Crime cosmetic line like Radical Metallic and turquoise colors that really give you a color scheme that can’t be matched with any of their competitors. LC has expanded their colors with the benefits of all-natural hair dye products. Discover the inner unicorn in you today.


You can find ways to mix, match, and blend their new hair dye products with the benefits of hundreds of YouTube tutorials available through actual users of their cosmetics and hair dyes. They offer a great way for their customers to find ways to accent their color scheme with great clothing items and accessories from their sister company, Dolls Kills. In fact, LC takes chances by offering their customers uniquely based cosmetics with super-foil products. They dare to be as bold with their hair dye products that don’t contain bleach or ammonia.


You’re invited to visit the official Lime Crime website for more details and promotional offers. They offer amazing details listed on their website for first-time customer specials. Discover your unique colors with the benefits of LC today.

Igor Cornelson, World Class Investor

Igor Cornelsen is an investor and stock market trader, famous in Brazil. He made his name in banking as being one of the top bankers in his country, managing some of the biggest banks in Brazil. He also assisted in helping manage a massive amount of the nation’s gross economy. He pioneered the strategies in investing in damaged stocks, not damaged companies. This technique carefully navigates stock that is having trouble because of a short-term problem a company may be having; so investors avoid companies that will not recover from issues that arise. If someone is interested in investing, Cornelsen advises to be in it for the long haul, and take a realistic look at the market. Winning the lottery is not the same as the stock market, where someone wins big after one investment in a lottery ticket.

Igor Cornelsen advises that investing requires decades of dedication, if someone wants to see returns. Investors should not only be careful what kind of stock, with what companies and whether they are productive and consistent. Investors should not put their money all on one stock, or one company, but spread the money out. Make many small investments, don’t overcommit to a stock, and be prepared for returns not to happen overnight. Investing, and doing it right, takes research and a lot of time.

Igor Cornelsen is semi-retired from stock trading and financial investments, but does currently spend time with Bainbridge Investment Inc., in the Bahamas. He lives in Florida and has taken up golf as a hobby. He still returns to his home country of Brazil to make available his financial advice and direction, as well as consulting in regards to the finance side of business and industry. There’s a reason why he is so well known in Brazil, as he is one of the most intelligent investors and businessman.

Government To Channel Concessions To Improving Sanitary Conditions Through Partnership With The Private Sector

Many companies tend to run away from their corporate social responsibilities. The few that take part do it halfheartedly. What if every organization took part in making the society better? The world would certainly be a nice. In most states, the public power is entirely responsible for maintaining safe environment. What if the public and private organizations chose to work together towards that goal? Felipe Montoro Jens, a specialist infrastructural management, reports about collaboration between the government and private sector to improve sanitation conditions in the country.


The government recently revealed that its new partnership with the National Bank for Social and Economic Development would be making concessions that will be channeled to sanitation management projects. In an interview, Edison Carlos, the President of Trata Brasil, gave a clear picture of the sanitary conditions in the country and emphasized on the need do something about it. He also said that with the new partnership, the deprived sanitary conditions would obtain the much needed financial boost that will see rectification of the entire system.


Edison Carlos added that with the current 90% of basic sanitation services being performed by the public sector, the participation of private sector would not exclude the government participation. Together they will increase the quality of the service and reach more individuals and organizations for a better future. However, he accentuated that clearly drawn contracts and clear guidelines are necessary for smooth supervision and effective running of the projects.


The Achievement Of Felipe Montoro


Felipe Montoro is a renowned investor who has held various executive positions in the past. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation. Later, he joined Thunderbird School of Global Management for his graduate studies.


After graduating, Felipe Montoro started climbing the career ladder to his current position of a Director at Foz do Brasil SA. Felipe also serves as a Director at Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo, a firm tasked with ensuring proper management of concessions. With Felipe involved, the projects are likely to run smoothly and effectively.


Media Shark, the Leader in Digital Marketing Services


White Shark Media is an excellent showcasing organization helping organizations of all sizes prevail with administrations expected to construct an online presence. The organization is one of just 29 to be incorporated as a Google AdWords Premier Partner, and in only five short years of being around, have superseded the desires of numerous.

This organization offers an assortment of administrations that you should be a piece of today’s well-informed world, guaranteeing that your site and organization is found on web crawlers, helping you pick the correct watchwords, handling your online networking records, and much more. These things are more essential today than any other time in recent history, and White Shark Media utilizes their administration to help you stretch out beyond the diversion.


Many fulfilled clients have left their tributes and audits of the organization on the web for you to have firsthand information. These reviews are there without any cost, and with them, you learn inside and out structure data that can settle on the choice of the best computerized showcasing office simpler for you. For example,

Mrs. Nancy who comes from Marion, Indiana, says that White Shark Media has been the purpose of her business being a standout among the best private ventures in the city. She stated: “White Shark Media took care of all the diligent work for me. I don’t know anything about showcasing, particularly on the Internet. In any case, on account of this organization, I am currently a main independent company in the region. I will keep on trusting in and utilize their administrations for quite a while ahead and prescribe you do likewise.”


It is only one of many audits from clients that have worked with White Shark Media. If you want to get more information concerning this organization and what others are saying in regards to them, you can visit the company’s site specifically for audits, and obviously, look the web, as well. It is all free and will take just a short measure of your time.


With this visit, you will rapidly realize there is not a preferred name than White Shark Media.


Yanni Hufnagel; A Gifted Basketball Recruiter

Against all the odds, Yanni Hufnagel has made what many views as a seamless transition to his new post as assistant coach of the Nevada Wolf Pack basketball franchise. At the wolves, he is the aide to the manager, Eric Musselman. A native of New York with a Jewish heritage, Yanni expressed his interest in coaching since his childhood days. He read numberless books on the subject, and whenever he had time, he attempted to actualize the drills described in the tutorials.


His dream came into reality in his freshman year at Cornell University, where he was appointed the manager of the basketball team. The first job opened up a myriad of opportunities, with the next task being an internship at the NBA franchise New Jersey Nets. After a successful period, he was recommended to another coach, located in Oklahoma.


Yanni’s stint at Oklahoma was short but successful. He then moved on to Harvard University, as an unpaid assistant. Though he signed up as a volunteer, the extent of work done by Yanni Hufnagel at Harvard rivals that of paid professionals. He has recruited numerous promising talents, which have spurred the Harvard team into basketball giants. Before Yanni’s arrival, Harvard was hugely considered as minnows.

Over the years, Hufnagel has earned multiple plaudits from his peers in the basketball industry. This reputation is further enhanced by his unique ability to spot talented individuals at a young age.


About Yanni Hufnagel


Yanni Hufnagel is one of the most prominent assistant coaches in the NBA. He stands out among his peers, primarily because of his extensive experience at a young age of thirty. Also, he possesses an exceptional prowess to identify high-potential players.

An alumnus of the Cornell University, Yanni delved into coaching while on campus. Since then he has worked under several head coaches at Harvard, New Jersey Nets, Oklahoma, and Vanderbilt, just to name a few.


Sawyer Howitt; The Racquetball Star

Sawyer Howitt is a multi-talented racquetball player from Portland, Oregon. He is the son of the founder of the Meriwether Group. Sawyer serves as a project manager at the firm. Sawyer plays at the Racquetball Club of Portland. Sawyer has been a member for many years. Howitt was first discovered as a promising player when he was still in high school. He even reached the state playoffs where he won several games. This was a spectacular feat for a player of his age. It improved his reputation in the game.

Sawyer Howitt is looking to join Columbia University where he will pursue a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance. He is a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers and enjoys fishing. Sawyer Howitt has managed to excel at the sport despite all these responsibilities. He is on course to play for the US National team and represent his country internationally. Sawyer Howitt is one of the top players in his age group. He has a good record against his peers.

Sawyer’s game has been described as professional because of the ease with which he plays. It is not uncommon to see his games being shared across social media. Sawyer is a student at Lincoln High School. He has helped to improve the standing of the school in the sport.  Sawyer Howitt has been dubbed the most promising racquetball player from Portland. He is living up to the billing. Racquetball is not a popular sport. Sawyer Howitt might be a household name in the future if he continues on this trend.

Read Sawyer Howitt’s blog for the latest information.


EOS Lip Balm

There are no doubts about the fact that our health should be considered as being our absolute number one priority. Once someone has achieved optimal levels of health on a regular basis, they will more than likely be able to live a normal day to day life to potentially achieve absolute happiness. If an individual is not healthy for whatever reasons, they will have difficulty with working and making a living for themselves. This is why attaining good health is an absolute must for anyone.

One aspect of attaining good health that many people are not necessarily aware about is the condition of one’s mouth. Proper moisturization of one’s lips is also highly recommended so that said individual will not always be required to lick their lips to keep them moist and healthy. Once an individual continuously has dry lips that they neglect to regularly moisturizer, they may notice cracks appearing. Such cracks may not necessarily cause health problems immediately; however, they can cause quite a bit of pain. If you would like to invest in a lip balm product that has proven itself as being a top choice on Target in its respective line of products, then please do not hesitate to see what EOS lip balm can do for you. EOS lip balm is a one of a kind product that is difficult to find anywhere else. It has even become a competing product of the popular company of Chapstick. If you have used Chapstick’s products on Amazon, then you will probably agree that any company that is in competition with it and doing well at doing so can certainly be one that is considered reliable. If you would like to learn more about the lip balm that is made by EOS, then please feel free to visit their website ( today.

Eric Pulier Completes An Interview With Ideamensch

Some Background Information On Eric Pulier


Eric Pulier is a software developer, investor, author, father of four and philanthropist. He grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey and later went on to study at Harvard University. Mr. Pulier currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


Eric Pulier has started numerous companies and created numerous software programs. Some of them include Akana, Digital Evolution, vAtomic Systems ServiceMesh and US Interactive. Pulier’s work in philanthropy includes being a board member of the Painted Turtle youth summer camp and helping to create the communication platform known as Starbright World. The Painted Turtle is a camp for chronically ill kids. Starbright World is an online community where terminally ill children can meet and talk to other terminally ill children in a safe, secure and private environment.


A Few Highlights From The Interview Eric Pulier Completed With Ideamensch


The first question given to Eric Pulier was where he got the idea to create his latest venture called vAtomic Systems. Eric Pulier said that the inspiration for him creating vAtomic Systems was the opportunity he saw in digital games and digital goods with the advent of disruptive technology. Pulier said that there is a big opportunity now in this area thanks to new technology such as mobile GPS and blockchain technology. The increasing popularity of digital goods trading and improved game mechanics further inspired him to launch this new venture. VAtomic Systems helps to bring digital goods out of digital games and it is an opportunity that Pulier sees only increasing in the near future.


Ideamensch then asked Eric Pulier how a typical day for him looks like and what he does to make it productive. He answered by saying that he tries to get up every morning and have some quiet time to himself which he often spends reading. Getting a good night’s rest the day beforehand is also important to Pulier. After scrambling to get his four young kids ready for school, Pulier says he then tries to focus all his energy and time to the tasks he needs to complete. He also says that he tries to stick to his planned schedule as best he can.




Wengie Explains Her Life Through Draw My Life


Wengie is a very popular Youtube vlogger as well as a big Instagram celebrity. She recently made a Draw My Life video where-where she illustrated her life on a white board and erasable marker. She began with her birth in 1986, where she was born in China. Her parents moved to Australia and she was left with her Grandfather until they could fly to Australia to be with them.


She first arrived in Melbourne where she began attending school. She later moved to Sidney when her family got a better paying job. She was painfully shy and had trouble making friends as a child. As she got older, she made a big effort to gain friends and to have a busy social life. She graduated from high school and got accepted to college for accounting. She worked hard in school where she also developed her online skills and dabbled with her videos and social media. She quit her job and got another as a Social Media Manager. She was really involved with her job and worked around the clock.


Wengie started to gain popularity and she quit her job so that she could promote her beauty blog, vlogs, and videos. She traveled to China from major promotions and began to really get involved with her social media career. She started to see a fair amount of success and later met the man that she is presently engaged to. Wengie’s popularity continues to grow and she has millions of fans and subscribers. She released daily vlogs as well a two video on Youtube weekly.


E-governe making 25 years of improving the public system

A Brazilian company focused on developing and building systems for the Brazilian government has completed 25 years this April 2017. The company is called e-governe and is one of the most prominent information systems providers in the country. They provide the productivity and efficiency of the government managing tools.

The founder and President of e-governe, Haroldo Jacobovicz, stated that, At the end of the eightieth century, he realized that the public agencies were need of better technological services to provide a better working experience and a more organized layout. Nowadays, his company provides more than fifteen solutions with modern technology to support the entire public spectrum.

The e-governe has helped the agencies in many sectors including health, education, finances & management, materials, human resources, attendance, among others. Their systems offer support for the highest technologies allowing the operators to fully switch their systems without breaking the efficiency of their workplace. They come with absolute security against scams or invasion, as the safety of public information is the key priority of e-commerce. The company on also assumes responsibility for storing, processing and monitoring data if requested by the office.

E-governe is also a significant provider of jobs in the country, which is a welcoming step forward as Brazil has been experiencing an increase in unemployment since 2015. E-governe still maintains his position hiring many professionals in the areas of technologies & innovations, Data Management and Network to work with the team.

More Brazilian states are utilizing the services of e-governe at, like the recent inclusion of the city of Osasco among the counties that adopted the educational management system. Osasco is one of the biggest cities in the metropolitan state of São Paulo, being ranked as the fifth largest population in São Paulo as well as the 23° “PIB” (GNP: Gross National Product, in Brazilian). The city is also very well regarded for its economic state that is stable and growing at a significant rate. The index of crimes and unemployment are also small.

The e-governe has a high participation in the health management system of the public institutions in Brazil. They create the integration of the health sector with an intuitive program that allows them to make appointments and organize data without losing precious time, both from the patients and the staff.

They work in close collaboration with hospitals, clinics, and ambulances to provide ways of communication that won’t hinder their movement as many times, doctors and emergency physicians need to be fast.

The Brazilian Government is also strictly backing up the use of the e-governe’s systems by incentivizing and creating initiatives for the youth to go work with e-governe to learn more about technological systems and network. There will be training that will take place to allow more individuals to participate in the implantation of these tools in more fields of the public agencies as well as more cities that could use a system like that.

The system is being implanted by the town of Curitiba, in Paraná. The initiative is welcomed by the community, and the new members of the staff will begin working in providing a better and faster service as soon as they finish the training.

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