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DonataMeirelles Continues To Give Tips on the Latest Fashion Trends

The fashion industry stands among the most profitable ventures. The business has gained momentum in recent years because of technology that has made it improve tremendously. Experts like Donata Meirelles play a key role in ensuring that the industry remains strong and promising.

She has developed a knack for sharing her insights and counsel with others. She insists that the primary factor that leads to success in the fashion industry is networking. The players in the industry that don’t engage other colleagues don’t go far because they rarely get time to know the new trends in the industry. See more of Donata Meirelles fashion and style at Fashionismo.

According to Donata Meirelles, the fashion industry is very dynamic, and one must be very creative to remain in the market. She recently gave her take on the fashion trends taking place in the current market. Donata noted that transparent bags are some of the items that have gained considerable momentum. Many people look appealing in the transparent fancy bags.

However, Donata notes that the people need to look out for the colors of their clothes and ensure that they match with the bags for a gorgeous and appealing look. Another thing to consider is how to organize the contents in the bags because of visibility. Giving an example of the smartphones, Meirelles notes that the screen must face on the backside to hide the incoming messages. Placing the smartphones in an organized manner keeps the stalkers at bay because they can’t access one’s data.

DonataMeirelles points out that the transparent bags allow the women to display their fancy things, including jewelry and making to name but a few. Another trend in the fashion industry is dressing styles. Donata remains in the frontline in helping people choose their dresses and other items for a perfect match. She continues to work hard in doing research and updating people on the latest fashion trends. Learn more:

Isabel Dos Santos: Expanding To New Territories

Isabel Dos Santos is an incredibly well-regarded name in the real estate industry and is someone who has created a significant impact across her home country of Angola. Her business ventures have been nothing short of profitable and are something that has helped her expand even further. In the past, most of the ventures that she has partaken in were based in her home country, but the recent developments made her realize that it was time to take the next step and expand beyond what she already had.

One of the first countries that Isabel Dos Santos decided to expand to was Portugal. Portugal had been experiencing an incredible boom in its real estate sector and also in its supplemental industries. The potential here was immense, which is why she decided that she would invest here and start building up her business. The hurdle was that she wanted to sign a partnership deal with a company working there to be able to expand her business in the most efficient manner. The problem was that there were very few companies that were willing to invest in a completely new venture like hers. Read more about Isabel at

After months of consideration, Isabel Dos Santos finally decided to sign a deal with Efacec, a prominent name in the real estate industry in Portugal. In spite of her success within her home country, she knew that she would have to do something to stand out from the crowd and emerge as one of the more notable names in the global real estate industry. Because of this, she decided to take one of the riskiest moves of her life by not including an exit clause in the agreement that she was signing. Normally, an exit clause functions as a kind of safeguard against any kind of hurdles that one might face and is often what business owners need when the business doesn’t work as intended. However, Isabel dos Santos wanted to showcase her strong sense of commitment towards the company and decided that this was what she needed to do to show that she was here for the long run and dedicated to the business that they were going to conduct.


Why Isabel Dos Santos is a true icon of success

A truly successful individual is not one who lives a lavish lifestyle or owns cars and mansions but one who goes out of their way to leave a positive mark in the lives of others. In respect to this fact, Isabel Dos Santos, the eldest child of Angola’s former and longest-serving president is, therefore, a truly successful individual as she has been going out of her way for the past few decades to create a positive impact in her community (Everybodywiki).

Isabel who is Africa’s richest woman according to Forbes has been positively impacting Africa in multiple ways. These include women and youth empowerment, charitable donations to the underprivileged as well as using every platform available to highlight the positive stories from Africa thereby changing the negative perception that the rest of the world has towards the continent of Africa.

Isabel Dos Santos on women and youth empowerment

Even though she is the daughter of a renowned leader, the harsh male-dominated world has never spared her some slack. Like other females trying to climb up the career ladder, she has also faced gender discrimination in the board room. Isabel dos Santos´ case has been notably worse as she is not only a woman, but she is also black and a daughter of an influential leader, hence always faces misogynists who think her success was handed to her on the proverbial silver spoon.

She, therefore, understands the effects of gender and racial discrimination, and hence uses her position to uplift fellow women. Isabel does so by coming up with innovative projects and encouraging the learned 21st-century woman not to shy away from the world of tech as well as to take on entrepreneurship. Among her many projects, is Isabel dos Santos´ Strawberry initiative which she launched in Humpata, as a way to create employment opportunities for women in that poverty-stricken region. Reports show that today, over 120 women are now financially stable thanks to the project.

In addition to women and youth empowerment projects, Isabel Dos Santos also uses every platform she accesses to get the word out there about the hard-working youths from Africa. She also uses these platforms to mentor and encourage them to keep going despite the challenges.

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Susan McGalla Has Important Advice For Women In Business

More and more women are getting into the world of business and Susan McGalla has some tips on how to advance their careers. While there is a lot of advice that is already offered, Susan McGalla believes that a lot of it is just too pandering. As the founder of her own company, P3 Executive consulting, Susan McGalla knows how hard it can be sometimes to make it in business as a woman but knows that it can be done.

Susan McGalla suggests not listening to the buzzwords surrounding the subject and instead focus on just trying to advance yourself as a professional instead of a woman. As a child, she was raised by 2 older brothers and a dad who coached football who didn’t treat her any different because of her sex. It’s important for women to be comfortable with their own gender and the genders of the people that they will be working with and around. Confidence is key no matter what gender a person is and Susan McGalla believes that this confidence can help people move forward. While there may have been no other women on the executive team at American Eagle when she joined, she still found her place.

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