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Lacey and Larkin Advocacy

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) is located in Los Angeles, California. Its goal is to achieve a fully inclusive society including immigrant’s right to democracy and free human mobility.

This group was established after the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986; that made it illegal to hire any undocumented workers. This led to exploitation and abuse of such immigrant workers which increased rampantly.

It organizes and serves institutions, individuals, civil and labor rights, coalitions to build power, change of policies to accommodate full humaine, transform public opinion civil, and labor rights. CHIRLA promotes progressive society change; guided by the power of love and community sustainable development vision.

CHIRLA uses donations from good will individuals and organizations to enable it to perform its activities. This varies from financial donations to physical such as food and clothing, and also by sharing information to them and the rest of the world.

This is through their agents whom one can contact and get information on how they can contribute. Its activities involve holding an annual gala for the immigrant’s youths and women group where they celebrate their success stories.

This also acts as a platform for sponsorship opportunities for new immigrants. This year’s gala will take place on November 16, 2017, in Hollywood, California. As a human rights organization, it has made great steps in advocating for women rights.

CHIRLAS Women Leading Change “United and Fearless” is a vibrant event bringing together mothers, activists, advocates, supporters, community leaders and elected representatives to appreciate and recognize efforts made by the respective individuals in ensuring justice and improving immigrant’s rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This year’s event on women was held on 7th June 2017, where Jessica Dominguez, an immigration attorney, was celebrated and awarded for his contribution among other members. Jessica’s law offices attend to immigrants in ensuring their rights are not violated.

In summary, CHIRLA main activities in enhancing immigrant rights include; policy and advocacy, community education, civic engagement, organizing, and legal immigration services.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

In 1972, Phoenix New Times, a campus weekly magazine was produced by Lacey as the Executive editor and Larkin as the advertiser.

The free paper that focused on various political and social issues gained significant dominance in Arizona State. On October 18, 2007, the two were arrested for exposing human injustices by county sheriff Joe Arpaio’s, commonly known as “Americas Toughest Sheriff.”

Despite mainstream newspaper defending the sheriff’s name, Phoneix New Times went deeper exposing his anti-Mexican campaigns, abuse of the sheriff’s office and fund embezzlements, harassment of his critics, mistreatment, and death of jail inmates and racial profiling. They fought for human rights for all immigrants and upholding the Constitution.

In 2012 through the 9th court appellate, the ruling proved that the duo was arrested illegally. This paved the way for a compensation fee amounting to 3.7Million US dollars. Lacey and Larkin thus formed the Frontera Fund to benefit the Hispanic community in Arizona that faced major racial and civil rights abuse.

This has greatly helped the immigrants especially Mexicans. In 2014 campaigns for midterm elections, the duo funded various nonprofit groups that advocated for Hispanic civil rights.

The Lacey and Larkin Fund advocates for civil, human and migrant rights supporting other groups that share the same school of thought.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: