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The Truth About Premium Dog Food Is Pleasantly Surprising

I was raised to be a skeptic. When I started looking into the eye of the premium dog food industry, I was afraid of what I would find. I have done a load of research on the topic, and I am sure that I am an expert on the subject at this point. It’s a strange thing to be an expert about, besides the fact that my dog’s health is important to me and my family. I found a great article that supports the premium dog food industry with in depth, insider interviews. It’s from a legitimate news source, and it portrays the premium dog food industry as a rising industry that answers the concerns of consumers constantly. Purina actually has a website that they set up to answer consumers concerns about ingredients where the consumer can input exactly what they want their dog to eat into the Amazon website, and Purina will generate a food based on their requests just for that dog. That personal touch can go a long way with consumers, but I am already satisfied with Purina Store’s Beneful Dry Dog Food Original, and my dog is apparently satisfied with its taste. Beneful goes a long way with my dog, and it seems like he can’t get enough of that good stuff. That last bowl of Beneful must have really hit the spot. We went for a walk after breakfast, and he seemed extra energetic. He needs all those nutrients in order to support his active lifestyle. My dog never seems to get tired until it’s time to go to bed, thanks to Purina Beneful. I raised him on the good stuff, too. Premium dog food is made of premium ingredients, so you know what you get. When you buy it you get your money’s worth. If you want to support this idea of keeping Beneful premium dog food at this high quality, then you should read the article by the Daily Herald. Be sure to share it with others, too. Take a look at it by going here.