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RealReal Is Now In Soho

Who would use thrift store business model for high-end luxury merchandise? Julie Wainwright decided to do just that when she opened the RealReal site in 2011. She has a background in online retail being the CEO of and former tech experience. Having valuable online merchandising experience, she gathered funds for several projects including RealReal.

One of Julies latest venture has been to open a brick and mortar store in a New York Soho neighborhood. She understands fashion and those who seek it. Shopping in her store brings in fashionistas who are addicted to bargains with that right name tag. She has regular buyers who frequent the shop often as they can peruse those latest additions online and then give them the up close evaluation in-house. Her store is designed to give the buyer a luxurious adventure with a pleasing price tag.

She has over 800 people employed in her enterprise. Each piece that she consigns must be evaluated as well as authenticated to assure her buyers are getting the real deal. Evaluations can be brought in to six centers located in the US. She has educated staff that can look at the merchandise and verifies it as well as values the item. If you purchase the item, it is the RealReal.

Julie consigns and sells all over the world. She has sold items for $100,000 but under $50,000 is more common. Don’t let those figures scare you, as she has many choice items for under $300. Often her consigners are also buyers due to consigners retaining most of the selling price. She proves to the owners of the names she sells that their brand will hold its value in the secondary market.

Her buyers range from Millennials upwards in age. The merchandise ranges from clothing and jewelry to home decor. RealReal occasionally offers courses featuring how to spot designer knockoffs, fakes, and other valuable information. If you are interested in consigning there are three ways that are offered. A free home pick-up in certain cities, shipping with a free mailing label, or visit a Luxury Consignment Office for a free evaluation.

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Lime Crime Cosmetics Make A Dramatic Statement

A growing league of young women are very interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Certainly, they would like to take control of their life and become their own boss. The goal is to have a successful and thriving business that people envy. Well, those young women should definitely take a look at Lime Crime Cosmetics. The founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics is Doe Deere. This young CEO was born in Russia and raised in New York. Doe Deere had a dream and a mission. Her dream was to start her own successful business. Her mission was to inform the world that cosmetics were more than tools to cover up imperfections.

The Lime Crime Venture
Lime Crime has been around for several years. During that time their dramatic makeup has made a very positive impact on the beauty market. They first started in 2008. That was the year that founding CEO, Doe Deere, put her dream in motion. The idea driving her was to create a beautiful and magical line of makeup products that demonstrated to people that makeup was not about covering up imperfections. Makeup was about creativity and freedom of expression. This woman entrepreneur created a truly original line of cosmetics and achieved success on her very own terms. Doe Deere is also a proud supporter of other women entrepreneurs. She speaks frequently on the subject and is involved with programs that mentor young female entrepreneurs.

Lime Crime Creativity
Certainly, the Lime Crime Cosmetics company is very unique. Their line of vibrant and very bold colors captures the imagination. Their makeup is for the bold at heart and free spirits. In an interview, the founder of Lime Crime remarked that the idea for makeup began in her fashion stage. She was always attracted to very bold, creative, and wild colors.

What Excites Doe Deere
Doe Deere finds creativity and inspiration around her daily. However, she is very excited about one trend that is taking over entrepreneurship. She is excited about the fact that the majority of people are starting e-commerce business sites and leaving the brick and mortar world behind. The CEO finds e-commerce very advantageous for the new entrepreneur. In fact, Lime Crime’s success proved that women were likely to buy cosmetics off the Internet, if they were presently correctly.

Doe Deere is looking forward to the future. In the future, Doe Deere plans to continue her successful career with Lime Crime along with her husband and partner Mark beside her.