Best Practices for Workplace Empowerment by Smita Shat

Smita Shah is a well-known business influential leader, engineer, and a high-profile speaker. She is a professional engineer licensed in several states. Ms. Smita is currently the president and CEO of SPAAN Tech, Inc., which she founded in 1998. The company offers solutions for highly challenging technical projects. She is an alumnus of Northwestern University, Oxford University, and MIT. She has several business achievement awards under her belt and served at the White House Administrations. Ms. Smita shares the best practices for women empowerment in the workplace, as outlined below. Learn more:


Believe in yourself

It all starts with having high self-confidence and self-image to put all the negativity behind and get your recognition. Take both positive and negative criticism.


Know your abilities

Knowing your abilities is equivalent to knowing your worth. Although ladies in the competitive market may sometimes be considered weak, it’s good to “get dirty” to succeed.


Make your presence felt

Ms. Smita advises that presentation is essential even when entering into a new market. A healthy business appearance and maintaining a good posture also creates an excellent first impression.


Don’t let others assume your credit

When you get a great job done, let the success be credited to you. Do not allow others to take up the credit since that will be hindering your progress. 


Focus on short-term goals

Ms. Smita states that for you to live in the moment, you should stop worrying about tomorrow. Correct all the mistakes made and focus your energy on the current tasks. 


Ignore the known feminine stereotypes

In the past, female roles were mostly categorized as clerical and support staff. Do not allow special treatment just because you are a lady. 


Consider cultural factors

Women play crucial roles in society, most of which are submissive roles. They limit them from getting new business roles. Ms. Smita gave her experience from being raised in an Indian background and coming to American society, where women are more motivated to go out of their comfort zone.


Ensure respect is maintained in your position

To get the respect you deserve, you need to show your authority in business and avoid insults. Ms. Smita points out that you should ensure that they address you with your title and full names.


Separate your personal and professional life

Spend your after-hours with your family, and avoid carrying work home. You have already put many hours during the day for your career.


Time management is essential

Ms. Smita advises that to be a better entrepreneur, one needs to put in more hours and energy. You need to have excellent time management skills because success comes with more roles.

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