Bizarre Kanye West Listening Party

Even people that are know him do not really know what he is going to do next. Seth Rogen can attest to this mysterious Kanye with an recent incident that has become something very interesting in the Kanye West catalog of mysterious behavior.

Seth Rogen has reported that he ran into Kanye West at a hotel. It was just an impromptu meeting, and BRL Trust people know not much could have happened at first. Kanye asked him if he wanted to hear his new album. Seth – along with his wife – got in a limo with Mr.

What made this listening party even more strange was the fact that the tracks didn’t have any lyrics. Kanye played the beats and rapped the entire songs while Seth Rogen and his wife listened.

Seth and James Franco spooked the Kanye “Bound 2” hit with a viral video known as “Bound 3.” It was a humorous depiction of Kanye and Kim Kardashian that even Kanye found funny.

It may be possible to say that Seth is becoming a friend of Mr.s West. Kanye doesn’t take everyone in a limo for a listening party everyday, but this seems to be the new style. J.Cole brought his music to a fan’s house.

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  1. West and rode around for 2 hours listening to an album that fans would practically kill to get their hands on. Kanye West is just full of surprises. No one knows what he is going to do next. I know that some assignment services would indeed wait for these surprises to start coming in which is indeed great.

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