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The Briliant Pairing-Up Of Two Synergistic Technological Giants

 LocationSmart is on over 30 million devices in Canada and when it comes to cell ID, they can reach over 160 million cell towers. Branded as a worldwide leader in location API’s (application programming interface), LocationSmart has a trusted enterprise platform for compliance, cybersecurity, verification, asset tracking as well as operation efficiencies in being able to locate employees at all times.

With their platform, companies can track assets all over the globe as well as having very precise remote vision regarding where employees are at anytime, most anywhere in the world.

Job status can be obtained in addition to be able to quickly and efficiently communicate changes to employees. This is an amazing software and their focus does not stop at businesses. Consumer-based LocationSmart applications include targeted communications about nearby sales and other pertinent information, which has been proven to lift customer experiences and increase sales for businesses. LocationSmart just might be the app behind the text alerts you might receive when a store nearby where you are having lunch is having a sale. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

Recently, LocationSmart announced they have selected Automotive Navigation Data (AND) for compliance services. This means that the world’s largest “Location as a Service (LaaS)” company has teamed up with the global provider of location-based services and digital maps. AND will be LocationSmarts supplier of maps for its location platform.

This will serve to bolster their compliance services when it comes to location-sensitive like gaming, lottery, financial services and ecommerce. The worldwide Cloud Location Services LocationSmart, which is the market leader for connected devices, can now provide a much more cross-carrier friendly platform for context-aware applications, on both the local and hyper-local levels. LocationSmart chose AND for the ability to be versatile in their delivery of data and for their comprehensive coverage when it comes to map boundaries.

LocationSmart is indeed smart technology as their platform allows communications with devices, both indoor and outdoor, across all devices, platforms and networks. Touted as providing the largest and most expansive global footprint, they also have made sure to have a portfolio of “privacy consent” methods making it a very end-user friendly experience.

AND was established in 1984, in the Netherlands, is one of this country’s longest established software concerns. Together, these 2 companies can make sure that motorists are being accurately guided through numerous locations and tasks, around the world, with ease and with real-time management of the information that is being given.

The only thing that is secondary in importance to accuracy when it comes to map and location platforms is timeliness of information provided.

There are changes daily on transportation routes, across the globe, and being able to quickly and efficiently communicate that information is critical to the success of this endeavor. LocationSmart and AND are making the technological lives of both consumers and companies better with their merger-of-clever-technologies.

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