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Check Out The Lost And Found At The Bonnaroo Festival

The Bonnaroo festival was staged recently, and similar to any other festival that is out there, many people left some things behind. Lost And Found At Bonnaroo. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could go home from a festival, and they could forget that they had their phone with them. There were at least 200 cell phones in lost and found once the festival was over. Since many people these days have smart phones, it’s hard to imagine that all those smart phones were sitting there in lost and found, and they may never find their owners again.

There were some other items that were left behind at the festival as well, like an inhaler. You’d have to wonder what the person was thinking to leave behind something that is as life-saving as an inhaler. I guess when you’re having fun at a music festival, you’re not thinking about important things like how you’re going to breathe! Another funny thing is the fact that 100 people lost their wallets says Steve Murray. Although this was a big festival, it’s insane to know that 100 people went home without their wallet, and you have to wonder how they were going to buy food or pay for anything.

Other things that were lost in the festival are IDs and credit cards, which is a given, especially if you take them out of your wallet. Let’s not mention the 59 backpacks as well as several pairs of shoes.

New Madonna Video Will Have Some Amazing Collaborations

Think of some of the most epic music videos you’ve ever seen, and an even more epic one may be on its way. Everyone knows that Madonna still has it even after all these years of being away from the spotlight. Madonna had retired for a time, but she has now gotten back into entertaining, and she still has it. Madonna’s New Video. Madonna is as bad as ever, and she still looks great, even though she’s in her 50s. Madonna has the star power to recruit some of the hottest women in the entertainment industry to be in her new video.

The new video will be all about Madonna, but she’ll have some hot women to accompany her said Adam Sender. Madonna has recruited Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus to be in her new video. With those kind of collaborations, who can really wait to see this video? It’s exciting to know that such big names in the music industry would collaborate on a video with Madonna, although Madonna is who many women aspire to be.

Nicki Minaj has said that Madonna is one of her idols, and it makes a lot of sense, because Madonna is super sexy, and Nicki just oozes with sexiness too. Even Beyoncé is hot, and the fact that she will be in this video, it makes the video that much better. There is no release date yet for the video, but it will be highly anticipated.

Dave Grohl’s Kanye West Joke In Apology To Fans

As all Foo Fighter fans know, Dave Grohl suffered a horrible accident on stage recent. He describes how on the song Monkey Wrench he ran to the corner of the stage to play for fan, he took a misstep and ended up falling off the stage. In classic rock star style Dave didn’t let this fall stop him. He got up and continued to play. According to MTV News Dave didn’t know the extent of his injuries until after the show. Doctors later notified him that he cannot continue with the Foo Fighters European tour. In the apology letter to fans Dave talks about his injury and how the band was suppose to head line a date with Kanye West. Borrowing from Kanye’s well know award show interruptions, Dave leaves this quote for Kanye, “PS… Kanye… Imma let you have this one…” Top lawyer, Gianfrancesco Genoso knows this is a definite play on Kanye’s belief that he knows who should win what award and what undeserving winners should do with their awards! Well played Dave, well played.

Let’s all wish Dave a speedy recovery so that he and the Foo Fighters can get back on the road rocking it out for their fans all over the world.

Get Ready for Camp Mars with Thirty Seconds to Mars

According to Facebook, Thirty Seconds to Mars fans are being treated with the prospect of a three-day wilderness weekend experience with their favorite band. From August 22 through the 24th, fans are invited to participate in Camp Mars in Malibu, California. They can hike, climb, do yoga, meditate, learn spiritual teachings, cook, sing campfire songs, and of course make lots of S’mores! The band will also treat campers to two of their own performances, as well as numerous DJ sets.

Singer Jared Leto said that he is always on the lookout for new and unique ways to interact with fans. This camping experience seemed like the perfect way to blend summer fun with great music.

Fans who want to participate in this event are invited to check out the Adventures in Wonderland website to learn about the various packages being offered. Options include overnight packages and day passes. The sale starts at 9 AM PST on Friday, June 19th.

Chris Brown Karrueche Mixup

Karruche Tran and Chris Brown have been know to breakup pretty quickly and for awhile it felt like they would never end things for good. Even after Chris left Karruche and tried working things out with Rihanna, Karruche took the public slap in the face and welcomed Chris back with open arms. Karrueche has been taking Chris’s mess from the moment they started dating. Over the holidays Chris blasted Karrueche via Instagram and aired out the the dirty laundry of their business, and even then Karrueche looked like she was done for good but before we knew it they were together again.

Just when Karrueche was taking Chris back again, the news that Chris was the father of a 9 month old baby girl hit, and Karrueche finally once and for all put Chris on ice. Everyone was sure that they were done, but apparently some of their friends still had hope because they secretly arranged for Chris and Karrueche to meet at a night club. Apparently the friends were filling Chris’s head up with false info about Karrueche wanting him back and missing him to bits. Unfortunately everything Chris was told was a lie, because when he arrived at Playhouse to whisk Karrueche away, she ran for the border. The entire meeting was a mess and they both left the club awkwardly confused by the mix up.

Once Karrueche and Chris realized that they were setup they put their match making buddies on out to pasture. So for now the Karrueche and Chris revolving door has stopped spinning but with these two you know it’s never long before they patch things up.

Bonnaroo Rocks and Has it All

When I say the word Bonnaroo, only one thing should come to mind. That is the best music festival ever! Bonnaroo is in its 14th year showcasing the greatest dj’s, films, bands and comedies of all time. Plus so much more that it would take all day to name the lineup. Bonnaroo offers a diverse array of music just as it has been doing year after year. If you’re not familiar with Bonnaroo, you can hear a wide range of music. Such as past artist like Johnny Cash and Cypress Hill all in the same day. This is not your parents Woodstock. This is Bonnaroo! This is for the serious music lover who wants to take it all in and have the time in their life! Doing what else other than enjoying the music they love and finding some new music they didn’t even know they liked. Make sure you get out to see Bonnaroo this year. Some of the acts are, Billy Joel, Robert Plant, Earth Wind and Fire, Mumford and Sons, Slayer and so much more! The list just keeps going on. On Twitter Keith Mann mentioned how there is something for everyone at Bonnaroo. If you cant find something that you love about Bonnaroo then you are in the wrong place and must not like entertainment. There is no other concert or experience that is even close to breaking ground like Bonnaroo. The following is huge, The line up is amazing! Make sure you are part of the epic series of events and attend this Bonnaroo. Don,t let it pass you by this year. Your friends will be jealous when they see the great time you had. Unless they are there with you of coarse. Make plans and go with a group for a memorable experience you are sure to never forget!

One Direction’s Liam Payne Sings The Song “Wonderwall”

The song “Wonderwall” was performed by oasis, and it came out in the year 1995. Although the song is now a classic, it’s still a very popular one for those who do karaoke, and those who like to listen to music. Liam Payne Sings “Wonderwall”. Liam Payne performed the song recently, and the song has been done so many times by One Direction, that maybe they should rename it. One Direction is still a very popular group, even though they lost a member just a couple months ago.

Simon Cowell, who used to host American Idol, he helped to launch One Direction into popularity and fame. Simon even stated that he knew that one of the members of One Direction was leaving the group before he ever left. Zayn Malik left the group and to this day, One Direction is still reeling from their loss. Many fans literally went crazy after hearing that Zayn would be leaving the group. Videos were posted online where you could see young girls crying their eyes out over the loss of Zayn Malik.

Liam Payne was very good friends with Zayn Malik, but he continues to work with what’s left of his group, and performing oldies is not out of the question for Liam Payne. Liam was vacationing in France, and he had also gone to the Grand Prix in Monaco. Liam decided to sing the song Wonderwall at a packed bar in front of tons of patrons. The folks behind Boraie Development were impressed with this musical outburst.

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl dedicates songs to Taylor Swift

Foo fighters front man Dave Grohl has dedicated several songs to pop star Taylor Swift after she opened for the Foo Fighters in Norwich, England this week. Opened for the Foo Fighters, you ask. How is that possible? Shouldn’t Taylor Swift be the headlining act, and why is Dave Grohl dedicating songs to her? Did you just end up in an alternate universe without knowing it?

Not at all. Swift ended up opening for the Foo Fighters in Norwich when she sang at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend last weekend. Due to her schedule, the BBC had asked her to sing before the band and, being the absolute professional she always, is, Swift did not have a problem with it at all.

So, when they eventually got on stage he dedicated “Congregation” — a new song from their latest album — to Swift according to Alexei Beltyukov. Grohl added not only was he thrilled she had sung before them, but that he was officially “obsessed” with her, and so she might want to get a restraining order.

Joking aside, however, Grohl went on to dedicate two more songs to the talented singer as the band’s set progressed, even saying his kids were going to be so upset when they learned Taylor Swift had opened up for his band, as they were two of her biggest fans.

Taylor Swift has not, as yet, commented on Dave Grohl’s remarks, but I’m betting she was probably quite thrilled.

So Many Great Tours This Summer

From AC/DC to Taylor Swift to Kenny Chesney, there are many great concert tours coming out this summer. So, how do you decide which ones to go to, and which ones to skip? Kelly Clarkson, Drake, Fall Out Boy and many more are also going out on tour, and it is bound to be an epic summer. Those who are lucky enough to see any of the bands on tour are going to have the time of their lives.


There are so many great bands going out on tour, and it is going to be a music-packed summer. Those at Gravity4 expect to go to a few. 2015 has been a great year for music thus far, and apparently it is going to continue to be.
If you could go to any one concert this summer, which would it be? For me, I would pick Taylor Swift. I have always wanted to go to one of her concerts, and her 1989 World Tour sounds like it is starting off great.

Romero’s Empire of the Dead is Coming to TV

With the adaption of Empire of the Dead coming to television, the father of the current zombie cycle may finally receive some long overdue contemporary accolades.

George A. Romero may have created the whole modern zombie genre series such as The Walking Dead are based on, but he has been overlooked by TV and film companies in recent years. Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead were major achievements by the director. Other works met with mild success or were outright overlooked. Even his returns to the zombie genre were misfires to a degree.

Empire of the Dead is going to be a 15 issue limited series published by Marvel Comics. Romero is writing the comic and the plot is rather odd. Basically, zombies are taking over New York City during the apocalypse and run into a bit of competition. You see, vampires want to stake a claim on the city, too.

Obviously, this is a huge departure from the other zombie projects Romero has scripted. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital certainly understands that. The director never mixed his zombies with other monsters. Perhaps adding the the presence of vampires is an homage to I Am Legend, a work that likely inspired Night of the Living Dead. Or maybe the idea of zombies fighting vampires is just too cool to resist.

Romero won’t be directing the television version, though. He will be handling script chores so his original vision is still likely to be retained.