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Impressionable Facts about Sujit Choudhry

Skills and strategies required to build a career can be developed over time. Though some people have proved to have inborn talents in bringing inventive ideas to their businesses, one does not necessarily need to be born with all the skills and expertise they need to make it in their lives. As long as one remains determined on the things they want to achieve in their lives, it becomes posse for them to acquire great things. Sujit Choudhry has enhanced his skills in the industry evident from his background of education and hard work he puts towards making his skills better.

He has attended to the political aspects of many countries. He is known for the many pieces of advice and skills he offers to people with the target of guiding them on the right way to handle the claims their citizens he not only advises political figures but he also focuses in instilling exceptional leadership qualities in their lives. His research skills are also outstanding as he targets to address issues that he knows bring an impact in his career and the lives of others. He has embraced the modern technology to increase his knowledge in various issues and him majorly analysis the constitutions of various counts to identify the minor parts that he can adjust for the better.

Sujit Choudhry has always changed his attitude on every matter that he addresses in the industry. Be aims a maintaining a positive one as he knows that it gives him the motivation to keep handling all matters regardless of the stress and discouragement they may bring in his life. Besides the association he has had with many people, he has continued to mind his language as he believes that marinating a good professional nice enables him to focus on the essential issues. Is trusted by many political people that use his advice and knowledge to run their operations and build their political endeavors.

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Steve Ritchie Travels Across the Country to Listen to Their People

Steve Ritchie, CEO of Papa Johns, has been traveling across the country over the past few weeks. His aim has been to meet with franchisees as well as team members and listen to their views. The company prioritizes its people as the acronym, PAPA, suggests. The senior executive wanted to find out for himself how their people feel out there, what they need as well as get their input on how the company can do better. He visited Papa John’s stores in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta and Detroit, talking with workers in each restaurant. According to Ritchie, Papa John’s relies largely on them and therefore, they occupy a core part of their business.

Franchisees opened up to Steve Ritchie and told him how they consider the company part of their families. He learned about the difficult times members have had dealing with customers who have lost trust in the company. The CEO got a grasp of philanthropic activities that managers have involved themselves in as a way of supporting their communities. According to the CEO, the conversations were moving and they have a fresh start optimism.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s was impressed to hear that the workers are committed than ever to help the company move forward. They recognize that the company is bigger than any individual. They are pizza makers, drivers and pizza makers who represent the communities they serve. The company is now committed than ever to promote their brand as well as improve the quality of its products. They are focused on their goal to continue growing going forward.

The company has now resolved to continue listening and understanding feedback in an effort to maintain continuous progress. It is giving a listening hear even when the truth is difficult to swallow. Steve Ritchie is dedicated to use the feedback and views to make a better company for their team members as well as customers. The nationwide tour was called for and it is a demonstration of the PAPA John’s efforts to remain a giant in the food industry. The company’s headquarters is located in Jeffersontown, Kentucky in Louisville and was founded in 1984.

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Todd Lubar Talks About His Entrepreneurial Journey

Todd is a renowned entrepreneur who has vast experience in financial matters and the real estate business. While speaking to Inspirery, he was asked about the trend that excites him. He responded by positing that he loves the technology that enables one to control his or her home remotely. He posits that he is always happy to regulate his fans, a/c and lights by the touch of a button. By virtue of installing security cameras in his house, he is able to check his home at any given time from his cellphone.

Todd posits that where there is a will, there is a way. He says that entrepreneurs may be having all the ideas in the world. However, without the will to implement such ideas, their efforts will be futile. Todd Lubar argues that he has had a successful career by not only devising his ideas, but also having the willingness to implement his ideas. In addition, his vast experience has enabled him to work in both the mortgage banking and real estate industries.

Todd’s day starts with having breakfast with his children. He then goes through the latest news before checking messages in his email. He quickly squeezes a workout, takes a shower and heads to the office. He posits that this strategy enables him to prioritize some activities besides putting his day in perspective. Lubar acknowledges that the workouts help in clearing his head besides energizing him to undertake various duties during the day. The executive has vast knowledge and extensive experience in the credit and financial industries. He says that he founded TDL Ventures with the objective of providing relief to the many people who could not access loans from traditional lenders.

About Todd Lubar

Todd is the proprietor of TDL Global Ventures. In addition, the executive serves as the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. For more than 20 years, Todd Lubar had been helping homeowners to realize their dreams by developing different properties.

For many years, Todd ranked as one of the leading mortgage originators in the country. Lubar has also engaged in the demolition business and entertainment industry. At some point, Todd was running a scrap metal business. He is passionate about helping people to realize their dreams in life.

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A Financial Executive Takes Active Investing Into The Future

Tim Armour is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group as well as a portfolio manager. Armour, who has over 30 years experience of investment experience, was chosen as Chairman of Capital Group in 2016 after the passing of the company’s former Chairman, James Rothenberg.

Capital Group, founded in 1931, is a financial service and advice firm with over 1.4 trillion under management. The firm offers its services to governments, institutions, high-net-worth individuals, and regular individual investors as well. The company, based in Los Angeles, has a presence in countries around the world including nations such as Australia, Japan, Canada, and the UK.

Armour earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College in Vermont. He started his professional career at Capital Group in their “The Associates Program”. Today as head of the company he oversees corporate strategy and handles the overall operations of Capital Group. He also acts as a portfolio manager where he handles the accounts of some of the company’s most important clients.

In 2016 Tim Armour oversaw a strategic partnership that Capital Group has formed with Samsung Asset Management. In talking about the partnership Armour said that the companies will collaborate on product supervision, investment administration, distribution channel support, and retirement organization. He went on to say that South Korea, where Samsung is based, has challenges due to its aging population which formed the reason for the partnership.

Armour is a proponent of active investing. He has said that you don’t have to settle for average returns. He has also said that there are alternatives to benchmark returns which are much better and will provide better results. As long as an active manager invests in the funds he operates, doesn’t churn funds, and keeps expenses low they can outperform the market over the long term. Armour says that if you can find an active manager who earns their keep you will find great success in saving for retirement.


Helane Morrison- American Businesswoman in the SEC

Helane Morrison is a truly impressive woman. Starting her professional life off at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, then finishing off her Bachelor’s degree at the Northwestern University, Morrison set herself up for success.


To understand her time at the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, otherwise known as the SEC, we must first look at her experiences leading up to her time there. After being admitted to practice with the State Bar of California, Morrison started her career at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. There she was a partner in their firm and practiced law on business litigation and defense of private securities actions from 1986 to 1996.


It was only after her time at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin that Morrison became the head of enforcement for the San Fransisco SEC office. Here she was in charge of securities enforcement, litigation, and regulatory matters for Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and northern Nevada. Morrison ensured all business dealings were made with maximum transparency, while working for cooperation from other government agencies and media outlets.


Some accomplishments Morrison made during her time in the SEC include financial fraud investigations against Fortune-500 executives, uncovering the sales of fraudulent securities to military personnel, exposing illegal destruction of audit papers, and providing defense for defrauded senior citizens.


After Helane Morrison noticed a discrimination towards female leadership in the financial sector, as well as women in general not striving to better themselves in their career path, she left the SEC to work with Hall Capital Partners LLC.




InnovaCare Health Introduces Penelope Kokkinides In New Management Restructuring

Just recently, InnovaCare Health conducted a management restructuring procedure in which they presented elite faces to the group’s leadership team currently headed by Rick Shinto as its President and Chief Executive Officer. The Puerto Rican healthcare provider announced the welcoming of Jonathan Meyers as its new Chief Actuary Officer, Mike Sortino as its Chief Accounting Officer, and Penelope Kokkinides as its new Chief Administrative Officer. According to Shinto, the three will be instrumental in the betterment of the existing company practices as well as the development of even more innovative operational policies in anticipation of a changing healthcare industry.

The current leadership’s previous engagements
Each of the current leaders has a huge wealth of experience in different fields within the healthcare industry. For instance, the company CEO Rick Shinto has more than two decades of experience in clinical and operations health care as well as managed care. Having started out as a pulmonologist intern, Rick Shinto gradually rose up the leadership ranks in different healthcare companies with his most recent being the president and CEO of Aveta Inc. Rick Shinto also served as the Chief Operating Officer as well as the Chief Medical Officer for Medical Pathways Management Company.

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On the other hand, Penelope rejoins the company as its Chief Administrative Officer after serving as its Chief Operating Officer for Aveta Inc. she also served as the corporate Vice President for Care and Disease Management at UnitedHealth Group’s AmeriChoice. In her 15 years of experience within the Medicare and Medicaid industry, Penelope has gained valuable administrative and operational experience that she hopes to pour out on InnovaCare. She has especially been instrumental in formulation and implementation of healthcare operational models aimed at ensuring productivity with the organization she serves while enhancing client satisfaction.

About InnovaCare health
InnovaCare is a leading managed services healthcare provider in North America with regional headquarters in Puerto Rico. The health provider specializes in Medicare advantage as well as Medicaid programs while availing sustainable and cost-effective health services within reach of many. To achieve this, the company adopts the most advanced technology and industry expertise.

The healthcare provider aims at providing redefining healthcare management system that meets the current industry complexities. It has therefore put together a strong team of professionals designed to providing functional patient-clinician relationships intended to ensure quality treatment procedures. The company also offers creatively and coordinated medical services that are heavily subsidized and within the affordability range of an average American.

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Stephen Murray, Philanthropist, CEO and Financial Genius

Stephen Murray was born on August 2, 1962. He grew up in a New York City suburb in Westchester County, New York. Stephen Murray went to Sleepy Hollow High School, and in 1984, Stephen Murray attended Boston College and graduated with a degree in economics.

During that same year, Stephen Murray landed a position at Manufactures Hanover Corporation, joining the credit analyst training program. Through hard work and dedication, he became Vice President of the middle market lending department. In 1989, he enrolled at Columbia Business School and subsequently earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

In 1991, Chemical Bank bought out Manufacturers Hanover. Manufacturers Hanover merged with JP Morgan Bank in 2000. In 2005, Stephen Murray proudly was promoted to head of buyout business at JP Morgan. In August, 2006, Stephen Murray co-founded CCMP Capital and in 2007, he became President and CEO of CCMP Capital. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

Stephen Murray is the former CEO and President of the company CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital is a private equity business that specializes in capital transactions and leveraged buyouts. CCMP Capital has more than 50 employees with several offices located in London, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. CCMP Capital works with companies that are in the industrial, consumer, health care and energy sectors. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

For every transaction, they invest approximately $100 to $500 million of equity. CCMP Capital has invested in several companies, such as Quiznos Corporation, Warner Chilcott and Cabela’s Incorporated. Since CCMP Capital’s inception into the business world, they have invested in leveraged buyout and capital transactions totaling approxitemately $12 billion. CCMP Capital was one of the world’s biggest private equity funds, ranking number 17 in 2007. In 2007, CCMP Capital closed on $3.4 billion of institutional investor commitments. CCMP Capital sold Medpace, a pharmaceutical research company, to Cinven for a whopping $900 million.

Stephen Murray spent most of his successful career in the private equity field and was a superb investor who was an expert at closing deals. Throughout his illustrious career, Stephen Murray played a huge role in several firms, including Generac Power Systems, Aramark, Warner Chilcott, AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s, The Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods and Legacy Hospital Partners.

He was also a prominent member of his community, helping support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Columbia Business School and the Stamford Museum.

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The Great Autism Rocks Solo Capital

A visit by Snoop Dog, who is arguably the world’s most famous rapper, to the home of Hedge-Fund manager Sanjay Shah was the turn of all events. The visit rekindled Sanjay’s desire to contribute towards autism research and made him begin the Austim Rocks charity center.
As Sanjay explains, it was a bizarre but thrilling experience. It was more than just the visit as Sanjay got inspired by the artist to get back to music. He had passion for music and he used to promote gigs while in Kings College University in London. The passion had not gone away and the visit made him decide to play gigs and raise money for his autism research.
This idea of raising charity to help fund the research into Austim was born the day Snoop Dog visited, but Sanjay says the desire was aroused much earlier after his 2 year old son became a victim of the condition. The youngest son Nikhil was established with autism in 2011 and since he had nothing to do, he ventured into donating funds to support the research and increase the understanding of the condition.
Sanjay pursued his course, and with determination he was able to personally perform shows with great artists such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Costello and Joss stones which helped to raise more than 4 million US dollars to help in the autism research. The money, according to Sanjay is directed to the Autism Research Trust (ART) which is turn helps in supporting research processes by the Autism Research Center (ARC). The research center is based at Cambridge University and it is mandated with understanding all the information regarding the conditions such as in finding out who is likely to develop autism and what are the causes of the condition. At the moment, ARC, headed by Prof Simon Baron-Cohen is running a total of 15 long term projects. Their objective is to understand the whole Autism condition and find out and evaluate how to intervene and support those people suffering from the condition.
Sanjay used to work for Morgan Stanley as a banker for a period of 20 years. He later established his own business opportunity in 2008 after leaving his job as a banker and remained unemployed. He moved to Dubai in 2009, a place he says has a lot of good opportunities because there are many starts that travel to other parts after passing through there.
He named his fledging venture Solo Capital, and since for a period of 7 years the business has been able to expand and employ more financial experts. Its offices are located in London and Dubai. In 2011, Sanjay purchased a couple of Hyundai vehicles for Dubai Autism center. Furthermore, he is a trustee at the Autism Research Trust in the UK and contributes monthly towards the center.

North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park: “We Cried for Them Not to Deport Us. We Would Be Killed.”

Yeonmi Park‘s family defected and abandoned life in their native North Korea when she was just thirteen years old. Now at twenty-three, Yeonmi has made a point to share her story with others. “People need to know,” Yeonmi said. “My father died without knowing democracy. We could not even comprehend what freedom meant.” Yeonmi’s parents began saving money to hire smugglers to assist them in leaving North Korea. Her family had already faced many hardships, but their awakening came after watching the 1997 film Titanic. “We were able to see that life could be different,” Yeonmi said. “My friend’s mother was executed for watching a James Bond film and sharing it with others. I saw it happen. Then I realized I had done the same thing, hundreds of times.” Yeonmi’s father was arrested during an illegal attempt to raise money for his family. Her family became impoverished due to the loss of her father’s income. They were faced with starvation. “We were given just a frozen potato, many times,” she said of her early life. Yeonmi’s mother hired smugglers to aid them in fleeing to China. They intended to remain in China only temporarily, but the smugglers had other plans for the terrified two. One of the smugglers raped and enslaved the teen and her mother, after days of leading them through dark forests, across mountains, and over partially frozen rivers. Yeonmi was taken as a child-bride. “I do not like to speak of it, “Yeonmi said. “It is a shame for a North Korean woman to lose their purity. Speaking of it, to me, feels like the world has ended.” Yeonmi and her mother were captured together but later freed. The two planned to cross into Mongolia and somehow find their way to South Korea. While they did arrive at their destination, they encountered hardships during their journey. Yeonmi and her mother survived their trek through the Gobi Desert and were detained by border guards. “We cried to them not to deport us to North Korea,” Yeonmi said. “We told them that we would be killed.” Yeonmi and her mother were deported to South Korea where they have since worked to grasp and understand freedom. Yeonmi of casey and yeonmi show enrolled in college and became a human rights activist.

James Dondero: The Man Known for Taking Highland Capital Management to Higher Heights

Jim Dondero is the man heading an investment firm known as Highland Capital Management. This company focuses on credit management. In the field of asset management, it requires proper planning and strategic decision-making. The management of assets needs qualified and smart financial managers who can give the right advice to clients.

James Dondero is a big name in asset management. Highland Capital applies a long-only form of credit strategynon The company has an experience spanning over more than two decades. Highland Capital has applied its strategies in asset investment across various sectors such as healthcare, high yield investments, distressed investment, structured products, and special situation loans.

It also operates in emerging markets, real estate, gas and oil, and other forms of investment. Highland Capital was established in 1993, and it has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the most respected investment companies in the world. It is now a multi-million dollar investment with global reach and which has helped many Americans to invest and obtain good returns.

It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and presently, it has an asset base of around $21 billion, which the company manages under its arms. James Dondero and Mark Okada joined and established a joint venture in 1990, which focused on fixed income markets, for example, the senior loans, which tend to be secured.

The joint venture then spread its arms and entered into business with another company known as Protective Life Insurance Corporation and soon, they formed a merger that was referred to as Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO). At this time, about 60 percent of the merger company was under the ownership of Protective Life Insurance and rest 40 percent was under the ownership of two founding individuals.

The Protective Asset Management Company by 1997 had also indicated that it was capable of experiencing massive future success. It is from this potential growth of the company that led to a decision of the two partners purchasing the stake that was in the hands of Protective Life Insurance. In the following year, the Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO) changed its names to assume Highlands Capital Management.

When the company transitioned to Highland Capital, it’s when the projected growth started being witnessed. The company went through a period of accelerated growth and in the next 3 years, it had spread its wings enormously.

In 2004, Highland Capital entered into agreement with Columbia Asset Management something that helped Highland Capital to own two floating funds. The company by this time had offices in Dallas but its operations were primarily targeting American clients. Since the company was growing, the owners began to think about how they could expand beyond borders.

In 2008, the company set up its first across border offices somewhere in Asia, Singapore. And in 2011, it was the year of globalization because the idea of setting up offices in different regions grows further, and they had offices in Seoul, South Korea. Today, the company is advancing and has been able to penetrate different regions often giving itself a competitive edge in the global scale on the area of asset management and hedge funding.