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Enhanced Athlete is providing state of the art bodybuilding products and services.

Nutrition Distribution filed a suit against Enhanced Athlete on the alleged false advertising claims which apparently had caused loss of sales for Nutrition Distribution. However, Enhanced Athlete was able to defend their case and won a hearing that took place in the District Court of California. Enhanced Athlete was able to prove that Nutrition Distribution was in the business of seeking out of court settlements with suits filed against other organizations in the industry. Furthermore, Enhanced Athlete pointed out that it had received letters that stated a demand for compensation for loss of sales by Nutrition Distribution. The Chief Executive Officer for Enhanced Athlete Scott Cavell firmly reported that their organization would not fall victim to the Nutrition Distribution’s schemes. Needless to say, Nutrition Distribution had never proved that the advertisements made by Enhanced Athlete led to a decline in their sales. The evidence brought forward by Enhanced Athlete was sufficient for the judge to deny the plea for an injunction made by Nutrition Distribution. The legal team from Enhanced Athlete strongly agreed with the ruling stating that Nutrition Distribution did not have enough evidence to prove the allegations against Enhanced Athlete. Clearly, there was no connection between the loss of sales for Nutrition Distribution and the allegations for false advertisements by Enhanced Athlete. Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching are part of the Enhanced Athlete organization. Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Athlete both have their own websites and clients can contact officials from the Enhanced brand. Enhanced Coaching provides well-designed packages built around the needs of the customer. Training packages are that are offered by Enhanced Coaching are provided by professionals with robust expertise in the area of bodybuilding. Enhanced Coaching provides clients with maximum results at an affordable price. Packages provided include the Summer Shred, the Starters Pack, and Enhanced Pro. Enhanced Gear is tailored to spearhead the athlete to achieve their optimum goals. Packages such as customized training and also sports equipment are catered for. The two daughter companies for Enhanced Athlete-Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear- both bear the logo for Enhanced.