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Chris Brown Karrueche Mixup

Karruche Tran and Chris Brown have been know to breakup pretty quickly and for awhile it felt like they would never end things for good. Even after Chris left Karruche and tried working things out with Rihanna, Karruche took the public slap in the face and welcomed Chris back with open arms. Karrueche has been taking Chris’s mess from the moment they started dating. Over the holidays Chris blasted Karrueche via Instagram and aired out the the dirty laundry of their business, and even then Karrueche looked like she was done for good but before we knew it they were together again.

Just when Karrueche was taking Chris back again, the news that Chris was the father of a 9 month old baby girl hit, and Karrueche finally once and for all put Chris on ice. Everyone was sure that they were done, but apparently some of their friends still had hope because they secretly arranged for Chris and Karrueche to meet at a night club. Apparently the friends were filling Chris’s head up with false info about Karrueche wanting him back and missing him to bits. Unfortunately everything Chris was told was a lie, because when he arrived at Playhouse to whisk Karrueche away, she ran for the border. The entire meeting was a mess and they both left the club awkwardly confused by the mix up.

Once Karrueche and Chris realized that they were setup they put their match making buddies on out to pasture. So for now the Karrueche and Chris revolving door has stopped spinning but with these two you know it’s never long before they patch things up.