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Betterworks Helps Employees Reach Their Maximum Performance


BetterWorks is a continuous performance management solution and a new cloud-based platform that allows employees to better reach their personal business goals. While it was in stealth, the platform raised $15.5 million with its top advisors and picked from 25 enterprises. CEO Paul O’Neill of Alcoa believes that a company should always focus on the employees and clients. This is his three rules to maximizing a companies workforce.

The first rule is to look forward and not backward with the company’s implemented performance process. The annual reviews that employees go through are very stressful and not helpful to their career. By the time the managers review them, the advice is too little, too late. What needs to be done is to have managers have these reviews more often and teach the managers how to lead the conversation to look toward how the employee can impact the company.


This goes along with the next rule, which is to help the company managers to motivate the employees. The more the senior manager, the more experience and advice they can give to the employees. Far too often managers forget this. Companies should train managers to have these conversations. This way they can act more like coaches and pass on their knowledge to better the employees and company.

The third rule is to ensure all employees have a purpose and that they are in a position where they can grow. If the employee sees this as a dead-end job and knows the company doesn’t care about their talent, why would they stay? Companies need to invest in employees careers and keep them engaged.

ClassDojo Improving Education

In this era where the use of technology is at the core of all things, ClassDojo, a communication app has proven to be of essence. Parents, teachers as well as students can use this app that is specially created to ensure that there is proper communication about student’s activities in school or any other development. On this app, the students take the appearances of different avatars that can be changed as they please. If a student portrays impressive character, they earn some dojo points. The popularity of the ClassDojo is on the rise.

Teachers, for instance, prefer using it since it saves a lot of time. The accomplishments of the students are recorded with just a click. As opposed to the traditional method where checkmarks were kept on the board to keep tabs on students constantly, the app is easy to use since the teacher leaves it on the smartboard the whole day. Both the pros and cons of activities ranging from greetings to indoor work with students can be obtained without the students having to leave their seats. Besides saving time, this app ensures that there is maximum sharing of data between the teachers and the students. It keeps the record of any action in the classroom. With it, teachers can set reports of the student’s behavior which can be sent to the parents every week.

ClassDojo plays a great role in ensuring that parents and their children have a substantial conversation that is not started with clichés such as “how was your day?” Given that the app posts videos of the activities of the day, the parents can choose a day’s activity and have a meaningful discussion with their children. In case the parent want to communicate urgently with the teachers, the application provides for this. Similar, when teachers want to send some urgent message to the parents, they can seamlessly do that.

Securus Technologies Helping Advance the Correctional Technology Steadily

The correctional industry has been booming for the past few years, and one of the most important companies in the sector that have contributed a lot to the industry is Securus Technologies. The company from the time of its inception in 1986 till now has grown manifolds and has developed much futuristic technologies for the sector that was earlier considered to be impossible.


Securus Technologies believe that the future of the correctional technology is dependent on innovation and the creativity used by the researchers in the field. The investigative technology offered by Securus Technologies is used by over three thousand law enforcement agencies spread through the United States, District of Columbia, and Canada. The company is planning massive expansion across the United States in the time to come, which is expected to increase the company’s turnover manifolds.


Securus Technologies has been playing a vital role in the transformation that the correctional industry has witnessed in the last few years. One of the leading examples of the innovation that Securus Technologies brings to the platter is the recent introduction of the video visitation service. This new service allows the inmates to do video chat with their family members and friends. Such a communication facility ensures that the family members do not have to travel all the way to the jail to see their loved ones who are incarcerated. Moreover, Securus Technologies has been focusing on introducing new products and services in the sector for not only inmate communication but also for investigative services and criminal justice technology.


The law enforcement officers who have been using the services of Securus Technologies are highly satisfied with the performance of the company’s services. In many cases, it has helped in saving the lives of the law enforcement officers and innocent civilians as well. The use of such advanced crime prevention technology also provides the law enforcement officers with the evidence they need to convict the miscreants in the court of justice.



How Talk Fusion Is Bringing People Together Through Innovative Forms of Communications

If you’re aware of what Talk Fusion is and what it’s currently offering to those who enjoy utilizing some of today’s most technologically advanced forms of communications, then you may have thought about utilizing it for yourself if you haven’t begun doing so already. There’s no doubts about the fact that people love video. It’s a form of entertainment interface that often sparks positive reactions; however, not many people have used it for communicating with others. Talk Fusion is currently offering the latest methods of cutting-edge products of video communication in a single package. The package is offering video email, sign-up forms, newsletters in video formats, videoconferencing, and meetings. All five of the video products are being offered at a low price that anyone may be able to take advantage of.


Talk Fusion is a program that’s absolutely simple to use and there is no experience necessary when doing so. It’s drag-and-drop technology makes its utilization absolutely easy and worthwhile. It offers a form of technology that is both affordable and fast, thus, allowing one to create e-mails that are eye-catching and offers live video streams in a matter of seconds. You may utilize it to capture the attention of people while sending forms of communications that may impress anyone who utilizes it. It is moving viewers to proceed with taking action. It is a program that’s making The combination of its platform and business a great pair. If you’re wanting to learn more about Talk Fusion and everything that it has to offer, please refer to the customer service line of the company. The representatives are fully trained and experienced to provide you with anything that you may need that could potentially guide you in utilizing it.

Talk Fusion is for People that Wish to Be Happy

A lot of people in life talk about being happy and how badly they wish to experience life. They know the way they are living now is not a happy life. They are not blind to that fact. However, maybe they don’t have confidence at the moment or they don’t feel as though they can actually follow through with it. A lot of people doubt themselves and it can be hard to get over that doubt. They feel as though they don’t have options. The option, however, is Talk Fusion and it is the best option for people that are tired of the same old, same old.

It is for those that are excited and hyped up about the future. They have plans, dreams, and aspirations. They want to make all of them come true. For a lot of people, they don’t know where to start or how to get off the ground. Talk Fusion has what they need in the form of voice, data, and chat. They have everything that a person needs to branch out. A lot of people love to write and they have strong opinions on many topics. That is a good thing. It gets people talking and it creates a buzz.

With Talk Fusion’s video chats, they can share ideas with people and even get into friendly debates on topics such as football, movies, or just life in general. That is why they were awarded the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award  from the Technology Marketing Corporation, a company that is also considered the best of the best when it comes to judging and looking at products. This was their second award from the company, and it is a testament to the hard work they have put into this and how much it means to them.

This is not something that is a hobby or a past time for the people at Talk Fusion, especially Bob Reina. This is their life and this is their livelihood. Because of this, they do whatever is necessary to make it the best and make people happy.


Talk Fusion the Perfect Marketing Solution for the Digital Age

Talk Fusion is a marketing company that started by asking one simple question: why is it so hard to send video over email? The company’s CEO, Bob Reina, wasn’t always a marketing professional. In fact, he was in law enforcement. However, one day on vacation he tried to send an email to his mother. Email would not accept the large video file, prompting him to think that there has to be a better way. Nine years ago, he developed that way and has since grown his brand, Talk Fusion, into one of the top marketing companies in the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

Originally, Talk Fusion was a way for individuals to communicate with one another, sending videos and sharing memories without the need to worry about whether or not the file size was too large. However, businesses soon became aware of how beneficial the service might be for them.

From that point on, Reina began developing products that would help business owners, as well. Now, Talk Fusion is one of the top names in digital marketing. Not only can businesses embed videos into their newsletters, emails, and websites, but they can even insert other kinds of content seamlessly into their communications. For instance, Talk Fusion developed a helpful product that allows business owners to merge contact and signup forms right into their emails.

The popularity of Talk Fusion is no surprise. The coprorate landscape has become largely digital in recent years. In fact, without a digital marketing strategy it’s almost impossible to succeed. Business owners are starting to realize just how beneficial companies like Talk Fusion are. For nominal costs, they can implement some of the most sought-after elements of digital marketing without having to be experts. It’s simple, straight-forward, and hassle free.

Another reason Talk Fusion is so popular is the ability to customize certain elements of digital marketing. Customization is crucial when dealing with customers, especially in a world that’s becoming disenchanted with impersonal corporate status quos and increasingly asking for a personal touch. By keeping his finger on the pulse of digital marketing and committing to a keen awareness of what business owners and individuals need, Reiner continues to develop his brand into a marketing giant.