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Goettl Once Again Becomes Important To The Local Community

The chance to work closely with the local community in any of the Arizona and Nevada service areas Goettl works within is making all the difference to the technicians who have recently joined the company and the success of the brand as a whole. Goettl has seen an amazing turnaround in its fortunes after business leader Ken Goodrich took control of this historic HVAC service and repair brand in 2014 and has overseen a growth of more than 500 percent since becoming the owner.


Over the course of recent years the Goettl brand has not only looked to develop a new level of community involvement, but Goodrich has worked closely with the expanding team of technicians to make sure the company is always up to date with the latest advancements in HVAC technology. The HVAC industry around the world is worth more than $160 billion and the growth of Goettl reflects the fact increasing levels of technology are making it easier than ever to heat and cool only the parts of a home that are used on a regular basis to maintain comfort and lower utility bills; the success of the Ken Goodrich owned version of the Goettl brand has seen the company expand into different areas of the Southwest U.S., including Southern California and Tuscon, Arizona.


Success has always followed the Goettl brand since the brothers who formed the company established their first business in Springfield, Ohio thawing frozen pipes for their neighbors throughout the Winter months.


The Goettl brand of air conditioning units was once the most innovative in the world as one of the leaders in the early development of HVAC units as the company once held 100 patents for innovations developed by Adam and Gust Goettl. Since the 1980s the brand has moved away from developing its own units to focus the skills of a high quality team of technicians on servicing and repairing units and systems from most HVAC manufacturers.