Bruce Bent II – Always on the Move, Always Productive

Bruce Bent II is a renaissance man and entrepreneur who has experiences that range from a wide array of cash-related solutions created for banks and retail markets to the development and implementation of over sixty privately held patents that have helped blossom the FDIC-Insured cash management arena into a more than the $1 trillion industry that we see before us today.

Bruce Bent II is the every man’s entrepreneur. He believes that the strength of a team is derived not from the man at the top, but rather from the diverse culture that is created across the board, from all of the members of a project. He is constantly inspired by communication and processes with people and loves being able to diversify the way in which teams creatively share ideas and broaden inventions or processes through the use of technology. Although Bruce understands that it only takes one person to come up with an idea, he more importantly understands that it takes a whole group of people to correctly shape and develop an idea for a complete range of uses for the happy customer.

Bruce Bent II understands that in the world of an entrepreneur, failure leads to growth. He feels that experience is the best teacher and sights his stubbornness as one of his strongest attributes. To Bruce, it is not the failure that determines your outcome, but rather the resiliency with which you approach every business venture or personal mission in your life. Bruce is a strong proponent of arming yourself with the personal fervor to continue on through thick and thin and to eventually rouse in yourself a successful outcome.

Currently serving as the Vice Chairman of the Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II is continually working on new projects and ways to bring exciting innovations to the consumer to change their daily lives for the better.

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