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Skin Care For The Winter Months

Do your lips often get so dry and chapped during the winter that it drives you insane? Unfortunately during the winter time people often drink less water and it could lead to dry lips, But if you noticed that your skin is dry in other places, even if you have been keeping yourself clean and eating right, you might be dealing with winter weather blues.

The skin on your body takes a lot during the winter months, eventually cold winter places start to turn into skin-friendly places into your own hot little desert. The temperature began to drop, which causes the humidity to decease outside. It can also impact inside. Turning on the heat to keep yourself warm can eventually lead to the moisture of your skin and your house to evaporate.

And eventually all the dryness will wear your skin out- causing more wrinkles, decrease in skin elasticity, vitality and glow. Fixing your skin care routine is more than just putting on more moisturizer. Here are a few ways courtesy of, wherein you can improve your skincare routine that’ll benefit your whole body and keep your beautiful glow.

Drink more and more water.

Now I know that it’s freezing cold and you often don’t have the urge to drink water but in order to keep yourself hydrated you’ll need to drink water. There’s a couple of tricks you can try out to ” trick” yourself into drinking more water. You can try drinking water as soon as you get up or try carrying a water bottle around while taking a few slips of it every once in a while.

  1. Relax with the acne products.

Unfortunately acne is a part of life and it’s nothing to fear or be ashamed of. It’s not recommended that you use a bunch of acne products on your face, especially benzoyl peroxide. It works better during the warmer times of the year and your skin needs to breathe.

  1. Run a Humidifier in your house.

You shouldn’t have your Humidifier running all the time but it’s a good to run it every now and then to let your lungs and skin relax.

4. Skin Care Regimen

You will also want to invest in high-quality anti-aging products like the ones you’re going to be able to find within the Genucel line. This line of products is specific to anti-aging, allowing people of all ages to finally feel good about the way that they look. No longer do you need to worry about dealing with dry winter skin thanks to the line of products that Genucel has to offer.


Holistic Skin Care Recommendations


When you first wake up in the morning you tend to think what is on my agenda for the day. Instead during the morning take a few minutes to rejuvenate yourself and then proceed with your agenda for the day. For example, Sergio Cortes meditates in a comfortable area and drinks some fresh natural brewed coffee. Also during the day apply natural oils and creams to moisturize your skin. As you continue throughout the day you will at some point need to naturally rejuvenate your skin. Take time to cleanse your skin with natural oils. Appyling oils onto the skin daily each night will help to increase circulation and help the skin to be able to detox any toxins during the night. Also you can drink chamomile tea throughout the day while relaxing at home. The chamomile tea can help to decrease the chances of wrinkles on the face as well as soothe the body and skin.

Another great way to rejuvenate your face naturally is to create a natural based mask. Taking the proactive approach by applying a natural based mask just once a month can help to break down the toxins on your face and cleanse it. As a result you can gradually get closer towards getting a more flawless look rather than a dry scaly look on the face. For more information about beneficial holistic approaches for the skin click on the link.

Lime Crime’s Lipsticks

It is well-known that the quest for impeccable appearance has driven many cosmetics companies into presenting some of the products that will add more glamor and style to women’s appearance. However, they lacked something, and that is the ability to present something completely different, something that would be at the same time fancy and original. This is where Lime Crime came in, and with its collection of lipsticks, this company managed to achieve something that other companies could not-to mark a completely different beauty area.

A Collection Of Unique Lipsticks
These lipsticks can appeal to any lipstick fanatic, due to its unusual packaging with a unicorn’s picture on it. The picture is not surprising at all, since its founder, Doe Deere, has always been impressed with mermaids and other mythical creatures. Lipsticks are pretty cool, and girls can try some unique colors that cannot be found elsewhere.
Thanks to fine pigmentation, lipsticks do not dry, and girls do not have to apply several layers. The collection consists of different lipstick colors that cannot be found anywhere, and bellow is the list of some of them.
Babette-This light brown color is perfect for a daily look, and it goes perfectly with smokey eyes. The combination of coral shades and light pastel pink will look perfectly romantic on lips.
Airborne Unicorn-A combination of lipstain and lipstick will make any lipstick last longer. Furthermore, its packaging is so unusual, and its purple pink shade will make every girl fall in love with it.
Coquette-Its light orange color is perfect for medium and nude skin tones. The formula is so creamy, and its moisturizing effect is perfect for dry lips.
Geradium- this luminous color goes with neutral eyes, and its perfect for hot summer days. It is so intense that looks almost radioactive, and last for several hours.
Cosmopop- This pastel orange color is perfect for summer, and especially for girls with light skin.
D’Lilac- It looks almost blue on the lips, but the tone of the lipstick is light grey purple. The lipstick will never dry, and it runs so smooth on lips, which means that girls do not have to worry about bleed lines.
Lime Crime: New Lipstick Colors
Lime Crime on Amazon has also launched three new colors to its Velvetine line: Trouble, Pumpkin, and Cement.
The first lipstick is of olive green color, and it goes perfectly with dark-skinned girls, such as Rihanna. Then, Pumpkin is for those girls who like red lips, but with a different twist resembling Autumn colors. Cement is medium grey, and is perfect for the misfits, according to Doe Deere.
The new lipsticks have been launched exactly before the Halloween, which is the perfect period for these lips to be presented. The lipsticks are now available on, and also on Naimes Beauty Center,, and
In addition to this, Lime Crime has also launched new Liquid-Matte lipstick. Before applying this lipstick, it is important for lips to be exfoliated in order to reduce dryness, and this will also help this lipstick stay in place during all day. Its smell is so amazing, like a chocolate, and it is perfect for girls with dark skin.
So, these lipsticks can be a perfect option for the girls who want to be wild and conservative at the same time, and for those who want to express themselves.