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Key Contributions of Serge Belamant in Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant was born in France and moved to South Africa with his family at a young age. A bright student, he was awarded the Victor Ludorum in 1971. He attended both Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa (UNISA) where he studied engineering, computer science, applied mathematics and information systems.

As a founding patent holder of blockchain technologies, Belamant was a key contributor in the development of blockchain applications for which he used smart cards. The smart cards that were used contained microprocessors that functioned online and offline. For the past 20 years, Belamant has filed several patents that led to the development of blockchain technology.

When new technology has been developed, it’s common to have difficulty convincing others of its value. This is especially true in the banking industry where executives generally want proof that the technology will not pose unknown risks. Serge Belamant repeatedly overcame this challenge. He launched Net1 Technologies and in 1995 was hired by Visa to develop a new application that used Funds Transfer System (FTS) and Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS) technology.

Serge Belamant moved to the United States to complete the Visa project, which ended up being a tremendous success and of great value. The project resulted in development of the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card (COPAC), which is still used today by Visa as a key security feature against fraud. It’s also used to combat the misuse of credit and for verifying personal ID numbers.

Another important contribution of Serge Belamant is the work he did in 1999 when First National Bank of South Africa sold Cash Payment Services (CPS) and the system needed to be updated. One of the primary areas of modernization that was required was for the payment of grants to over a million citizens of Africa, especially in rural areas. Belamant successfully implemented the UEPS, which resulted in greater security and speed.

Early in his career, Belamant worked at Matrix Engineering with software that provided finite element analysis. This is where he developed applications that analyzed water levels in dams. This is just one more example of how Serge Belamant has always used his technical acumen to make a difference.

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At OSI Food Solutions The Successes Of The Past Continue To Guide The Successes Of The Future

For over a century now, there has been a dedicated food company that has been providing the best in customer service to its clients. This company is called OSI Food Solutions and it is a firm that has reached a global level of reach with this commitment to customer service as its guiding principle. OSI Food Solutions recently expanded to a total of more than sixty-five facilities globally. There are now customers across the globe that are able to take advantage of the massive options that come from doing business with the team at OSI Food Solutions. The company is currently operating in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia among other places and the company’s growth is ongoing. OSI is also one of the major suppliers for the global restaurant chain McDonald’s.

This is a relationship that goes back more than half a century. Some of OSI’s processing plants are even devoted primarily to producing products for McDonald’s. Even though today’s company known as OSI Food Solutions is a global leader in food distribution and operates in seventeen different countries, the foundations of the company go back to a single Chicago area meat market that was founded in 1909. The original incarnation of OSI was just a humble meat market but it wasn’t long before the founding family, the Kolschowsky’s, decided to take their business into the wholesale distribution realm. It was really at this point that the company we know today as OSI was born.

Over the years, the Chicago area operation steadily grew its footprint and expanded to become a force within the American midwest. It was during the era of the 1950s that OSI first started working with McDonald’s. This was a major boost to the company and helped it to gain the footing it needed in order to become a global player in the food industry. OSI Group has continued its expansion over the years. The last few years alone have been filled with a number of outstanding acquisitions. OSI has also forged some new partnerships in places like Australia. It has all contributed to making OSI a world leader in the food solutions industry.

Greg Blatt: The Face of Online Dating

Greg Blatt has made a name for himself in the corporate world of online dating. He started off as a waiter, serving drinks and bussing tables up until he chose to continue his education in corporate law. At this point between jobs, he was looking for what inspired him and what capture his focus.

At that point in time, he thought corporate law and finance would be the answer. Soon after his degree in corporate law and finance, Greg served in top firms like Lipton, Wacthtell and other firms in New York. Unfortunately, he didn’t find it interesting and chose to switch to entertainment law. Blatt was able to land a job as a consultant and it paved the way for future successes.

One of his major clients at that time invited him to come an executive in her firm, at that point, it was a huge opportunity and Greg did not hide his delight. The company was just about to go public and Greg saw the potential for its success. This happened to be the start of his great journey as a top executive and CEO, going from numerous top positions in different companies (MarthaStewart).

From 2013 to 2015, he was the CEO and top executive of Match Group, a year later he was the president of Tinder, an online dating forum for matchmaking. Unlike others Greg Blatt saw the potential for online dating that nobody else could foresee. Tinder is currently a global giant in online matchmaking boosting up to a hundred million subscribers globally.

As an executive, being productive and efficient is the primary goal. Greg Blatt does that by having face-to-face meetings everyday, this ensures he gets the best possible information needed to progress. According to him face-to-face meetings are more productive than any other form of communication.

He also noted that asking certain questions give him the best results on the long run. He has achieved so much in his career and shows no sign of slowing down.
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Transporting Kindness With Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is an entrepreneur who was born in India on March 18, 1971. He currently is the Chief Executive Officer for MergerTech, an advisory firm that operates internationally. The company began operating in 2009 and has made strides of progression over the last decade.

During 2015, Nitin Khanna entered the recreational and medical marijuana industry. What started out as a cannabis solution for locals has grown into the largest cannabis concentrate provider in Oregon. Khanna is also a board member for numerous companies. These companies include Vendscreen, Freewire Broadband and Classic Wine Auction to name a few. Throughout his career, the CEO has assisted in many acquisition deals with companies such as Amazon and Cancom.

Growing up in India shaped his life tremendously. While his father was in the army, the remainder of his family were entrepreneurs and that rubbed off on him. This would lay the foundation for him to travel to the United States at age 17 and begin working towards his undergraduate and masters certification. Shortly after his arrival in America, Nitins’s brother joined him in 1999 and they established Saber, a software company. The early work that he and his brother accomplished had an impact on voting systems, at the nationwide level. Currently more than half the country utilizes this software to manage various elections. This was the basis for them to introduce other industries to the software such as childcare and the Department of motor vehicles. The company would grow to a point where he felt comfortable selling.

After successfully building and selling his software company, the businessman would begin to angel invest throughout the Portland region. The goal of Nitin Khanna is to build a business that has longevity. He hopes decades from now that his companies are still active are still servicing people like a brand such as Coca-Cola, respectively. By starting his every morning doing an inventory of his business and growth lines, he has a foundation for dealing with the day’s tasks.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong – Raising the Standard Of E-Commerce Industry with Innovative Ideas


In the field of e-commerce, Richard Liu has become truly an icon due to the success he has achieved. The company he started in 1998 with a single small shop in Beijing has gone on to become one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world today with the annual revenue of over $70 billion. is listed for public trading in the New York Stock Exchange.


Richard Liu has helped implement some very innovative and futuristic marketing and management strategies that have helped the company reach out to more customers, expand globally, and ensure the customers are benefited by getting better products at reasonable prices than their counterparts.


Richard Liu Qiangdong was ambitious from the very beginning, and when he was young, he was interested in politics, which is why he studied sociology from the Renmin University in China. Later on, he discovered that to have a successful career, studying business would be fruitful. It is why he joined the China Europe International Business School to complete a Master’s in Business Administration. Along with studying, he used to learn computer science by himself and became fluent with coding and programming. It is what helped him bag a job at a multi-national firm named Japan Life. Get Related Information Here.


The capital he raised from his job at Japan Life helped him start his entrepreneurial journey, and he started a small store in China’s Technology Hub in Beijing, China. It went on to be a huge success and helped him gain enough financial backing to start a dozen more stores. As the business expanded, Richard Liu grew more ambitious, and it is what eventually led him to the world of e-commerce.


Richard wants to automate his warehouses so that the efficiency can be increased and the chances of human error are decreased drastically. It is a piece of good news, not just for the company but also for the people working there. The employees will not have to work hard to earn a salary, and their task will become easier. They will only need to supervise, and it will significantly reduce human error that can sometimes run high.


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Richard Liu Outlines The Start Of His Company At World Economic Forums Annual Meeting

Richard Liu, the founder of recently took to the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting to talk about his company and the growth and potential within the e-commerce industry across the world.

The interview starts out by Richard Liu giving his account on the emergence of this multi-billion dollar company. Richard Liu had always been someone who was passionate about doing something to its fullest. He always wanted to make a name for himself and was taught the values of hard work at an early age. He attended University but soon realized that the skills being imparted here were not adequate enough to keep up with the real world. This led him towards coding, and he taught himself a number of programming languages during this time.

After University, he proceeded to work at a company that sold a number of health products across East Asian markets. Staying true to his values, he worked hard to reach one of the most prominent positions within the company. After reaching these positions, he realized that his true interest was in leading his own company. He decided to leave his corporate position and started to build his own company. He started out with one store that sold genuine products at a time where Chinese markets were filled with counterfeits and knock-offs. His shop was successful, even though it was on a small scale.

The SARS outbreak was when Liu experienced a true shift in perspective. Being homebound during this time seriously impacted his business, and caused sales to drop. However, he realized that if people had a way to shop from home, an occurrence like this would not plummet sales. This led him to shift his entire business from a brick and mortar store to an e-commerce retailer. Within no time, the site took off and started to see a much wider range of customers than it ever saw before.

Ever since first came up, it has risen to become one of the more prominent names within the e-commerce industry. The vision and determination of Richard Liu to succeed was something that truly impacted the overall growth that the company saw, truly making an e-commerce giant.

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Zeco Auriemo Youtube Recap

Zeco Auriemo Provides Property Development Advice

Zeco Auriemo is a renowned real estate professional with great expertise in property development. Based in Brazil, this well-respected entrepreneur works hard to ensure the success of JHSF.

As chairman and CEO of JHSF, Zeco Auriemo takes the time to evaluate new building projects and the available resources before deciding how to proceed. He oversees major development projects for JHSF and is well known for achieving great outcomes.

Proper developers try to gather as much information as they can about a project to determine if it is feasible or not. Because property development is a capital-intensive business, thorough study and research need to be performed before work begins.

JHSF is one of the leading real estate property development companies in Brazil. The company has a great team of real estate experts. Zeco Auriemo has an established history of addressing project issues in an efficient and timely manner and comes highly recommended in the industry.

Property development projects can be highly lucrative investment opportunities. When executed well, this type of real estate project can become highly successful. It can yield huge sums of money for everyone involved. This is one of the things that attract numerous people to this industry.

To achieve success in property development you need abundant financial resources. You also need to foster sound relationships in the industry, have a thorough understanding of the market, and you also need to get access to a team of connections who will help you.

If you are trying to get into the property development and need to find out what works, its imperative that you contact a reputable professional like Zeco Auriemo. Having an expert like Zeco Auriemo on your side is a great way to improve your chances of creating vast fortunes in this lucrative industry.


Randal Nardone is a renowned chief executive officer of Fortress Investment Group and the company’s co-founder. He has a lot of experience in the financial investment industry and has been on the frontline changing the lives of many investors. It was established in 1998 by Rob Kauffman, Randal Nardone, and Wesley Edens. They have their headquarters based in New York City, and the company has rapidly expanded to become the market trendsetters. Fortress Investment Group is under the management of $43.6 billion according to a report released on 31st December 2017. The firm is usually traded on the NYSE since its listing on December 2007.

Randal Nardone is now position 557 among the world’s most prominent billionaires around the globe and has a net worth of $1.8 billion. He has worked hard for the wealth and is believed to have a lot of potentials. With just 51 years, he thinks that the world has got so many opportunities which people are unable to identify.

Randal is an alumnus of Connecticut University where he graduated with a bachelors degree in English and Biology. He later joined the Boston University for a bachelors degree in law. Later he enlisted for a masters in his career and had since then achieved a lot in his career. He has been on the frontline pursuing excellence in his career. He left the law industry and became an expert in the law field. The decision is quite a great move and has been hailed for that.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, he used to work at Thacher Proffitt & Wood Law Firm as a member and a partner. He also served as the principal of Blackrock Financial Management where he was able to gain relevant management experience. He helped the UBS in 1997 as a managing director and was able to work until May 1998. He managed to prosper to high levels in his career. He is also a member of the Management Committee since Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998. Today, Randal Nardone oversees both the legal and financial matters of the company thus managing to help the company realize its overall goals within a brief period.


Live Entertainment Production Manager Clay Hutson

After graduating from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater Design, and from the Stephen M. Boss School of Business at the University of Michigan with an MBA degree, Clay Hutson began working in the entertainment industry as a production manager for Get A Grip Touring, a company he’s been with since 1999, and he later became the Vice President of Production for Ronin Event Creative in 2001. Over the years, he has been responsible for putting live shows together for music artists such as Pink, Kanye West, Guns ‘N Roses and Jennifer Nettles. He has also worked as the stage manager for the legendary singer and musician Prince.

One of the things Clay Hutson says he tries to do when helping artists put on an enjoyable live show is take their thoughts and feelings into consideration so that they can create a unique experience for their audiences. He has been known to work tirelessly to make sure that the artists’ stage performances are memorable and fulfilling. He feels that since he has been a part of the entertainment and tour production industry for a long amount of time, he usually knows what’s going to work and what’s not going to work. He expressed that in order to handle his production duties effectively, he likes to stay 3 steps ahead of himself. When he has a tour to work on, he gets out of bed at 6:30 am and goes over his schedule, then he makes detailed plans so he’ll be prepared for what direction he’ll need to take in order to help his clients put on their best shows.

Clay Hutson is currently working on Kid Rock’s Red-Blooded Rock N Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour, which is the controversial entertainer’s 2nd US tour in 2018, and he’s also managing the 2018 world tour of singer Halsey, which is called The Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour. The talented production manager says that one of the trends he is most excited about in the music industry today is the technological advances that are now being used when it comes to live music.

Why Paul Herdsman Has Been Saving Many Businesses From Collapsing

Most of the time, people invest in business startups without prior knowledge and research. This ends up affecting business growth because of poor management of funds and slow business growth. According to Paul Herdsman, a successful business requires dedication, hard work, and understanding. Paul Herdsman is a seasoned entrepreneur who is recognized for the advice he gives to start-up business people. Paul Herdsman is the Chairman and COO of NICE Global. The company focuses on the development of business solutions to business people and entrepreneurs. The company is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. NICE Global offers different services that help businesses remain afloat. The services include technical support, branding, outsourcing, marketing and outsourced email services.


Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed aa plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “12 Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs”.


Paul Herdsman shares the skills he has used to ensure the company grows into a leading global entity. Creating a good culture ensures improved cordial relationship among employees. This will increase work output and maximize employee retention. Working as a family makes employees feel appreciated and as such, the customer demand goes higher. It is paramount to Invest in real players and not just an employee to fill a vacant position. Here, it allows you to have an all-rounded employ with multitasking capabilities thus improving on efficiency. For companies to succeed, rewarding employees increase their moral and subsequently their output. Companies that have derived ways of rewarding employees remain profitable in the long run because employees are mandated to deliver. See This Article for more information.


Good companies respect each person’s leadership position. Knowing where you belong and what you do is vital in ensuring people perform their duties well. Bosses occupying different positions should learn to understand and respect different departments to facilitate coexistence. Investing in the best people is a notable success story of any company. Instead of just hiring employees, invest in performing employees who understand his/her duties to the core.




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