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Genucel: Smart Skin Care with Safe, Proven Results

Women today are savvier, smarter and more discerning than ever when it comes to opening their wallets (and minds) to skin care solutions. Dermatologists, researchers, aestheticians and best friends all have valuable knowledge and experience to share when it comes to skin care. Genucel by Chamonix harnesses the power of nature, of personal experience, and of data-driven science to bring today’s women the very best in evidence-based skin care.

Genucel understands that consumers are interested in naturally-derived, environmentally-responsible ingredients, and that they also want long-term, visible results in their skin care. Women are looking for the clean beauty seal of approval,so they jnow their products are safe. They also want results for the most troubling skin issues, including those signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, sun damage, dullness and puffy eyes. To combat these, Genucal carefully harvests the most powerful ingredients are found in nature: plant stem cells, vitamins A, E and C, and naturally occurring molecules like peptides. Genucel by Chamonix supercharges these ingredients by combining them in ways that boost collagen production for elastic, glowing skin, and help the skin repair itself naturally.

Overall Glowing Skin:

Most people want to fight overall signs of aging, and focus on one or two specific signs. Genucel by Chamonix enhances the skin’s natural ability to regenerate itself and remain moist, tight and bright. Solutions by Genucel target overall aging, and are also powerful allies in diminishing dark spots from sun damage, puffiness or darkness under the eyes, and dry skin issues (often made worse by weather changes).

Proven Ingredients Based in Nature, Refined by Science:

Clean, safe plant extracts, including green tea and the goji berry, have been tested in labs against the harshest, most extreme chemical interventions. When combined in the powerful formulas of Genucel, products deliver the lifting, firming, tightening and brightening action of much harsher and more toxic products. A majority of uses reported that the active ingredients in Genucel formulas showed visible, lasting results for more youthful skin.

Skin care is a very personal choice, with lots of effective options. Genucel by Chamonix empowers women with a suite of natural, effective, and scientifically-proven plant-based products for beautiful skin.

Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews on UCompareHealthCare

Dr. Walden is truly amazing. She performed a labiaplasty and the results are perfect. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable and I felt confident and safe throughout the experience. I highly recommend her without any hesitation.

5-star review from Anonymous Apr 27, 2015


I felt welcomed during my first visit. Dr. Jennifer Walden listened to what I wanted, gave me helpful advice, and she did not try and up-sell me. The nurses have all been great, very friendly and excited to be here. I loved the entire process and would do it all again.

5-star review from Anonymous Apr 20, 2015

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews on YellowPages

She is very approachable and informative. She answers any and all questions with no issues. I had a ‘mommy makeover’ and am SO very pleased with the results! Dr. Walden was realistic about cost, recovery and anticipated results.

5-star review from L.H. Nov 02, 2014

I was blown away from the start!! The first meeting with her and ever since has been nothing but professional and complete patient care. I never worried about my wife’s safety or the results. Everything turned out perfect!! I will highly recommend Dr. Walden and her staff to everyone I know without hesitation. Thank you so much, Dr. Walden!!! YOU ROCK!!

5-star review from J.J. Jul 16, 2014

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews on Yelp

In an effort to continue fighting the good fight against aging (welcome to the ’30s), I became dissatisfied with the way the lines on my forehead were looking, so I decided to try out Botox for the very first time. EEEK! Finding the person, I trust to inject needles into my face was no easy task. I was referred to Dr. Walden by a friend, and I am very happy to have chosen her. I found her and her entire staff to be very knowledgeable and personable. I also think that her pricing is very reasonable for these services. Thank you, Dr. Jennifer Walden and team! I will be back.

5-star review from S.C. Jan 18, 2015

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Special eos Lip Balm sale and how the company has reinvented chapstick

In an article from InStyle, EOS held a special sale on four different packs of their lip balm products. The occasion was for Amazon Prime Day as consumers could get the sweet mint pack for just $7 dollars with the other three packs at just $8. At the original price, the packs would cost $10 each.

The discounted packs were available in flavors such as Strawberry Sorbet, Sweet Mint, Vanilla Bean, and Raspberry. According to the article, a fun fact is that model Emily Ratajkowski uses their lip balm products and approves them.

An article from Fast Company describes how EOS has successfully changed the image of chapstick and even more, so, reinvented it. The lip balm products can now be found in many retail stores and are supported by some famous celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and even model Emily Ratajkowski.

The brand stands for Evolution of Smooth as they worked to create a line of lip balm products that were unlike any other brand. In the end, it worked as they created a $250 million dollar company with a lot of upside. The lip balm products are known for the unique packaging and spherical shape that can be applied easily to the lips filled with essential vitamins and organic ingredients. EOS then got the company off the ground by having it supported by beauty bloggers and millennial women.

Genucel by Chamonix: How to Keep Your Skin Healthy During Sunny Days

The first sunscreen was developed in 1938 with an SPF of 2 only. The SPS was too low for what people need to keep their skins healthy. Since then, a lot of progress has been made in the development of sun protection products. It is important to know how to keep your skin healthy during sunny days. Genucel products helps many people to keep their skins healthy as well as radiant throughput summer regardless of age.

Drinking water is instrumental in hydrating and moisturizing your skin. It makes your skin look youthful. Water in-take has been highly recommendable for not only skin-care purposes, but also for your overall health. Go beyond drinking water to help your skin to retain the moisture by using Genucel XV. Genucel XV contains b-vitamins, and peptides to make it gentle on your face and overall body skin.

According to, aging is something many people are struggling with today. One way you could win the fight against aging is through blocking UV rays from landing on your skin. SPF comes in-handy at this moment to prevent formation of new wrinkles. Beyond that, it has been found that people who wash their face often have a healthier skin. Washing clears up the pollution and other radical-causing agents from your face.

Targeted technology such as Genucel’s Eyelid Treatment and Jawline Treatment is designed to help you get the appearance of firmer looking eyelids. It reaches to places conventional creams don’t reach. When you’re looking at different products and technologies to help you maintain a healthy skin, go out of your way to protect yourself from prolonged exposure to sun rays. You can prevent burns from the sun by wearing long-sleeved shirts.

Genucel by Chamonix are products designed to fight anti-aging while helping you to protect your skin from harmful practices and agents. The modern ingredients as well as technology used to make Genucel products are designed to reduce the appearance of not only under eye puffiness, but also under eye bags. Some of the ingredients in Genucel include Green Tea Leaf Extract, Algae Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Goji Berry Extract and many others.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada : Global Marketing Done Right

L’Oreal global brand president Dan Bethelmy-Rada is considered to be one of the best in product marketing. At only 40 years of age, Dan Bethelmy-Rada is also the youngest DMI General Manager working for a larger company such as L’Oreal. Dan Bethelmy-Rada would build his career throughout his 15-year run with L’Oreal Paris and Garnier Brands. Dan Bethelmy-Rada continues to be one of the most innovative and forward-thinking minds in the industry. We recently sat down with Dan Bethelmy-Rada to learn more about his career and how he’s made such a positive impact in the world of marketing and beauty.

What led you to the beauty industry?

Dan Bethelmy-Rada attributes much of his creativity to his early life when he frequently traveled the world. Dan Bethelmy-Rada would move with his family from Venezuela to the United States and across the pond to Paris. He states that this was a huge factor in understanding that every culture around the world has a different standard of “beauty.” In addition to his travels, Dan also gives praise to his study abroad program (AFS-USA) where he was able to realize that one can create a career within the beauty industry.

What does a typical day look like to you?

Dan states that no day for him is “typical” and his days are often filled with meeting after meeting and the occasional fire that needs to be put out. However, everything does have a purpose for it. He further states that his most productive days come when he and his team are able to go over a list of ideas and products and simply brainstorm.

What is one trend that excites you?

Dan comments how although social media marketing is widely known, companies around the globe have yet to tap into its full potential. He goes on to say that his team is always fighting to be at the forefront of this technology and how it is optimized to deliver the best possible product for consumers.

The Key to Success

Some times the ingredients in certain products can scare us. Sunday Riley’s Luna sleeping night oil contains an ingredient called Retinol, also known as Vitamin A1. If this ingredient is not used correctly it can do more harm then good. Sunday Riley’s Luna sleeping night oil is such an appealing product with its intense blue colored oil and engaging name that we the consumers worry less. When selling a product, the seller is more likely to sell with products that catch the eye and do not scare us away. Sunday Riley does just that.

Price is also a big thing when it comes to buying or selling. Luna oil retails at $105 per one ounce bottle which seems like a high price to pay. It might shock people at first but with the presentation it is likely people will give it a try. If the product is worth it and actually works like Sunday Riley is said to people will spend any amount of money because what they are really searching for is results. Sunday Riley has provided these results for people and therefor they are happy and willing to spend every penny to have this product.

Sunday Riley is actually the name of the cosmetic chemist and product formulator. For a while she could not find a formula that actually worked. She created formulas that only included high-quality actives to come up with this product. This is why it is a bit pricey. It would cost more, but Riley does it for free.

In 2009 is when the brand was launched and Barneys New York was interested right away. At this time the line did not even have a name. It was suggested by Barneys that Sunday Riley herself should use her own name. Scared at first because putting your own name on something means you stand for that and you cant hide from it.

In 2011 Sunday Riley launched a line of cosmetics. Clients were not crazy about the make up they were more focused on skincare so two years later the cosmetic line was removed. Sunday Riley only cares about helping people with their skin care and will continue to make products that work.