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Adam Goldenberg could have Dressed one of the Unicorns you know.

Hitting the headline today in business news is Adam Goldenberg co- CEO and Co-founder of Techstyle fashion group and JustFab. It is worth noting that companies need a focused leader, the beauty and fashion industry is doing everything in its capacity to maximize sales and profits. However, the likes of Adam take chances when they have them.


Being an entrepreneur, Adam started his career journey at the age of 17. Further, in April 1999 Goldenberg having built his first company Gamer’s Alliance in its second year after its birth, he sold it to Intermix Media where he was named to serve in the position of Chief Operating Officer. Adam who is a close business associate with Don Ressler decided to form an e-commerce brand incubator the Intelligent Beauty in 2006.


After four years of working together with Ressler it the incubator platform led to the formation of Techstyle. Adam founded JustFab in 2010. Currently, it is a leading fashion subscription online site. From sources following metrics drive at the firm, JustFab has experienced growth raising $55 million funding and acquiring shoe discover services from Shoe Dazzle.


As a leader Adam works by watching the number he works with, therefore from that, he can notice shortcomings and fix as soon as possible, Thought that other founders should embrace. Taking customers feedback helps Adam improve merchandising decisions and products. As a measure to get feedback, there is a team dedicated to understanding the firm,s members.


With the fast changing trends in fashion and beauty industry. E-commerce is a tool that enhances profits. With the need of integrating new systems into businesses, entrepreneurs have to stay on a float. Formation of Techstyle meant that, for Adam and Ressler to be able to reach out to their client across borders Techstyle would provide them with what they need.


Today Techstyle is building high-value fashion brands internationally, patterning with other brands like the Fabletics, Fabkids, and ShoeDazzle. Serving over 4 million active members selling of labels has been uniquely combined technology, mixed media, and membership to their firm. Based in greater Los Angeles are, members from other countries receive celebrity treatment on receiving customized selections. It is evident that Adam and Ressler are focused on changing the way women pick out fashion in the world

We say that we never know what tomorrow brings little did Adam know that at his age of 17 he had started a journey around the world. I think Adam just dresses my neighbor.

Adam Goldenberg – The Co-Founder and CEO at TechStyle (Previously Referred As JustFab)

Adam Jack Goldenberg business attitude and spirit for internet marketing were evident from early childhood. At just 16 years, Goldenberg formed Gamer’s Alliance Inc., a marketing network for gaming sites. The company which was established in 1997 was later bought in 1999 by Intermix Media, the parent organization of MySpace.


Goldenberg joined hands with Intermix Media as the Vice President of Strategic Planning before he was promoted at age 20 and became the Chief Operating Officer, and was the youngest COO of an organization traded publicly. In 2005, Intermix Media was bought by News Corp for over $650 million.


While planning for a better way of launching new companies in the current marketplace, Goldenberg joined hands with Don Ressler and formed Intelligent Beauty Inc, a belief reflection of Goldenberg in bringing the best minds together in the sector to accomplish extraordinary outcomes.


TechStyle previously known as JustFab is a fashion retailer for an online subscription that trades in a wide variety of handbags, shoes, denim, and jewelry. The organization provides a personalized shopping experienced according to the fashion preferences of members. It is the parent portfolio group of five internet subscription service bands such as Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, FabKids, and JustFabs.


The monthly VIP membership program offers fashion clients with the reach of hottest handbags, shoes and celebrity stylists. The celebrity stylists of the company review the individual style of every JustFab before searching via different styles of recommendations according to fashion preferences and personal style. Every item is $39.95 and shipping is provided for free.


As the name implies, TechStyle is a combination of fashion and technology. It is the parent organization of fast-growing and successful brands. The company utilizes proprietary technology, vertical integration, and personalization to establish a winning mixture of subscription e-Commerce with brick-and-mortar retail.


The focus on technology comes naturally to Adam Goldenberg, the co-Founder, and co-CEO of the organization who has been a perennial entrepreneur from the age of 15. While explaining how the company applies technology, Goldenberg added that; they don’t view technology as a service or product to empower the organization, but they take it as part of their products dissimilar with other agencies.


On technology products, Goldenberg insisted that they had tested over 30,000 different digital ads and different website configurations to optimize the metrics. In TechStyle, there is no clash between technology and culture. The organization has a program called Rise that sorts clients seeking for traditional commodities.

Sweetgreen’s Success Story: Upstaging Competition with Unique Salad Recipes

With the first restaurant opening its doors to clients in 2007, Sweetgreen has grown in leaps and bounds to become a leader in the organic and healthy salad niche market leader. Founded by three classmates with a strong background in information technology, Sweetgreen has adopted a unique operation and management approach that has seen it expand into a high-end 40-locations salad chain. Throughout their numerous casual-themed salad bars, which are spread in various strategic cities including Los Angeles and New York among others, Sweetgreen has adopted the use of technology and unique management approach. Up to 30 percent of all transactions of the salad chain are conducted using technology. Their clients have the option of downloading and using their mobile application or visiting the company’s website.


Founded by Nathaniel Dru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman in Georgetown, Sweetgreen has developed into a strong brand with strong financial backing from several investors including Danny Meyer and Steve Case. The salad chain specializes in healthy salads prepared from organically grown and locally sourced ingredients. The former Georgetown University classmates have also adopted unique management approach. They are co-chief executive officers of the salad chain. In a bid to expand the company’s brand nationally while also staying close to their clients, the former classmates has adopted a bicoastal management approach. With no headquarters, the trio moves from the different locations while also shutting down their corporate office five times a year to work directly with the clients across the various restaurant locations. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru’s Profile


Nathaniel Ru is a first generation immigrant. His parents were business owners, which was critical in inspiring his successful venture into business in the hospitality industry. Between 2003 and 2007, Mr. Ru studied for his Bachelor of Science degree at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business where he specialized in Finance. He is also a serial investor with several investments in various industries. In 2016, he invested up to $3 million in LOLA as seed money. This is in addition to the $10 million he invested in Bond Street as Series A investment and $1.2 million in EatPops as an angel investment in 2015. In 213, he also made a personal investment of $1.2 million in MeUndies. Learn more:


At Sweetgreen, which he cofounded with his two classmates in 2007, Mr. Ru heads the creative department as the creative director. He also played a key role in the expansion of the Sweetgreen’s brand to include Sweetlife Festival, which is an annual event that includes food and music launched in 2010. He is also a principal at SWTLF Ventures.

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Some Research Will Land You Some of UK’s Best Vintners

There are a vast array of vintners that conduct their operations to ensure their customer bases will be completely satisfied with the results of their wine making. As many wine enthusiasts may know, making wine is not necessarily as simple as it may seem. Although making wine consists of mixing certain amounts of alcohol and fruits together, the process that it takes to make it into its final product is actually quite lengthy.

Making wine takes time and patience. Therefore, vintners are required to ensure that their operations are aligned with the regulatory standards of proper wine making. Thus, vintners are often subject to thorough instances of inspections from regulatory boards. If they are deemed to be a vintner that truly follows all of the guidelines that have been laid out for them to follow, then they are able to continue their operations without any dilemmas, such as needing to pay fines or being restricted from producing wines for specific periods of time due to violating policies.

Follow UK Vintners on Crunchbase

If you are a wine enthusiast and you are wanting to find a vintner that truly has the customers’ concerns as their top priority of making wine, then you may want to assure yourself of choosing the right brand when it comes to making your next purchase/investment. You can simply do this by conducting some research on the vintners you are considering purchasing your product(s) from. If you are unaware of where to find such pieces of information regarding vintners, then you should be aware that there are several resources available online to assist you in your quest to find the best vintners available in the area. UK is certainly known for having some great vintners. It is your job to do some research and discover which ones they are. One you find one, you will certainly thank yourself for it.

David Osio Leads Davos REG in Launching the Davos CAP Calculator

In an official announcement to its clients, the Davos Real Estate Group unveiled the Davos CAP Calculator. Davos REG introduced this application with the aim of estimating the return real estate investments. The Davos Real Estate Group operates as one of the independent companies forming the Davos Financial Group. The official launch hosted David Osio and the Davos REG executive directors including Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez.


For about six months, Gerard Gonzalez has been closely working with Tecknolution on the developments as well as the design of the groundbreaking application. The Davos CAP Calculator was developed with the objective of helping one make an estimation of the gain accrued by a particular investment property upon considering the expenses of that property. Consequently, the Davos CAP Calculator will allow investors to gain foresight before buying property.


To reach out to all customers, Davos REG developed the app on the latest technology platforms. As such, it is available for Android and iOS gadgets. The executive directors revealed that the application marked the start of a series of complementary applications that would comprise the ability to spot properties via mobile devices. The applications would also help one top forward historical reports to a Davos agent through interactive means.


An In-depth Focus on David Osio


David Osio is an accomplished Venezuelan businessman who is acknowledged for the inception of the Davos Financial Group of Companies. He commenced his illustrious career in 1981 as the chief executive officer and president of OPED Enterprise. After sometime, Osio moved to LETCO Commercial Companies where he was responsible for structuring marketing programs for diverse industrial products in the US. In 1984, he joined MGO, a Caracas-based law firm. During his tenure, Osio dealt with various corporate clients like Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation as well.


Osio’s experience and knowledge in law and banking made him a suitable candidate for an executive position at Banco Latino International’s private banking division. At BLI, Osio rose to the Vice president position before deciding to venture into his own activities. This led to the birth of the Davos Financial Group of Companies in 1993. Currently, the Davos Group has become a force to reckon with in various areas such as social responsibility and finance. The success of the financial conglomerate is attributed to Osio’s ability to build each company as a financial boutique that offers customized services. These services are exclusive to the needs and expectations of each client.

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As Noble As Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks

Entrepreneur Sanjay Shah started the Autism Rocks which funds research on causes of the Autism and creates Autism awareness in the community by throwing concerts. Sanjay says that like many business people with goo money. Speaking to Eric Dye for Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio, Sanjay says that he has sponsored children in India for over a decade but didn’t have an idea of what more he could do for charity. When his son was diagnosed with the neurodevelopment disorder in the year 2011 at age 4, Sanjay became more focused on how and where to spend his charitable contributions.
The idea of starting Autism Rocks and raise money through staging gigs was born as he had a cup of tea with snoop dog. He ended p holding the first of invite only Autism Rocks Concerts in 2014 with Prince. Since then, these concerts have featured Lenny Kravitz, Drake, Snoop Dog, Michael Buble and many well known DJs. This year’s concert was held in April and included performances from well-known artists like Tyga and Flo Rida.
Sanjay says that since starting Autism Rocks, he has combined his love for family, entrepreneurial skills and a passion for music has enabled to achieve his goal of research and awareness creation of the neurological disorder. To be able to spread even more awareness through Autism Rocks, Sanjay spent US$100, 000 in June 2015 in the creation of a domain name "Autism Rocks" and in setting up of a website for the organization. Sanjay is a trustee of Autism Research Trust that provides donations to the Autism Research Centre of Cambridge University. Together with his wife, Sanjay has as well made donations to the trust.
Sanjay Shah is a philanthropist and a businessman, especially in the financial and investment industry. He is well known and a successful businessman despite not starting out in the industry. Sanjay is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Markets. Sanjay studied medicine but later decided that he did not want to become a doctor. He became an accountant like most medicine deserters do and worked for investment banks like Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse.
During the 2009 financial crisis, Sanjay was rendered redundant and without any hopes of securing another job decided to start a brokerage firm. This is how he founded Solo Capital Markets. The international financial services firm is headquartered in London, England, and is regulated in the United Kingdom. Sanjay’s advice to business starters is not to underestimate the amount of money required to start and to seek help.


Learn more about Sanjay Shah:


To Incorporate Olympic Valley and The Career of Andy Wirth

The last few years have not been easy for the north shore communities of Lake Tahoe. A major drought had taken it’s toll for the small businesses and winter resorts that are dependent on it.

The community has also faced political challanges as well, which came from an incorporation battle that involved the picturesque Olympic Valley, which is the home of the Squaw Valley Resort, as well as some of the most well known winter sport’s terrain throughout North America.

Andy Wirth, who is the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, has brought some good news to the communities in the aftermath of these problems, saying that both fronts could see relief.

Mother Nature helped in taking care of the drought, with there being early season storms, that have have helped Squaw Valley, as well as other resorts in the Tahoe area to open much earlier then they have in a decade.

And backers in the incorporation effort, of which Wirth has considered to be a threat to the area, is helping to provide relief to the political issue, when they withdrew their effort of incorporating Olympic Valley.

Squaw Valley has spent hundreds of thousands in opposing incorporation efforts, since it could have caused higher taxes to businesses and residents in the area. However, the spending was not able to overcome California’s Local Agency Formation Commission.

With the incorporation efforts being effective stymied, Wirth want the community to work on other issues such as transportation, in efforts for the community to go beyond the Olympic Valley.

As the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO, Andy Wirth has worked hard in order to make the ski area a top tourist destination in the world. Wirth has been a major contributor for community and environmental service organizations within the Lake Tahoe area, where his focus is on making improvements to the area for visitors of all ages.

After he was involved in a ski diving accident that was nearly fatal in, 2013, which occurred when in a downwind landing, he ended up in a vineyard, with wires, sharp upright post and vines. Since then he has founded the ironman team that call themselves Wounded Warrior support.

The team helps in honoring the men that have served in the Navy SEALS, and have raised funds to give the Navy SEAL Foundation.

After,his accident, he said that through his own recovery, he has often thought about what it must be like navigating through the challenges that these men and their families have to go through upon their return home.

The Navy SEAL Foundation was set in place to help members of the special operations team and their families as they return home. In his early career, Wirth earned degrees form Edinburgh University and Colorado State University.

More information can be obtained by clicking on the link below:

Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

All you need to know about Precious Metals

Gold coins possess a lot of value, and so does silver coins. For many years, they have been used to measure the wealth of different countries. However, after the introduction of money as a form of currency, these precious metals started being ignored by many people. Before then, they were valuable means of exchange, especially during the trade.

In order to safeguard the value of the precious coins, the veterans in the market started an organization on that will only focus of the coins. The veterans were wise enough to start a company and put in place the right measures to ensure that the consumers can have a trustworthy and reliable place where they can buy or sell their precious coins.

The organization started by the veterans is known as U.S Money Reserve, and it serves a large group of people in the United States. The company is known for its customer care service that has all the qualities a customer needs. US Money Reserve has a reliable team of employees who are very knowledgeable in the coins industry, and this has made it among the top companies in the United States of America.

The U.S. Money Reserve deals with the government accredited coins, and when a customer visits the company, they are advised well on the type of coins to purchase. The company advises the public hen a certain coin losses value, and it advises the customers to avoid owning it. Many of the clients from the company who own the coins say that they make good profits at the end of the day.

The U.S Money Reserve is managed by Philip Diehl, the former president of the U.S.Mint. The company also deals with precious metals, and this means that he is an expert in gold and silver coins. Since he took charge of the company, Philip has brought major changes, and more people have started to own the coins due to their profitability.

To make sure that the internet community gets information and appreciates gold and silver coins, the CEO of the US Money Reserve, Mr. Philip decided to start an online face to represent the company in the online community. This was a great idea, and it has received a lot of positive responses from the consumers. Many people now understand why it is important to own government issued coins, and many of them have embraced the idea very well.

How Sanjay Shah Started Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo capital, a popular company that is based in the United Kingdom. The company is headquartered in Dubai and London. Solo Capital was incorporated in September 2011, and it is regulated by England regulations. Since it as incorporation, the company has done well in its services, gaining popularity in many parts of the world. The company has succeeded in getting good revenue since it was incorporated, and it has become one of the biggest in the United Kingdom.
Sanjay Shah is also a philanthropist. For more than a decade, he sponsored children staying in India. He did the sponsoring through a firm known as Plan International. The wealthy millionaire would send the children a lot of money every month, and according to him, this was the only way he could do some charity. The millionaire is currently forty-three years and retired.

Sanjay Shah grew up in a wealthy neighborhood in central London. His parents were quite wealthy, and they have emigrated from Kenya, settling in London for good. Because his parents were wealthy, he had the opportunity to attend some of the best schools in London. He went to the Kings College where he studied medicine. However, this career was short lived after he decided that he did not want to become a doctor. Most medical deserters go for accounting, and the millionaire was not an exemption. He chose to become an accountant, forgetting the years he had spent in the medical school. His life as an accountant did not last for too long, thanks to the high cost of living experienced in London.

Shah’s first job was an accountant was at the famous investment bank known as Merrill Lynch. He served in several other banks, and during the worldwide financial crisis, he was made jobless, and this marked his turning point in life and also changes in his career. He would go to the office early in the morning and sit for more than ten hours, something he did not like doing. He started hating the office job, so he decides to go on his own, starting his own brokerage company.

He rented a tiny office to start as working area. He also hired few people to assist him to manage the work. With hard work, he managed to raise a strong company that is well known today, Solo Capital. He is retired now, concentration in philanthropic activities. He has offices in London and Dubai where he conducts most of his activities. The trader started Autism Rocks, a charitable firm to help children all over the world who are suffering from autism. Most of his charitable funds are donated there. His son is also suffering from the condition.

You can follow them on Linkedin.

The Great Autism Rocks Solo Capital

A visit by Snoop Dog, who is arguably the world’s most famous rapper, to the home of Hedge-Fund manager Sanjay Shah was the turn of all events. The visit rekindled Sanjay’s desire to contribute towards autism research and made him begin the Austim Rocks charity center.
As Sanjay explains, it was a bizarre but thrilling experience. It was more than just the visit as Sanjay got inspired by the artist to get back to music. He had passion for music and he used to promote gigs while in Kings College University in London. The passion had not gone away and the visit made him decide to play gigs and raise money for his autism research.
This idea of raising charity to help fund the research into Austim was born the day Snoop Dog visited, but Sanjay says the desire was aroused much earlier after his 2 year old son became a victim of the condition. The youngest son Nikhil was established with autism in 2011 and since he had nothing to do, he ventured into donating funds to support the research and increase the understanding of the condition.
Sanjay pursued his course, and with determination he was able to personally perform shows with great artists such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Costello and Joss stones which helped to raise more than 4 million US dollars to help in the autism research. The money, according to Sanjay is directed to the Autism Research Trust (ART) which is turn helps in supporting research processes by the Autism Research Center (ARC). The research center is based at Cambridge University and it is mandated with understanding all the information regarding the conditions such as in finding out who is likely to develop autism and what are the causes of the condition. At the moment, ARC, headed by Prof Simon Baron-Cohen is running a total of 15 long term projects. Their objective is to understand the whole Autism condition and find out and evaluate how to intervene and support those people suffering from the condition.
Sanjay used to work for Morgan Stanley as a banker for a period of 20 years. He later established his own business opportunity in 2008 after leaving his job as a banker and remained unemployed. He moved to Dubai in 2009, a place he says has a lot of good opportunities because there are many starts that travel to other parts after passing through there.
He named his fledging venture Solo Capital, and since for a period of 7 years the business has been able to expand and employ more financial experts. Its offices are located in London and Dubai. In 2011, Sanjay purchased a couple of Hyundai vehicles for Dubai Autism center. Furthermore, he is a trustee at the Autism Research Trust in the UK and contributes monthly towards the center.