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How Fortress Investment Group LLC Changed The Investment Industry

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a worldwide manager of assets. The company saw it’s inception during late 1998. Randal A. Nardone, Peter L. Briger, and Wesley R. Edens lead all of the company’s major operations. Wes Edens and Randal Nardone are the co founders of the firm; Peter Briger (along with Wesley) serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Fortress Investment Group manages more than $39 billion for various investor clients.

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Asset-based investments has fueled the ongoing success of the Fortress Investment Group over the last ten years. They have filled a gap in the investment world. By providing a diversified business model, their traders and investors have high returns and success rates. This is one of the major reasons why fortress generally deals with complex investments with ease. Another reason for their abundant success is that Fortress Investment Group communicates with their investors frequently to assure smooth transactions.

Fortress Investment Group LLC has a large credit sector to their asset management. This is because they tactfully approach these types of undervalued assets and provide plans for growth. There is currently more than $22 billion being overseen in this sector of Fortress. The company also specializes in investments that deal with intellectual property and oil resources.

There is an industry information component to the website of Fortress Investment Group. This is where clients of the asset managers can see patterns within the industry and important news. They also have an archives library section to the website. This enables investors to go back and search for information that may have been released prior to their partnership with Fortress.

Being a worldwide asset management company, Fortress Investment Group also provides information that is specific to respective countries on their website. This includes important tax information and financial reports. The company has main offices in New York City, New York and San Francisco, California.

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Niranjan Shaw Creates a New Pace for Philanthropy

Niranjan Shah is a CEO who is based in the city of Chicago. He has long been known as the head of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation. This is a company whose purpose is to provide a whole new level of engineering and architectural excellence. The company has long been known as one of the foremost firms in the Chicago area.

Niranjan Shah has won many awards, both in the city of Chicago and elsewhere, for his contributions in these vital areas. However, he has also recently become known for another, quite different, branch of activity. His charitable and philanthropic activity has won him a whole new reputation as a man of serious intent and personal worth.

The acclaim that has come to Niranjan Shah from progressive social quarters has been very welcomed. He has responded by redoubling his efforts. Niranjan Shah has always been a man who believes in giving back to his community. This is a concept of good work and bridge building that goes well beyond the mere city of Chicago.

Niranjan Shah has won acclaim as a company CEO for many years. This has been the bulk of his life so far. But he has recently branched out to support a myriad of charitable and political causes that go well beyond his identity as a man of success in the world of business. These are causes that continue to mean a great deal in his personal life.

Niranjan Shah has set a new example of how a progressive and charitable man of business should conduct himself. For this reason, he has continued to find success in the world of business in Chicago and well beyond. His charitable work is renowned in the city and in the nation as a whole. This is work that shows no signs of abating.

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The Shining Star That Is Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt has been a working figure of leadership within businesses since 2003. Currently, he is the CEO of IAC, which is one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation. Standing at the center of their victory, however, is most definitely Greg Blatt. While he will protest to you that the entire team is what led them to what they have today, the truth is that Blatt is easily the single most crucial figure within the entire employee base, and his contributions have been invaluable (Prnewswire).

There is an undeniably high level of experience required for joining with any major businesses in the world, but that will only get you so far. Unfortunately, some of us are simply not built to be leaders; we do not all have the necessary qualities to efficiently move a company. Greg Blatt was lucky enough to have been a leader for as long as he can remember. The power that he possesses often goes under the radar in the world of business because we are simply so used to figures with a lot of leadership potential. Greg Blatt, however, is a shining example of a proper leader among all of them.

Besides being uncommonly charismatic and good at dealing with people, Greg Blatt has a strong sense of morality when it comes to business actions. He will not make a move unless it is beneficial for his company and his community; one or the other simply is not enough. As a man who is supporting so many peoples’ livelihood, he knows that there can be very deep consequences for his every move. Because of this, he moves with a certain prudence, one that is uncanny within the investment community.

Others will get a rush when they put everything on the line, and in many case, it is that rush that keeps them actively working. In the case of Greg Blatt, though, it is not about how much capital is at stake, but rather how many lives are at stake. He knows that many people are counting on him to do good unto the world, and he is determined to make them proud.

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How OSI Group And McDonalds Partnered To Establish An Exceptional Business In The World

OSI Group is a famous food provider company in the world. Besides, the company is still growing today. In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky started this company in Illinois. It started as a meat market and a local retailer in business. After 20 years, Otto rebranded the business to Otto and sons. Eventually, it was named OSI group. Later, the OSI group McDonald’s relationship developed in 1955.


However, before its opening, it agreed with Ray Kroc to be its initial supplier of ground beef and later as a franchise agent for Richard. After some few years, OSI majorly supplied with McDonalds with food. In the past years, OSI Group McDonalds became bigger after discovering the flash freezing process. It is the process where liquid nitrogen is frozen with cryogenic food. Moreover, it provided more opportunities to many individuals.

For example, it made the individuals expand their businesses by reducing the costs of the products. After some time, OSI Group McDonalds was successful in their business. As a result, it upgraded to be among the top four suppliers of the company.

In 1973, the McDonalds built OSI a facility to enhance their business. When the OSI Group McDonalds expanded its business, OSI made facilities in North America and internationally. Later, OSI Group McDonalds grew to be among the best food processing companies in the world.

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Private Companies

There are various private companies in Chicago with headquarters in multiple places. They include the Greater Chicago Area, North America, and the United States. They existed because of the people and the notable events happening in the areas.

The private companies are either privately funded, seed or venture companies. Funding is available in both early and late stages. The initial stage involves both rounds of Series A and B, while the late stage involves Series C, D, and E.

The startups and companies are numerous in the Greater Chicago Area. They are essential for the acquisition trends, investment, and provides data on their funds. They provide insights about their notable investors, recent news, and their management.

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Learn More about the Unique Mineral Composition of Waiakea Water

Calcium: for Bones and Teeth
Calcium is considered the most important mineral in our body. We own up to 1.5 kilograms of it – mostly in our bones and teeth. Calcium is necessary for our bone metabolism, for nerves and muscles, for blood clotting and the transmission of hormonal signals. In addition, it regulates the activity of various enzymes and has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. Calcium deficiency can lead to muscle cramps and osteoporosis. Visit to know more.

Calcium Suppliers: We mainly consume calcium via milk and dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt.
Waiakea water contains many natural minerals and trace elements. Please note: Water drinking is not enough to cover the vital needs of minerals. It is also important to eat a balanced and healthy diet.
Magnesium: for Muscles and Nerves
With a share of 20 grams, magnesium is the second most abundant mineral in our body. Magnesium activates a variety of enzymes that initiate different chemical reactions. It plays a significant role in the function of the muscle and nerve cells and is therefore important for the heart and circulation. A lack of magnesium can manifest in irritability, lack of concentration, muscle spasms or arrhythmia.
Magnesium Suppliers: Whole wheat bread, nuts and bananas are particularly rich in magnesium.
Potassium: for Muscles and Heart
Potassium is an important mineral that occurs predominantly in the body’s cells where it provides the fluid content. It also controls the muscle activity. An empty potassium depot can lead to general fatigue, muscle cramps or cardiac arrhythmias. Visit BevNet to know more.

Potassium suppliers: Potassium can be absorbed particularly well over dried fruit, fresh bananas, kiwis or mushrooms.
Iron: for Blood Formation and Energy Metabolism
At around 4 grams, iron is the most common trace element in the human body. More than two-thirds of the body’s iron forms the blood pigment hemoglobin. Iron is responsible for both the formation of blood as well as the transport and storage of oxygen. A balanced iron content promotes the entire energy metabolism. Iron deficiency can manifest in fatigue or anemia.
Iron Suppliers: There is a lot of iron in animal liver, kidneys, legumes, wild garlic and spinach.
Hydrogen Carbonate: for the Acid-Base Balance
Hydrogen carbonate helps to regulate the acid-base balance in the body (see also Sodium and Chloride). In the gastrointestinal tract bicarbonate neutralizes excess acid. One-sided diet with too much protein, sugar, fat and alcohol promotes the formation of acid. There is a risk of acidification of the body. Here, bicarbonate-containing water can help restore balance.
There is no maximum, because you cannot “overdose” the healthy, natural bicarbonate in the body.
Sodium: for the Acid-Base Balance
Together with chloride, sodium regulates the water and acid-base balance of our body. And in conjunction with potassium, the mineral regulates our fluid balance and is important for nerve and muscle function. Too little sodium in the body can lead to low blood pressure, dizziness or orientation difficulties.
It is recommended to take no more than 6 grams of sodium chloride (saline) daily. One gram of salt contains 0.4 grams of sodium.
Sulphate: Digestion, Skin, and Nails
Sulphate is a natural sulfur compound and essential mineral for the human body. Sulfate is supposed to stimulate the bile flow and to promote digestion. In addition, sulfate is involved in the construction of proteins and in the firmness of skin and hair. The Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV 2001) specifies a limit of 250 mg per liter, as too high a sulphate content for pipes can have a negative effect (corrosive).
High sulphate concentrations from 1,200 mg sulphate per liter are contained in medicinal waters .
Chloride: for the Gastric Juice
Together with sodium, chloride is responsible, among other things, for the distribution of fluid in the body. As a component of the gastric juice, the mineral ensures the maintenance of the acid-base balance. Chloride deficiency can manifest itself in muscle spasms or cardiac dysfunction.
It is recommended to take no more than 6 grams of sodium chloride (saline) daily. One gram of salt contains 0.6 grams of chloride.

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                    Rona Borre has been showcased in various media

Instant Alliance was founded by Rona Borre and now the CEO, back in 2001.Since then she has became a female icon entrepreneur in Chicago land. Now is largely known internationally as woman owned business enterprise and the company is consistently making growth.


She was born with great personality that has made vibrant and even given chance to lead in Chicago community organizations like Economic Club of Chicago ,the Chicago network and the young Presidents Organization and she has displayed potential and recommended as the best.

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Rona Borre has been showcased in various media which includes CNBC,CBS 2 Chicago USA Today Crains’s Chicago and CNN. Thankfully she has been accredited as an influential female in business by the National Association of Women Business Owners.

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The Enterprising Woman Magazine awarded Rona the Enterprising woman of the year this make an acknowledgement and addition to the number of accolades awarded to her company. In addition Rona received her BS in Business from the University of Arizona.


Great work is achieved through passion,dedication and consistency there is no different from Rona with this virtues. She knew that it won’t be easy since the beginning that why he put more effort on crafting his success since the beginning .

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InnovaCare Health Introduces Penelope Kokkinides In New Management Restructuring

Just recently, InnovaCare Health conducted a management restructuring procedure in which they presented elite faces to the group’s leadership team currently headed by Rick Shinto as its President and Chief Executive Officer. The Puerto Rican healthcare provider announced the welcoming of Jonathan Meyers as its new Chief Actuary Officer, Mike Sortino as its Chief Accounting Officer, and Penelope Kokkinides as its new Chief Administrative Officer. According to Shinto, the three will be instrumental in the betterment of the existing company practices as well as the development of even more innovative operational policies in anticipation of a changing healthcare industry.

The current leadership’s previous engagements
Each of the current leaders has a huge wealth of experience in different fields within the healthcare industry. For instance, the company CEO Rick Shinto has more than two decades of experience in clinical and operations health care as well as managed care. Having started out as a pulmonologist intern, Rick Shinto gradually rose up the leadership ranks in different healthcare companies with his most recent being the president and CEO of Aveta Inc. Rick Shinto also served as the Chief Operating Officer as well as the Chief Medical Officer for Medical Pathways Management Company.

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InnovaCare Health hires new healthcare execs into leadership team
InnovaCare Health Announces Three Additions To Leadership Team

On the other hand, Penelope rejoins the company as its Chief Administrative Officer after serving as its Chief Operating Officer for Aveta Inc. she also served as the corporate Vice President for Care and Disease Management at UnitedHealth Group’s AmeriChoice. In her 15 years of experience within the Medicare and Medicaid industry, Penelope has gained valuable administrative and operational experience that she hopes to pour out on InnovaCare. She has especially been instrumental in formulation and implementation of healthcare operational models aimed at ensuring productivity with the organization she serves while enhancing client satisfaction.

About InnovaCare health
InnovaCare is a leading managed services healthcare provider in North America with regional headquarters in Puerto Rico. The health provider specializes in Medicare advantage as well as Medicaid programs while availing sustainable and cost-effective health services within reach of many. To achieve this, the company adopts the most advanced technology and industry expertise.

The healthcare provider aims at providing redefining healthcare management system that meets the current industry complexities. It has therefore put together a strong team of professionals designed to providing functional patient-clinician relationships intended to ensure quality treatment procedures. The company also offers creatively and coordinated medical services that are heavily subsidized and within the affordability range of an average American.

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James Dondero success in Investment business

Creating wealth and expanding in business is every person dream. Today, several people are into investment banking where they invest on behalf of clients. To get investors confidence, sound management skills and an eye for new opportunities in investment must be two characters that a person need. James Dondero is one of the leading investment bankers in the world. Today, Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management Company. The company specializes in doing credit investments, with base total assets totaling to $20bilions. It is not a small achievement because it requires good investment and management skills. Companies need places they can address their money problems. These places are the areas of investment banking that provide various services that help to surpass their needs. Investment banks get any capital a client wants. Investment banks create securities traded by investors in any stock market. Investment companies help to do investigations that create awareness to customers. James Dondero can do all these. James Dondero has succeeded in investment banking. He graduated from the University of Virginia, concentrating in Finance and Accounting. His earliest job saw him work as an analyst in 1984 at Morgan Guaranty Trainers program. Today, Dondero holds a designation of a Certified Management Accountant, and also a Chartered Financial Analyst. He sits at the Board of Directors of MGM Studios and American Banknote. He also chairs CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare and a Director at Nexbank. The name and early life When it comes to investment banking, James Dondero’s name is synonymous. He cofounded Highland Capital in the year 1993 and today heads the firm. Before this, he had previous worked taking the position of credit investor where he managed $1bilion at the American Express in the 80s. Today, Dondero has more than 30 years of experience in the credit markets. The early works saw him work together with Mark Okada, the co-founder of Capital Management in the credit section. This is where the two pioneered successful investment vehicles including the Collateralized Loan Obligation. One of the notable successes in early management came during his stint at the Protective Life GIC subsidiary. He was trusted to raising and managing $2billion plus of the company and investor assets. Interests in Highland Capital James Dondero founded the Highland Capital in 1993. The company is a management firm based in Dallas. Today, it has assets standing at over $21biliion. The company, under the leadership of Dondero, focuses highly on high yield and distressed investments. Since its inception, this management company has pioneered the designing of Collateral Loan Obligation and coming up with credit-oriented solutions for retail and institutionalized investors everywhere. The company remains one of the largest and experienced global alternatives, equity and credit managers that aim to continue providing alternative investment solutions.  Some of the award-winning products, structures and classes created under the leadership of James Dondero include CLOS, institution separate accounts, hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity funds, ETFs and REITS. The Highlands Capital group has a diverse client base that includes the pension plans, endowments, foundations, finance companies, corporations, governments, fund of funds and also, brings high net individuals to its management.