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Lori Senecal — Poised for Greatness

Lori Senecal: over the last eight years, strong cups of java and imagination have helped her profit. She’s worked hard to become the notable international CEO of CP+B. Throughout her period, she’s earned and held more customers than CP+B has found in its whole history. She’s a service powerhouse! Her final job would be to alter the creative management of agencies expecting to globalize their operations and oversee the ones that require consulting.

Oftentimes, Lori is just brought in if a client is in dire need. The essential changes she makes include globalization of campaigns, nuanced advertising and marketing strategy, and innovative technology. Lori Senecal assists these businesses evolution. The darlings of imagination serving her staff help make the regiment complete. Every company she’s served has changed to a hugely efficient progressive business. She struggles for equal rights and significance in a culture which historically caters to guys. While at Crispin, she encouraged four new female creatives to attain their place in greater ranks. She has also spoken in the 3% Conference about opening doors for ladies and allying women in the workplace. A noble cause near her heart, she still wants to see more girls excel in the corporate world. During her efforts, she’s cultivated a little group of girls bent on enhancing the bleak numbers of corporate America. The team of female advertising executives builds innovative opportunities and corporate assistance; they meet in Los Angeles and determine distinct ways they could all reinforce one another’s livelihood and increased success in marketing and advertising.

Accordingg to GCReport, Lori Senecal prides herself on her trendy character and steady hand. The attributes came in handy when working this type of chaotic campaigning at Crispin. Due to her character, she managed to help the agency with all the Domino’s efforts. Domino’s has become the biggest supplier of pizza. Their adverts are hailed as fresh, new, and exciting – almost as hot as their pizza! Domino’s innovative AOR for at least eight decades, this is an important accomplishment for Lori Senecal. She Changed the face of fast food shipping in the USA and is poised for even greater things.

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How EOS Lip Balm Dominated a Market and Became a Necessity for Millennials

The Fast Company’s Startup Report presents the story of how EOS Lip Balm was able to dominate a market that was oversaturated and seemingly driven by cutting costs instead of creating innovative products tailored to consumers. EOS, an acronym for “Evolution of Smooth”, was brought to the market by Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller. They identified several key factors that would ultimately make EOS Lip Balm a leading product in the oral care industry. These key factors determined their product concept and target market, product characteristics, and advertising techniques.

The cofounders of EOS Lip Balm wanted their Skin care product to be innovative and meet consumer’s needs. The Fast Company’s article gives their readers an inside look into the process that Mehra and Teller had created in order to differentiate their product from all others. The concept for EOS began with their target market, millennial women, since they represented the majority of consumers. Not being able to find your lip balm in your bag, minimal product variety, and the unsanitary method of applying lip balm with your fingers are all driving factors behind the appearance of EOS.

EOS Lip Balm is round in shape and easy to find in a cramped space. It comes in a variety of colors and flavors and can be applied straight to your lips from the balm case. It is also organic. These are all product characteristics that were created to engage the Amazon consumer’s senses. The finished product was a success and it revolutionized the oral care industry.

The advertising platforms used to promote EOS helped create brand awareness in record time. The most successful platform used was social media, which explains how the brand dominated the market so quickly. Ultimately, the Fast Company’s article on EOS Lip Balm sheds light on the process of creating a product and the critical components that are involved to help ensure its success amongst consumers.

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I’m Proud to Be a Lime Crime Unicorn and Here’s Why

Lime Crime is all about fantastical colors and expressing the inner you right on your face. If you’re a fan of Lime Crime already (otherwise known as a Unicorn) you know all about the true colors and fabulous staying power.

Lime Crime was founded in the early 2000s by Doe Deere, the stunning face behind Lime Crime and its CEO. It’s all about being the most expressive, beautiful you that is possible.

On their website you’ll find a huge line of products. They have sparkly eye glitter that comes in little pots in loose form for your convenience (meaning you can use it on more than just your eyes) in different shades named for your zodiac sign.

People love to rave about their liquid-to-matte lipstick line, Velvetines, which has the staying power of a Trojan warrior and is great with touch ups. It’s especially great when you consider one of the reviews from a review where the reviewer stated that she ‘felt like she could pierce a man’s soul while wearing this matte lipstick’. I don’t know about you but my lips being knock down gorgeous enough to affect the state of a man’s soul is intriguing.

The Velvetines dry quickly so when applying you’ll want to make sure you work fast and clean up any mistakes as soon as you make them. I like this about the lipsticks though as while I love to have a pretty face, I don’t necessarily want to take an hour to put it all on. Plus, in my experience the faster it dries upon applying, the longer it stays looking like you just applied it.

My personal favorite, however, would be the line of Unicorn lipsticks. With 20 colors in various vibrant hues you can rest assured that you will find one that fits your unique style. At only $18 they’re super affordable as well as looking fabulous. I tend to go for more moisturizing lipsticks in general as I like that ‘kiss me’ look that you get with them. Not only are the Unicorn lipsticks moisturizing but they practically glisten like fresh rain on your lips. When I wear them out I sometimes wish Lime Crime gave a commission or referral bonus or something as I end up having to tell people what I’m wearing all day.

To me, that’s the mark of a fantastic makeup brand. I could go on and on about Lime Crime from the fact that their products are vegan (not a necessity in my world but definitely a bonus) to the super personable CEO, Deere, but seriously, you’ve got to check it out yourself. Believe me, you won’t regret it!