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Becoming All Inclusive Is Important To Don Ressler For A Number Of Reasons

The Fabletics brand has been one of the major areas of growth for the JustFab group of fashion related companies, so much so that the business model of JustFab has now changed to include brick and mortar stores for the range of athletic clothing produced under the leadership of actress Kate Hudson. Don Ressler is often seen as the force driving the brand onward to success as Kate Hudson acts as the marketing face of the brand she helped establish alongside Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Oliver Hudson.


Don Ressler is well known for making an impact in terms of developing brands with huge levels of investment, including more than $250 million for the many different brands created under the JustFab name; Ressler has become known for working closely with Matrix Partners venture capital company who supplied over $30 million in funds in 2011 and added to this at regular intervals over recent years. One of the major reasons for the high level of funding Ressler has been able to generate is the strength of the business plan set out for each brand and the all inclusive nature of the JustFab range begun in 2016.


Interviews with Don Ressler see the Online retail specialist admitting that he had little knowledge of the female fashion world when he developed the first brand in the JustFab range; Kimora Lee Simmons has acted as the President of the company to make sure the creative vision of the JustFab brand matches its lofty business goals. Being all inclusive to subscription members of all sizes is something the owners of JustFab and its many lines believe is important as they have come to realize all people should have the chance to feel good about themselves regardless of their size or shape.


A major part of the drive to become inclusive to people of all sizes has come from the success of the Fabletics brand that has grown in just three years to include six physical locations by the end of 2016. Inspiring a healthier lifestyle is something both Don Ressler and Kate Hudson are hoping to do and believe feeling good in healthier clothing can be a catalyst for those hoping to live a healthier lifestyle.

Adam Goldenberg could have Dressed one of the Unicorns you know.

Hitting the headline today in business news is Adam Goldenberg co- CEO and Co-founder of Techstyle fashion group and JustFab. It is worth noting that companies need a focused leader, the beauty and fashion industry is doing everything in its capacity to maximize sales and profits. However, the likes of Adam take chances when they have them.


Being an entrepreneur, Adam started his career journey at the age of 17. Further, in April 1999 Goldenberg having built his first company Gamer’s Alliance in its second year after its birth, he sold it to Intermix Media where he was named to serve in the position of Chief Operating Officer. Adam who is a close business associate with Don Ressler decided to form an e-commerce brand incubator the Intelligent Beauty in 2006.


After four years of working together with Ressler it the incubator platform led to the formation of Techstyle. Adam founded JustFab in 2010. Currently, it is a leading fashion subscription online site. From sources following metrics drive at the firm, JustFab has experienced growth raising $55 million funding and acquiring shoe discover services from Shoe Dazzle.


As a leader Adam works by watching the number he works with, therefore from that, he can notice shortcomings and fix as soon as possible, Thought that other founders should embrace. Taking customers feedback helps Adam improve merchandising decisions and products. As a measure to get feedback, there is a team dedicated to understanding the firm,s members.


With the fast changing trends in fashion and beauty industry. E-commerce is a tool that enhances profits. With the need of integrating new systems into businesses, entrepreneurs have to stay on a float. Formation of Techstyle meant that, for Adam and Ressler to be able to reach out to their client across borders Techstyle would provide them with what they need.


Today Techstyle is building high-value fashion brands internationally, patterning with other brands like the Fabletics, Fabkids, and ShoeDazzle. Serving over 4 million active members selling of labels has been uniquely combined technology, mixed media, and membership to their firm. Based in greater Los Angeles are, members from other countries receive celebrity treatment on receiving customized selections. It is evident that Adam and Ressler are focused on changing the way women pick out fashion in the world

We say that we never know what tomorrow brings little did Adam know that at his age of 17 he had started a journey around the world. I think Adam just dresses my neighbor.

Adam Goldenberg – The Co-Founder and CEO at TechStyle (Previously Referred As JustFab)

Adam Jack Goldenberg business attitude and spirit for internet marketing were evident from early childhood. At just 16 years, Goldenberg formed Gamer’s Alliance Inc., a marketing network for gaming sites. The company which was established in 1997 was later bought in 1999 by Intermix Media, the parent organization of MySpace.


Goldenberg joined hands with Intermix Media as the Vice President of Strategic Planning before he was promoted at age 20 and became the Chief Operating Officer, and was the youngest COO of an organization traded publicly. In 2005, Intermix Media was bought by News Corp for over $650 million.


While planning for a better way of launching new companies in the current marketplace, Goldenberg joined hands with Don Ressler and formed Intelligent Beauty Inc, a belief reflection of Goldenberg in bringing the best minds together in the sector to accomplish extraordinary outcomes.


TechStyle previously known as JustFab is a fashion retailer for an online subscription that trades in a wide variety of handbags, shoes, denim, and jewelry. The organization provides a personalized shopping experienced according to the fashion preferences of members. It is the parent portfolio group of five internet subscription service bands such as Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, FabKids, and JustFabs.


The monthly VIP membership program offers fashion clients with the reach of hottest handbags, shoes and celebrity stylists. The celebrity stylists of the company review the individual style of every JustFab before searching via different styles of recommendations according to fashion preferences and personal style. Every item is $39.95 and shipping is provided for free.


As the name implies, TechStyle is a combination of fashion and technology. It is the parent organization of fast-growing and successful brands. The company utilizes proprietary technology, vertical integration, and personalization to establish a winning mixture of subscription e-Commerce with brick-and-mortar retail.


The focus on technology comes naturally to Adam Goldenberg, the co-Founder, and co-CEO of the organization who has been a perennial entrepreneur from the age of 15. While explaining how the company applies technology, Goldenberg added that; they don’t view technology as a service or product to empower the organization, but they take it as part of their products dissimilar with other agencies.


On technology products, Goldenberg insisted that they had tested over 30,000 different digital ads and different website configurations to optimize the metrics. In TechStyle, there is no clash between technology and culture. The organization has a program called Rise that sorts clients seeking for traditional commodities.

Flávio Maluf: Experience-based Insight into World Events

Flávio Maluf is an experienced business executive and academician with industry knowledge that stretches across various industries. Eucatex Group, which he currently owns and serves as its chief executive officer, vice president, director and chairman of the board of directors, has grown exponentially since Mr. Maluf joined it in 1987. Operating in numerous industries gives Mr. Maluf a deeper insight into market operations and forces including the effect of the recent Brexit referendum in Britain. He believes that by exiting European Union, Britain now has greater bargaining power when it comes to negotiating bilateral trade agreements. Flávio Maluf further holds that countries such as his home country, Brazil, are bound to benefit through comprehensive trade deals without the constraints of the supranational entity. However, believes that Britain is bound to lose its position as an economic hub as many investors may leave the country due to stricter immigration laws. Britain will lose access to the larger market in the EU.


Steering Eucatex towards Greater Success


After operating for over three decades, Eucatex had already established a name for itself as one of the leading companies in Brazil. However, it is during the current tenure of Flávio Maluf at the helm of the company, which began in 1987 that Eucatex truly transformed into a modern entity. The company divested into numerous industries including furniture making industry. This was an unprecedented move as the company had never expanded its operations beyond the manufacture and sale of wooden ceiling and insulating materials. However, the industrial revolution at the company did stop at the divesting level; the company resorted to growing its own raw materials in the expansive land it owned in Brazil. Flávio Maluf’s visionary leadership has ensured that the company can effectively managed its own supply chain without the inconvenience of third parties.


Flávio Maluf: New Investment Frontiers


Informed by the growing popularity of information technology, Flávio Maluf believes that the sector offers great investment opportunities. His strong belief in technology has even him incorporate technology to streamline Eucatex’s operations. He also believes that millenials offer great investment opportunity especially for those seeking to invest in innovative technologies. Other popular trends such healthy eating makes nutrition and health suave investment decisions an investor can make.



Flavio Maluf Helping Eucatex Scale To New Heights of Success

Flavio Maluf is a brilliant businessman known for his exemplary leadership at Eucatex. Thanks to him, Eucatex is named on the list of successful family owned and run companies. He is a go-getter and will stop at nothing until he has achieved his vision. When he joined the company in the year 1987, he knew that he would want to get to the top of its leadership someday. Therefore, he had taken the initiative to study a business management course from The New York University. This was on top of his undergraduate degree of Science in Mechanical Engineering, which had been obtained from FAAP. But, like everyone else, he had to prove himself worthy of running the company.



Therefore, since day one of being placed in the trade area of this company, he vowed to do everything within his capabilities to ensure that the trade area turned around for good. Being placed in charge of regional trade, he saw to it that Eucatex was leading in terms of regional market share. His outstanding performance was soon getting him places, one promotion after another and by the year 1996, he was heading international sales function of the company.



In the year 1996, his mechanical engineering degree came into use. In that year, he was appointed to serve in the industrial area of Eucatex. He rendered his services for the entire year while simultaneously serving in the board of Executives, following an invitation by his uncle, who was at the time working as the president of the company. He was a board member for one year. When the year 1997 kicked in, Flavio Maluf was appointed to head the company as the President, following an agreement by the family members. He was to succeed his uncle who was retiring as president that year.



Since his appointment to serve as president of the company, Eucatex has been scaling the heights of success. Today, the company manufactures not only furniture but also affordable construction materials. He has also overseen the opening of more plants to increase the productivity of the company.