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Roberto Santiago- Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping in Brazil.

In the last two years , Roberto Santiago had faced some challenges when he started the construction of Mangabeira Shopping. The State Court of Auditors was the first to question the legality of the transaction and the last to beat the hammer attesting that the lawsuit is legal. At that time, from time to time he would see Santiago in a Volkswagen Brasilia, grating like crazy to sell his lots along with Gerson Cabeçao. If he got where he got it is because he has the blood of entrepreneurship in his veins. In fact, the Santiago should not wait for many headlines saying that barter is legal. Be content with one and look there. Who lost the most was Paraíba. If none of these had happened, the mall would already have been built generating thousands of direct and indirect jobs, increasing tax collection, heating up the economy and contributing to the development of the state.

In the meantime, while the ECA’s advisors postponed polls, requested views and changed their vote, there were questions in the Legislative Assembly, the Court of Justice, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the campus. In all instances, the exchange was authorized and validated as a normal and legal process.

In this same interval, the stick sang in the back of Roberto Santiago, with public offenses and attack to its honor. And now? After the four institutions, AL, TC, TJ, and MP were to respect what the entrepreneur defended from the outset as a legal process, who will pay for the moral damages that the Santiago family suffered and for the financial loss in business, which could have been much more advanced ? Certainly, no one. In fact, the Santiago should not wait for many headlines saying that barter is legal. Be content with one and look there. Who lost the most was Paraíba. If none of these had happened, the mall would already have been built generating thousands of direct and indirect jobs, increasing tax collection, heating up the economy and contributing to the development of the state.

Despite being in the midst of a shootout, Roberto Santiago, as soon as he was authorized by the Justice, began work on Mangabeira Shopping, Acadepol and the Police Central in July of last year. Today, Acadepol is almost ready, and the Central is under construction. Mangabeira Shopping is already well advanced. Just stop at the Hilton Souto Maior to see.

The question that does not want to be silent is: how long would it take and how much would it cost, this or any government to build the new Acadepol? At that time, from time to time he would see Santiago in a Volkswagen Brasilia, grating like crazy to sell his lots along with Gerson Cabeçao. If he got where he got it is because he has the blood of entrepreneurship in his veins.


Neurocore Gives Reasons Why Depression is Serious

In the United States alone, about 16 million adults suffer major depression. This is about 6.7 percent of the total population of the country suffering this mental illness every year. This illness always affects the adults and is more prevalent among women. However, it can affect anyone with no regard to age and within no obvious cause. Majority of the people with this illness that seek medical attention have received full recovery. However, most of the victims of this mental illness end up not seeking any medical attention probably because of the stigma that faces its surrounding. Apparently, mental depression is neither a personal weakness nor a light thing to be ignored but should be taken seriously. Read more at about Neurocore.

Depression can occur without any identifiable reason. However many people that have suffered a recent stressful life circumstance such as divorce, abuse, a death of a loved one or financial problems are more likely to suffer depression. There are several depressive disorders that affect people. Major depressive disorder is one of them and consists of low self-esteem and extreme sadness that lasts for about two weeks. Persistent depressive disorder is the other that is longer lasting for two or more years. However, it never reaches the major depressive episodes. Postpartum depression begins at childbirth and can last for up to a year. Follow Neurocore on

Symptoms of depression may differ with each person. Major symptoms include a persistent feeling of sadness, numbness and empty; too much or little sleep; drastic changes in weight; loss of interest in what you used to enjoy; lack of concentration and much more. Depression can also cause physical toil on an individual. These include headaches, general tension, stomach problems and sometimes short of breath.

Neurocore was developed in the year 2004 and has well spread its wing throughout Lower Michigan and two other branches in Southern Florida. The Neurocore is a brain performance centers that are licensed. It has a clinical specialist, brain coaches, and client advocate skill to handle all matters regarding the brain. The company applies technology to figure out and deliver relevant treatment. Comprehensive assessment and the map of your brain enable them to personalize a program for you that will train your brain.


Felipe Montoro Jens Taking Part in Porto Alegre PPPs Projects

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is a popular Brazilian businessman and infrastructure expert. He has been asked to weigh in with his professional expertise on a variety of matters in his home country of Brazil including the Public-Private Partnerships or PPPs for short as well as the Water Concessions in the nation.

The first of the many projects of the mayor of Porto Alegre Nelson Merchezan Junior was discussed at the end of June earlier this year. The projects were about the PPPs as well as the Concessions. The discussion was led by the Management Council of the Municipal Program of Partnerships. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens was also a part of the debate.

At the discussion, a vast number of topics were brought up. Some of the issues included the public lighting, the Public Market as well as the water park in the city of Porto Alegre, the sanitation projects as well as the expansion of the Materno Infantil Presidente Vargas.

Over the course of the meeting, the experts defined better the priorities of each of the projects. They also established what areas would require the services of the private sector.

Nelson Marchezan Junior believes that the Public-Private Partnerships will aid in the overcoming of the financial crisis that Brazil is currently going through. A vast number of mayors share that opinion which is why there have been PPPs projects going on around the whole country.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens has been of great help n the projects going on in Porto Alegre. The infrastructure expert has the best interest of the people as a top priority. According, to his colleagues, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens as been bringing up a vast number of important matters for discussion.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is also a businessman. He studied in the United States and after that returned to Brazil to do business.

Find out more about Felipe Montoro Jens:,4d1cfee159791826fd7c00be88ff5defx4uhd4g6.html

Australia First Financial Holdings

While the company has offices open all over the world first ugly financial holdings Australia business/operation as one the biggest and most respected around the company. The overall huge business first opened in 2002 with Australia office open a few years later Australia’s office made it it’s main job to hire staff all the people who are financial industry veteran or whatever for the help now I’ll be cooperation with individual consumer with their financial needs. The company is able to help you with on treasury in stock purchases will give you a great recommendation so you’re able to purchase the best ones that will help your financial future. This is also gives out recommendations on things like this so not only are the regulations good with a recommendation from Flippo loans for the latter they give out or low risk our ward this helps the customer base as well as you

Lori Senecal — Poised for Greatness

Lori Senecal: over the last eight years, strong cups of java and imagination have helped her profit. She’s worked hard to become the notable international CEO of CP+B. Throughout her period, she’s earned and held more customers than CP+B has found in its whole history. She’s a service powerhouse! Her final job would be to alter the creative management of agencies expecting to globalize their operations and oversee the ones that require consulting.

Oftentimes, Lori is just brought in if a client is in dire need. The essential changes she makes include globalization of campaigns, nuanced advertising and marketing strategy, and innovative technology. Lori Senecal assists these businesses evolution. The darlings of imagination serving her staff help make the regiment complete. Every company she’s served has changed to a hugely efficient progressive business. She struggles for equal rights and significance in a culture which historically caters to guys. While at Crispin, she encouraged four new female creatives to attain their place in greater ranks. She has also spoken in the 3% Conference about opening doors for ladies and allying women in the workplace. A noble cause near her heart, she still wants to see more girls excel in the corporate world. During her efforts, she’s cultivated a little group of girls bent on enhancing the bleak numbers of corporate America. The team of female advertising executives builds innovative opportunities and corporate assistance; they meet in Los Angeles and determine distinct ways they could all reinforce one another’s livelihood and increased success in marketing and advertising.

Accordingg to GCReport, Lori Senecal prides herself on her trendy character and steady hand. The attributes came in handy when working this type of chaotic campaigning at Crispin. Due to her character, she managed to help the agency with all the Domino’s efforts. Domino’s has become the biggest supplier of pizza. Their adverts are hailed as fresh, new, and exciting – almost as hot as their pizza! Domino’s innovative AOR for at least eight decades, this is an important accomplishment for Lori Senecal. She Changed the face of fast food shipping in the USA and is poised for even greater things.

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Owner of the QI Group, Vijay Eswaran

The Malaysian 56-year-old is a great businessman who knows about starting small. He was in the Malaysian government working at the Ministry of Labor, but he has Indian roots. He was once working at a construction site when he was in Belgium after coming out of campus, London School of Economics.

Vijay Eswaran was also in France and Britain working mostly in blue collar jobs. He studied binary system marketing in London after doing his undergraduate degree. The MBA he has is from Illinois University.

While giving talks and in interviews, Datuk Seri Vijay Eswaran says that people on campus need to have job creation in mind rather than thinking about employment when they are in school. People are mostly thinking of how they are going to be job seekers when they qualify from campus. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Vijay says that as the time goes, people are also becoming irrelevant as labor. There is artificial intelligence like robots and computers which together eliminate mass employment. The population is growing on the other hand and will need funding. These two means that as graduates, we need to think broader and outside the box. He said these when he was at Universiti Malaya.

Eswaran praises the Taiwanese, Japanese, and Chinese who would like to be employed shortly and then, later on, become their bosses. To him, it is good to look for a job that fits your degree of qualification. It has to suit your personality, preferences, and philosophies. While working for a firm, you should not put their goals first before yours. If you do so, you will end up hurting yourself in the expense of the established employer.

Vijay Eswaran has been generous in sharing his own experiences. He likes one to work in a start-up company because they will be able to learn more technique than if they go to an established firm.

It will be important because it will offer thumbnails in approaching your own business and will now help you in achieving your goals. It is good for one to know what is right for their career.

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Why Karl Heideck Believes that the New Philadelphia Salary Law Seeks to Foster Equality at Workplaces

A new law, which is aimed at prohibiting employers based in Philadelphia from inquiring about their prospective employees’ past salaries, was recently passed in Philadelphia. The law earned critical acclaim since Philadelphia is the first municipality to enact legislation of that kind in the U.S. Activists for workers’ rights were excited about the new law since it provides more transparency into the job recruiting process.

According to a reputable lawyer by the name of Karl Heideck, the law is targeted at doing away with the gender pay gap. Heideck believes that most women have been earning less than their male counterparts. Furthermore, employers have been using women’s salary histories to determine their current salaries. It has also been noted that men usually begin their careers with higher wages than women.

Philadelphia legislators passed the law not only to be applied locally but also to have far-reaching effects. This means that the policy applies to all businesses operating in Philadelphia irrespective of whether or not their headquarters are situated elsewhere. Opponents of the policy believe that it aimed at discouraging businesspeople from neighboring states from setting up their business ventures in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce is among the institutions that strongly opposed the new legislation. This government agency went ahead to file a case in court seeking to delay the implementation of the policy. According to the ruling, the judiciary said that the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce did not give sufficient explanations on how the new law would affect businesses.

Karl Heideck was present during the court proceedings of the chamber of commerce’s case. Heideck was certain that the agency was not going to stop the implementation of the legislation. He believes that human resource departments in companies operating in Philadelphia require legal counsel. The role of the counsel is to provide legal advice aimed at ensuring that hiring processes are conducted in accordance with the new policy.

About Karl Heideck

As a reputable litigation attorney, Karl Heideck is proficient in dispute resolution, settlement, negotiation, and communication. He earned his first undergraduate degree in 2003 from the renowned Swarthmore College. In 2009, Karl Heideck graduated with a Juris Doctor degree from Beasley School of Law, which operates as a branch of Templeton University.

Karl Heideck is also a board-certified and licensed attorney. He has been practicing general law by the Pennsylvania bar regulations. Heideck has been practicing law in Philadelphia for over seven years. Karl Heideck’s practice involved taking legal action against or defending individuals and corporations.

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Clay Siegall, Bringing Cancer Treatment Closer through Innovative Techniques in Seattle Genetics

The Bothell Cascade Business Park hosts the world’s headquarters of Seattle Genetics. The environment seems unfamiliar with a scientific venture but becomes clearer when one nears the lobby of building three. In place is a green triangular sculpture made of Lego bricks forming a simple model of a human antibody. Seattle Genetics has dedicated its entire study to human antibodies and has put into place techniques to study, manipulate, and package them into drugs. The organization was founded in 1997 and is based on the grounds of catapulting their findings into the big leagues.

The human antibody has been used to form a connection in the form of therapy giving it the ability to offload a toxic payload into the vicinity of a cancer cell thus destroying it from within. It is a hope that Seattle’s biotech community pushes through with this incumbent innovation despite the many hurdles in the sector. The company has a market value of about $10 billion and boasts of a wide personnel team with over 900 employees making it the largest biotech all over Washington.

The company is determined to move from being a biotech into a big pharmaceutical. A great investment is put in research and marketing with an expectation of increasing its number of employees by 200 before the year ends. Clay Siegall, the company’s CEO, declares that they are now emerging globally, standing as a multiproduct oncology organization. He says that the company has the desire to go big and is currently running with a long list of drugs on their pipeline.

About Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is among the founders of the Seattle Genetics, which was initiated in 1998. He also holds the position of CEO, President, and is part of its Board of Directors. He holds a B.S in Zoology from the University of Maryland and earned a Ph.D. in Genetics from the George Washington University. During his service at Seattle Genetics, the company has achieved the innovation and implementation of antibody-based cancer therapies. Among the therapies introduced include the ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin) which got its approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2011. Dr. Clay has also chaperoned other activities in Seattle Genetics with regards to capital rising. Collectively, they have secured up to $675 million through both private and public funding.

Prior to his leadership and service at Seattle Genetics, Siegall worked for six years at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and at the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health for three years. Dr. Clay is part of a private biotechnology company, the Alder BioPharmaceuticals where he is a member of the Board of Directors. He has his own publishing which includes over 70 publications and still holds 15 patents.

Latest Trends in Personalized Merchandising

Today businesses all over the globe are taking advantage of the latest and greatest technologies in order to grow their business operations. In some cases, these organizations can increase their profits very handsomely when they know how to incorporate the analysis that comes from big data and other associated trends. Also, when artificial intelligence and Personalized Merchandising are combined, business owners and their representatives can benefit greatly from a growing trend that caters to individual needs.

With that being said, in the past, Personalized Merchandising was considered be a luxury that only the big players in business could pull off successfully without a lot of added expense. However, today if small and large businesses are going to succeed and remain competitive in an already challenging business environment, AI and Personalized Merchandising is now a necessity and not a luxury for effective retail marketing strategies. Therefore, it is important that people learn as much as they can about this ideal marriage strategy and technique as they develop their next marketing plans.

To that end, when the largest companies in many retail industries devise their strategies, they want a plan that will match the customer’s needs and preferences to the types of items that they sell. It really does not matter if it is a product or a service, the primary goal and objective is to make the first successful sell and then have the customers to come back again. By building this personalized relationship, the customer is much more likely to be a loyal customer as they see more items in the retail place that they want to buy as they shop around.

As these strategies become more commonplace customers are beginning to look for this type of service. In fact, in some retail places, the customers are expecting the customized personal services that they normally receive from other businesses. Therefore, if you are a new or existing business that wants to make sure that your operations remain relevant in an environment that is continuing to grow in demand, it is essential that you do your research first. Once your research is complete, you should learn what it takes to implement this process into your operations. Fortunately, there is a wealth of online information that can lead business owners and their representatives through this marketing tactic so that the plans that they implement in their retail establishments are successful and profitable too.


Lime Crime’s New Products For Brunettes and Dark-Haired Ladies

Lime Crime released a statement indicating that they are introducing at least four new shaded to add to their Unicorn Hair Collection. One thing to note about this new additions is that they are going to be darker compared to the previous brands.The previous brands were somewhat bright as bright can be, but these new four brands are amazing in their own way.

The new colors are Sea Witch, an (evil) mermaid’s tail green; Charcoal (a dusty gray); Squid) a spooky purple); and Chestnut (a deep maroon). There is a reason why Lime Crime decided to release these shades, they are all full-coverage. The colors chosen wasn’t a mistake either, they were perfectly designed.

In one of their social media networks, Pinterest to be specific, the company posted that these dyes are highly recommended for darker-haired or brunette ladies with dreams of representing Team Unicorn.

The shades are set to be released officially on the 24th of October this year (2017). The good news is the shades are available for people to see before they are released officially. To be honest, it’s always important to know what to expect so that you can prepare yourself early.

There are many reasons why you should think about investing in these new shades. What makes the brand competitive and worth buying their products is because they are 100 percent vegan friendly.

Lime Crime products are certified and approved by both PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program. The Leaping Bunny program is well internationally for protecting animals. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the newly manufactured cosmetics products are not tested on animals. PETA is also responsible for protecting animal cruelty.

The new products are no exception. You can be certain that they will also be 100 percent vegan friendly. The brand doesn’t use any animal ingredients or byproducts like carmine, whey, lanolin and beeswax to produce their products. In addition, the cosmetics ingredients and products used are not tested on animals.