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The Help of Sandy Chin in Augmenting PS11 Reading Program

Sandy Chin works at Tidal Bore Capital as a successful portfolio manager and Chief Investment Officer. Her profession in the business industry commenced immediately she affiliated with different companies in the sector. Her excellent services at Tidal Bore Capital are attached to her extensive previous experience. In the past, Sandy served at Visium Asset Management, Bank of America Corporation and Moore Capital Management. She was operational at S.A.C. Capital Management as the enterprise’s Senior Analyst until 2014 when she shifted her focus to pharmaceutical stocks.


Besides engaging in her career life, Mrs. Sandy participates in different philanthropic courses, reports Recently, she organized for a summer book drive at an elementary institution situated in West Side. She intended to collect many books, which would be useful to the students when they left for the holiday. In Sandy’s opinion, studying during summer is essential to prevent interruption with the child’s reading skills. Sandy postulated that many students fail to read and review during the summer holidays due to various reasons. The reasons according to her included the lack of study materials and the overwhelming summer activities.


Upon the speculation of the need to gather books for the learners, Chin collaborated with other volunteers at the school. Together, they launched the summer book drive at PS11. During the event, many donors gave away their used books, which the kindergarten learners would receive to use for their reference. Sandy was excited by residents’ and the donors’ response. In the end, they collected enough books to distribute to the students in kindergarten and those in other grades.


Working with William T. Harris Institution fascinated Sandy causing her to deliver her positive feedback. She views the school as a peculiar institution. The reasons for her opinion include the involvement of the PTA in raising funds for the purchase of supplies for kids from low-income families. Her zeal towards helping the school gain extra books stems from her reading passion. Books have always been unique to Sandy Chin. This aspect causes her to extend her passion to others resulting in her activity to aid the PS11. Sandy believes that her kids and the students at PS11 will grow to testify in the power of reading.


Genucel Offers Love in a Tote, Provided By Chamonix for Women Everywhere

Self esteem means so much more than being cruel to oneself through physical means. While it’s true that low self worth can lead to side effects such as feeling bad about one’s own self image, such as their weight or other physical affliction, it is the mental pain that ends up being overlooked. This is a big problem among women who have gone through such self abuse. That is why it’s important for solutions to taking care of these post-abuse symptoms to be readily available and openly spoken about.

While no plan is a one-size-fits-all solution, there are certainly options out there that are spoken highly of among women. Positive affirmations for the self to boost confidence is one of the most common. Another is through finding a creative outlet that speaks to you as an individual. Staying healthy and active can also help mitigate the healing process after abuse.

A subsidiary of Chamonix called Genucel offers bags filled with toiletries which provide sufficient self-care for women looking to take care of their bodies the way they deserve to be taken care of. Genucel products are widely used, clean life products which provide an uplifting edge to the everyday woman’s beauty products. They know that feeling beautiful is a large part of celebrating being a woman.

There are staggering numbers of abuse survivors in the United States alone. Nearly 1 in every 7 men have experienced domestic abuse and 25% of women in America have also experienced abuse by a partner at some point in their lives. Organizations, such as Women Aware, exist for the sole purpose of spreading awareness about this epidemic on the personal level, while also providing assistance to battered families in this statistical bracket. The numbers are so high, in fact, that nearly every 7 seconds an act of domestic abuse is happening. Although both genders experience domestic abuse, for women, it is a much more common occurrence and so organizations like these are vital to providing adequate support for that specific demographic.

Genucel by Chamonix has been supported by Women Aware in providing these care packages for previously abused women, with wonderfully effective products to promote skin healing. Their four step products work to reverse damage to the skin, reversing aging and improving the skin’s natural elasticity. While it cannot reverse the emotional toll that abuse has caused, it can help in reversing damage and premature aging caused by the stress and torment put upon the victims and effectively helping to provide support for their self confidence while in recovery. Learn more about Genucel on


Omar Boraie Is An Icon In New Brunswick, New Jersey And A Major Rutgers University Donor

Rutgers University is one of the oldest learning institutions on the East Coast. Rutgers has been educating people for more than 200 hundred years. When the city of New Brunswick was going through a metamorphosis in the 1960s, Rutgers University maintained a sense of well-being in the city. Today, the university has one of the best medical schools in the country.

When downtown New Brunswick started to deteriorate in the 1960s, Omar Boraie, the Egyptian chemist, and New Brunswick resident decided to do something about it. Boraie purchased 21 dilapidated downtown properties, in the 1970s, and with a green light from city officials, Boraie started a major inner-city redevelopment project. Boraie is responsible for building the first high-rise office building on Albany Street. His company developed several other high-rise buildings since the Albany Street Plaza One building was finished in 1983.

But Omar Boraie has always been interested in medical advancements, and that is one of the reasons he decided to follow the groundbreaking work that the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Brunswick is doing. According to an article published by, the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was established recently. An endowment chair is considered the pinnacle of academic discipline. Endowment chairs help support research developments, and Omar pledged $1.5 million to support the chair.

The Omar Boraie Chair is just one chair in the Rutgers University ‘18 Chair Challenge. An anonymous donor is matching the $1.5 million donations for all 18 chairs. That means each chair is supported with a $3 million donation. See,

Genomic science is changing the way the medical profession approaches cancer treatments. Cancer tumors are analyzed at the genetic level, and that gives oncologists a better understanding of how different types of cancer react in the body. Cancer is not just one disease. Cancer is a group of diseases, and these diseases impact the molecular structure of individuals differently. Genomic science and precision medicine are changing the way doctors treat cancer patients. Rutgers is one of the first medical institutions in the United States to apply genetic sequencing to patient care. Omar Boraie wanted to be part of the groundbreaking research. He has the resources to be part of the quest to understand cancer in all its forms and has the time to focus on the work.

Omar Boraie has been instrumental in the development of New Brunswick as a healthcare center and his support of the Rutgers Cancer Institute shows his endless dedication to the city and the people.