Betsy DeVos and Harmonious Interactions

Betsy DeVos isn’t mean at all. People frequently describe her as being a pleasant woman. Dick DeVos would say that she’s pleasant in every sense of the term as well. That’s most likely one of the reasons he married her so long ago. DeVos has been married for so long that she can barely remember a time before her union. She was Elisabeth DeVos prior to gaining the DeVos surname. She still feels like that same gal deep down in her heart.


Dick DeVos likes being married to his wife. He can ask her all sorts of questions. He can get information from her that can help him expand his mind greatly. It’s a wonderful mutual situation, too. That’s due to the fact that Betsy can ask her hubby all kinds of fascinating questions. He’s able to answer questions that are part of so many categories. He can explain matters that pertain to the political system. He can explain matters that relate to aviation as well. Dick DeVos has paid attention to the aviation universe for his whole life.


There are various charter schools that educate hard-working American kids. DeVos wants to see more of these educational institutions. It pains her any time she thinks about how rare they are. Charter schools are a genuine rarity nowadays. It can be difficult for American kids to be able to go to schools that are suitable for their career paths. If a child wants to attend a school that’s fitting for his job goals, then his address may interfere with everything. This is a subject that makes DeVos want to scream. The reality is, though, that DeVos is always someone who behaves in a totally cool manner. She’s not someone who likes giving herself the chance to throw fits. She thinks that tantrums are totally unacceptable.


Why does Betsy DeVos care so much? She cares simply because she’s a caring person. She’s been a caring lady since day one. She likes to put herself in other peoples’ shoes any time she can. She doesn’t judge people. She grasps that people all have their own distinct “stories” and “life experiences.” She wants to take people for what they are.


DeVos doesn’t clam up any time she has to speak in front of sizable groups of people. She has the ability to speak beautifully in public. Public speaking is just one of the many things she does well. Her husband also happens to be an outstanding public figure. DeVos never hides things from her husband. They sort out their programs together. They speak fondly of the past together, too. They’re not people who think that fighting is ever worth it. They consistently avoid it.


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