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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Much More than Activewear

If you are a fitness enthusiast who really appreciates comfortable workout wear, then you most likely have already heard about Kate Hudson’s new line of active wear in a heated rivalry with Lululemon.

With Fabletic’s bright hues, abstract patterns, and mix-n-match pieces, its the uniqueness that tends to be its strongest selling point. Fabletics is the panache’ of gym wear that women have been wanting for so long.

As Fabletics continues to revolutionize the market, more and more women are discovering that this particular line of clothing can serve a number of purposes that go beyond the basic garments you only put on when jogging, going to the gym, or exercising.

This is one of the main reasons why “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” actress, Kate Hudson has created a new athleisure line of Fabletics. This newest collection released in April is a “sister” line to Fabletics. It includes dresses, bathing suits, and more that offer active women more versatility in life. They can enjoy and appreciate this special clothing line, regardless of whether they are running errands, strolling the beach, or lounging around the house.

Recently Marie Claire featured an article about Fabletics at, where Kate Hudson revealed that she would totally wear Athleisure to sleep in.

Additionally in this interview, Kate also provided some insightful answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about her athleisure line of Fabletics.

Kate Hudson explains that she wanted to tailor this collection of dresses to the active woman and to extend her designs so that women could wear them after having a very active day, could utilize some of them without even needing to wear a bra, and so women would have the support, comfort, and style that makes them feel more confident.

Fabletics is bringing an entirely new light to workout fashion and boasts different styles, designs, colors, and prints that you will not find anywhere else. It has rapidly grown to be one of the most popular brands in athletic apparel and contends with some of the best brands out there currently.

From bathing suits that cater to the avid swimmer, to black dresses that flatter and are sexy enough to be worn on date night- Kate Hudson has not spared a solitary thing to produce brand of clothing that promises to be of superior quality, comfort, and style.If you have fallen in love with former Fabletics collections, Kate Hudson’s new Athleisure line is sure to inspire you even further to just be you.

Slyce Offers Personal Shoppers For Online Shopping

Start Ups In Visual Search Industry

There are a large number of start ups that are making a name for themselves in the visual search industry. These start ups have a lot of room to grow and change their industry because it is a relatively new field to explore. The visual search industry is making the online shopping experience a better experience for most of the consumers that prefer it in comparison to real life shopping experiences. The online shopping experience before visual search came along, however, has seemed like a frustrating experience to most users.

In an interesting article from the website Live Mint, a consumer shares her frustration with typical online shopping searches. Apparently, this consumer has been through a lot of detective work in order to produce the results that she finds. She is a young college graduate who is interested in finding clothing and shoes online. However, when she shops for her clothes and shoes in the traditional way, she comes up with very few results that are what she was looking for in her pursuit. She claims that the clothing is the wrong size. She also claims that the shoes are the wrong size for her. This is something that plenty of other consumers have the same problem with, so it needs to be addressed.

Addressing Online Shopping Issues

The issues with not having the right results in online shopping searches brings about the need for visual search programs. Slyce is one of the main players in this industry. They have created a very innovative take on online shopping. Slyce allows people to search for items based on a picture, a picture of either a 2D or 3D object. This often generates quite accurate results by using their AI programs that are in place.

Slyce has other measures in place that are designed to act as a barrier to when the artificial intelligence does not generate proper results. They have hired an actual customer care team. Slyce’s customer care team are available on the chat menu that is part of their application. They act as personal shoppers, and they make sure that the AI is running correctly. Slyce’s team is available for consumers to ask questions to when they are having trouble using the app or want help in their shopping experience.