Betsy DeVos and Sincerity

Enthusiasm can feel pretty contagious. It can be thrilling to be in the presence of a person who is truly dynamic. Betsy DeVos without a doubt is a dynamic gal. She has a pretty dynamic husband to her credit, too. People who know Dick DeVos frequently say that he has energy in droves. These two individuals have been working nonstop for years. People can hardly see that by looking at them, either. They’re rich in vitality. They’re rich in spirit as well.


Being the Secretary of Education may seem like a pipe dream to most humans. It has never been a faraway pipe dream to Betsy DeVos, though. That’s because she’s always been someone who has realized that the sky is the limit. She doesn’t let perceived boundaries or restrictions stop her in any sense. If she finds out about a rule or a limitation, it actually often makes her want to try even harder. That may explain why she’s been able to do so much over the course of her enriching vocation. This Education Secretary has a penchant for challenges. Being on any substantial administration can pose a challenge. She appreciates being fortunate enough to be able to work with President Donald Trump. Since she works alongside a major world leader, she’s been in the midst of all sorts of fascinating and unusual scenarios. She’s had the chance to meet so many influential figures. She’s had the chance to hear so many intriguing tales, too.


Educational choice is something that many people dismiss rapidly. It’s not something that DeVos has ever brushed off, though. She wouldn’t even think of doing such a thing. She speaks about choices that involve schooling any time she can. She never finds the subject cumbersome. The subject actually captivates her more as time goes on. She’s never been someone who is prone to passing fancies. Trends and crazes just don’t mean much to her. She’s rare in that way. She doesn’t give in to things that don’t seem real. This lady has always valued things that are solid.


DeVos doesn’t get a lot of free time. That doesn’t irk her at all, though. Working doesn’t make her feel like she’s being ripped off. It actually makes her feel like someone who can offer something to the world. She revels in being valuable to her fellow humans. It’s the thing that makes her feel enthusiastic about rising. Dick DeVos likes to talk to his wife any time they’re alone. They have conversations that are poignant. They have conversations that are completely sincere as well. They have no reason to ever lie. They’re people who epitomize the concept of full sincerity. They always have been those folks.


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