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Wengie Explains Her Life Through Draw My Life


Wengie is a very popular Youtube vlogger as well as a big Instagram celebrity. She recently made a Draw My Life video where-where she illustrated her life on a white board and erasable marker. She began with her birth in 1986, where she was born in China. Her parents moved to Australia and she was left with her Grandfather until they could fly to Australia to be with them.


She first arrived in Melbourne where she began attending school. She later moved to Sidney when her family got a better paying job. She was painfully shy and had trouble making friends as a child. As she got older, she made a big effort to gain friends and to have a busy social life. She graduated from high school and got accepted to college for accounting. She worked hard in school where she also developed her online skills and dabbled with her videos and social media. She quit her job and got another as a Social Media Manager. She was really involved with her job and worked around the clock.


Wengie started to gain popularity and she quit her job so that she could promote her beauty blog, vlogs, and videos. She traveled to China from major promotions and began to really get involved with her social media career. She started to see a fair amount of success and later met the man that she is presently engaged to. Wengie’s popularity continues to grow and she has millions of fans and subscribers. She released daily vlogs as well a two video on Youtube weekly.