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Rocketship Education: A Decade of Establishment & Reflection

A recent article was made concerning the ten years Rocketship Education has been in business and the ten lessons that they’ve learned as a pioneer in kindergarten to fifth-grade education. The following are the lessons learned in a decade:

1.Home is where personalized learning begins.

2.Producing more demand is required to change the system.

3.Honor parents’ power– through the result of their parent leadership program and parents’ working for better middle and high schools, Rocketship realized parents’ impact.

4.It takes teachers to create culturally responsive schools, not the integration of students.

5.Actions are more valuable than words.

6.All children benefit from meaningful inclusion.

7.Don’t cease from learning– through the trial and error of testing the flex model as well as the criticism received, they learned from their mistakes and became stronger.

8.Determine your mindset– they learned that it’s best to hire teachers with a similar mindset as their model.

9.It takes partnering with stakeholders to achieve their collective success.

10.It’s proud to be like a private school, but it’s free which public education should be.

About Rocketship Education

Established in 2006, Rocketship Education is headquartered in Redwood City, California. It is a non-profit, public charter school network that nationally serves disadvantaged communities. The founders of this network are John Dancer and Preston Smith. Also, their contact information is as follows: Email-, Phone- (877)806-0920

Rocketship Education’s mission is to end the achievement gap by building a sustainable and scalable school model that influences the achievement of students in underserved communities in the US. Their instructional core is a technology-supported and teacher-led approach to customize the learning according to each student at the right time and with the right content utilizing the proper instruction method.