All posts by latenightsess Receives Award has been doing well in the business world and now they are being recognized by other industries in China. They got the Top End User Award presented by the Cloud Native Foundation for the contribution to native open source projects. received this award and posts the information on their blog. got this award for their excellence in e commerce as well as their dedication to customer service. There are over a trillion products on this site for customers to browse and order. This number is beyond comprehension. The site loads at top speeds as well. The database is easy to search and customers can find what they are looking for or they can check out the new items that are found on this site. allows for flexibility and they are always improving their technology so that it is easier for the customers. was one of the first companies to use kubernetes and this new technology has helped them become strong. They want to help empower the retailers that they work with so everyone can still in business and make money. That is one of the reasons why they are being honored and people are taking notice.

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Carsten Thiel Believes in the Growth of Biotechnology

When it comes to Biotechnology Carsten Thiel is definitely a leader. He serves as President of Europe for EUSA Pharma. His experience has given him the ability to be on the medical products teams for medical products like Neulasta, Vectibix, and Strensiq. He has been an important part of their strategies for exploding onto the market. So, in turn, he has been able to indirectly help many patients.

Carsten Thiel is originally from Berlin. At the University of Bristol, he studied Organic Chemistry. After college, he started his career at Hoffman La-Roch, a firm that focused on biotechnology.

He started as a Communications and Product Manager. Realizing he had more skills, the leaders of the company gave him more responsibilities when it came to leading projects and teams. He spearheaded the launch of Xenical, a weight-loss product. One way that he wanted to make it stand out was making more reasonable claims regarding the product.

This led more people to actually pay attention to the product and purchase it. He believes in actually placing the products in front of the people who will benefit from it the most and giving good information about the product.

Carsten Thiel is a leader who leads by example. People in the industry understand this and this is one reason they look up to him. He is someone who relies on his instincts and who always puts the person who will actually be taking the product first. This is something that is definitely commendable in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Isabel dos Santos

The global economy has a lot to do with how the head worker of large companies completes their work. Isabel dos Santos is one of these workers. Isabel works in telecommunication. She is a hard working entrepreneur who knows just how hard a woman has to work to succeed in this world. Isabel dos Santos has a lot of experience working in companies such as these (Cnn). 

She says in order to become a successful business woman you have to keep a few things in mind. These things include making sure to use a high level of technology. The internet is something that really promotes business. Using technology and internet will either make or break your business. 

Isabel dos Santos helps to run a company called UNITEL. UNITEL is working hard to bring communication technology to remote areas across the world. Also, UNITEL, together with Isabel, offer scholarships worldwide so that they can help advance education across the world. UNITEL works with some of the biggest companies including Huawei to do everything they can to spread technology and internet around the world. 

Isabel dos Santos knows how hard it can be to be a businesswoman in today’s worls so being a successful businesswoman is a huge deal to her. She wants to lead by example and show other women that they too can be successful if they work hard and stay determined. Isabel dos Santos is a very determined individual who knows what her dreams are and wants to make them a reality.

She is going to continue to push herself everyday and will not stop until she makes all of her dreams a reality. Isabel dos Santos is changing the views of businesswomen all over the world. This charming successful entrepreneur who happens to be a woman who empowers other women,  is going to see success for many more years to come and she is going to continue to be an inspiration to businesswomen all over the world.


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Greg Blatt Has Gone On An Interesting Journey Through The World Of Business:

Greg Blatt is an individual who has achieved great notoriety for his influential leadership in the world of media and online dating. Some of the impressive accomplishments in the past for Blatt includes his run as the Chief Executive Officer at Match Group from 2016 to 2017. Also, Greg was CEO at Tinder during that time frame. He had also held the role of Executive Chairman at Match from 2013 to 2015 and he is also the former Chief Executive Officer with influential media and internet operation IAC. His varied background also includes serving as the EVP for the area of Business Affairs with the media operation Martha Stewart Living. 

One of the most interesting stories about the career of Greg Blatt is the manner in which he became the Chief Executive at the Match Group. Greg, himself admits that it was not something that was ever really planned out. After he concluded his college studies, he took some time to just enjoy life and travelled around to places such as Colorado, France and Hungary where he worked different bartending jobs (PraBook). 

He eventually decided to pursue law school which led to him landing a job with the law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz. He gained great experience in this position but decided his passions lay elsewhere. Blatt soon got an opportunity from Martha Stewart to join her company in the form of general counsel. Greg really became passionate about the role of general counsel and he eventually landed a job in the same capacity with IAC. He eventually gained the chance to build up the Match Group dating business which led to his ascension to the CEO position. 

Throughout his career, Greg Blatt has always conducted himself in a manner that is worthy of emulation. Aspiring business leaders can follow the examples of an individual like Greg Blatt when they are looking for guidance in their own professional career. Due to this fact, Greg’s career is one that is looked upon as a strong model that stands as a great example for those looking to make their own mark.

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Dick DeVos Offers New Ideas to FAA

Ever since 2017, Dick DeVos has been involved with the Federal Aviation Administration. His wife was appointed to the 11th office of the US Education Secretary in the same year. Together, they have been working in Washington. Through philanthropy and education fundraising, the DeVos family has become a political force, but what are their objectives?


Dick DeVos comes from a family of entrepreneurs and business leaders. His father was Richard DeVos, the legendary co-founder of Amway Arenas, who passed away in 2018. Amway is one of the top companies in the world thanks to its sports arena franchise. DeVos learned quickly how to become a business leader from his father, and he has continuously shown that he is quite skilled at negotiation, collaboration, and finding opportunities.


His work with the Grand Rapids airport is a prime example of why he is such a business and political mastermind. His work started within the Grand Rapids business community in the early 1990s. He simply wanted to raise his hometown out of the economic crisis that was sweeping across Michigan at the time. The state had suffered severe setbacks due to the upheaval and removal of several factories. Western Michigan had been one of the hardest areas hit in the state.


However, DeVos had a plan to change all of that, and he worked with business leaders in the city to ensure that the plan would work. He built several areas around the business district to bring people back to the center of the city. This would include the DeVos Place Convention Center, which was instrumental in the next phase of DeVos’ plan.


DeVos began to work closely with the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. While it had been a small airport until recently, there had always been bigger aspirations for the airport. While it enjoyed a prime location in west Michigan, it didn’t have the ticket sales to compete with some of the larger airports nearby. DeVos began to talk with the executive team at AirTran Airways. It’s rumored that he made one phone call and asked for the CEO to open up flight destinations at the Grand Rapids location in order to boost ticket sales for his strategy.


DeVos saw that the airport could bring in business travelers, which would be a win-win as he wanted the city to become more of a business powerhouse. That was why he had built the convention center so close to the center of the city in the first place. These new destinations were approved, and once in place, ticket sales skyrocketed at the airport. In fact, the airport just surpassed 3.26 million passengers in 2018.


Today the airport is booming, and now DeVos has proof of his business traveler strategy that he can share with the new FAA council.


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The Geological Career and Expertise of Mr. Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is renowned for his knowledge and vast experience in natural resources. He has a hands-on, talk to everyone and go-anywhere for qualities toward his investment research and ideas. His career has taken him to many places such as Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey, Switzerland, and many other places across the world. Matt has visited many mines and oil wells across the globe. He has asked many CEOs regarding their latest resource ideas and analyzed all types of geologic data during his tours. He believed that you could not understand all that’s happening unless you get a personal encounter with the matters.

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As a geologist, Matt Badiali quickly identifies certain red flags that are best seen in the ground. For instance, he is fond of checking on the skills of the drilling crew. The longer it takes for them to drill a hole or how smooth is the flow of operations. In small firms, drilling is the most substantial part of the expense. It can tell a lot about the health and capability of the firm by just taking a close look at the drillers. Matt Badiali has perfectly merged his knowledge as a geologist with his training as an investor to bring about incredible benefits over the past ten years. Matt Badiali is one of the great authors of Banyan Hill Publishing. In May 2017, he wrote a newsletter by the name Real Wealth Strategists which gained a vast network within a short period. Before joining Banyan Hill, he used to be a geologist for a drilling firm and a consultant to an environmental firm.

Matt Badiali pursued his studies at Penn State University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Science. He also has a Master’s Degree in Geology that he attained from Florida Atlantic University. He has been hosted for many interviews to share about his career and expertise. In one of his interviews, Matt was asked to explain about his startup newsletter. He noted that writing a newsletter regarding investing in natural resources calls for a unique skill set. He added that natural resources are highly speculative and cyclical. It requires a deep understanding of markets, finance, firms, and Science. This is the only way to invest in this industry.


An In-Depth Look at Felipe Montoro Jens

Who is Felipe Montoro Jens? Felipe Montoro Jens, in short, is the most recognizable infrastructure expert in Brazil. As the leading expert in a much-needed sector in the nation, many reporters want a sit-down from Felipe Montoro Jens. Whenever he has free time to talk about himself, he takes the opportunity.

As one of the busiest men in the country, surely his days are hectic and overwhelming. However, that is not the case. Felipe Montoro Jens begins every morning with a healthy breakfast and time in the gym or a run around the neighborhood.

Once at the office, his day gets a little more hectic, but thanks to his scheduling skills and time management, everything works smoothly. He’s one of the most productive professionals in the world because he avoids social media and small talk, but not in a rude manner.

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Felipe Montoro Jens loves being around people and talking to people, especially smart people, but when he’s at work, he goal oriented. If it doesn’t have to do with the task at hand or if it’s not an emergency, he doesn’t want to hear about in the office. He’s also a man of concision, allowing meeting and conference calls to progress quickly.

His focus is something he’s had since a young man, but he wasn’t always the quietest. According to him, if he could give his younger self one bit of advice, it would be to listen more. It’s a proven fact that people can’t listen if they’re always talking.

Personally, he considers himself a bit of a neat freak. In his profession, it works in his favor, being clean and organized. It frees him up to spend time reviewing paperwork.

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EOS Lip Balm And The Ways They Make Lips Healthier

EOS lip balm is an all natural product that is very safe for any set of lips. The flavors are wonderful to smell, and they provide you with the peace of mind you need when you know your lips will crack and dry. You can use this popular lip balm yourself, or you could give EOS lip balm to your kids so that they can learn how to maintain healthy lips.

1. What Is Special About EOS?

EOS lip balm is very special because it has healthy ingredients that will be good for your lips. You need to make sure that you have tried this balm yourself because it will show you that it works for anyone. You can hand this balm off to your kids, and they will start to learn about taking care of their bodies in a way that makes the most sense to them. You also need to be sure that you have looked into how you can make some good choices that will worth it to you when you want to get the best results every day.

2. The Ingredients

Shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil, and a host of other ingredients are in this lip balm. The ingredients mean that it will be soft on your lips, and the ingredients also ensure that you will not do any damage to your lips. Some people will be very irritated by a lip balm because it uses harsh chemicals, but this balm does not. Plus, they add light flavors that are very nice to smell.

3. Conclusion

The EOS lip balm is truly one of the best lip balms  that you can carry in your pocket or send with your child to school. You will have every chance to keep your lips in good condition, and you will feel better with this balm in your pocket.

Impressionable Facts about Sujit Choudhry

Skills and strategies required to build a career can be developed over time. Though some people have proved to have inborn talents in bringing inventive ideas to their businesses, one does not necessarily need to be born with all the skills and expertise they need to make it in their lives. As long as one remains determined on the things they want to achieve in their lives, it becomes posse for them to acquire great things. Sujit Choudhry has enhanced his skills in the industry evident from his background of education and hard work he puts towards making his skills better.

He has attended to the political aspects of many countries. He is known for the many pieces of advice and skills he offers to people with the target of guiding them on the right way to handle the claims their citizens he not only advises political figures but he also focuses in instilling exceptional leadership qualities in their lives. His research skills are also outstanding as he targets to address issues that he knows bring an impact in his career and the lives of others. He has embraced the modern technology to increase his knowledge in various issues and him majorly analysis the constitutions of various counts to identify the minor parts that he can adjust for the better.

Sujit Choudhry has always changed his attitude on every matter that he addresses in the industry. Be aims a maintaining a positive one as he knows that it gives him the motivation to keep handling all matters regardless of the stress and discouragement they may bring in his life. Besides the association he has had with many people, he has continued to mind his language as he believes that marinating a good professional nice enables him to focus on the essential issues. Is trusted by many political people that use his advice and knowledge to run their operations and build their political endeavors.

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JD.Com Launches Running Chicken Farms To Help Local Farmers is one of the most successful online businesses. In the year 2016, decided to revolutionize the entire industry. It came up with the new ideas that will not only improve the lives of underprivileged people in the society but also help it compete favorably. It actually started the Running Chicken initiative. established a chicken farm in one of the economically disadvantaged counties in the well known Hebei Province. Besides offering quality meat to the customers, the chicken farm also helped reduce poverty in the poorest regions in the country. The chicken farm, whose size is approximately 27-hectare, proves that is committed not only to give back to society but also to provide top quality meat to people from all corners of the world. offers interest-free loans to interested farmers. This has helped many families within the region earn a significant amount of money. This has helped them improve their quality of life and also reduce poverty in Wuyi County. The company has hired professionals to help handle complicated matters within the farm. Local farms around the farm enjoy part-time jobs such as growing vegetables, grain, and fruits for the chicken and maintaining farms.

One of the reasons why Running Farms became successful despite the steep competition with the industry is that it is focused on providing ethical as well as a healthier choice for the clients. This is unlike in many other farms that keep their chicken in windowless sheds. The good thing with free-roaming chickens is that they spend a significant percentage of their time outdoors. This does not only provide them with time to interact with other chickens but also enough time to exercise.

According to research, meat from free-range chickens has lower levels of cholesterol, saturated fats, and a high amount of omega-3 acids, Vitamins, and beta-carotene. Here, the chicken is fitted with a special instrument known as the Pedometer. This ensures that the chicken makes about a million steps in the course of the rearing process. The company applies the blockchain technology for better quality assurance as well as traceability.

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